Chapter 26

Chapter 26 of 50 chapters

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Still in shock, Song Fengwan returned to the living room. When she recalled the warm touch on her back and the scorching breath that fell on her ear, her face heated up again.

Why do I always lose my composure around him?



“Cousin.” Song Fengwan took a deep breath and adjusted her breathing.

Qiao Xiyan came downstairs. He was wearing black trousers and a white shirt, with two buttons undone at the collar. He had phoenix eyes and thin lips, and his black hair was messy, exuding a wild and uninhibited aura. Yet his eyes were sharp, making others not dare to approach him.

His gaze landed on Song Fengwan while his fingers were busy tying his cufflinks. His fingers were long and well-proportioned.

“Mr. Qiao.” Uncle Nian greeted him with a smile. “Breakfast will take some time. You can walk around in the courtyard with Miss Song.”

“It’s alright. I’ll take her out to eat. Send my regards to Third Master.” Qiao Xiyan had always been straightforward.

Uncle Nian thought that since Qiao Xiyan would leave today, he definitely wanted to stay a little longer with Song Fengwan. So he didn’t ask him to stay and simply agreed.

Song Fengwan wanted to escape from this place to catch her breath, so she went upstairs to get a small bag and then followed Qiao Xiyan out.


The two of them left the Fu residence and drove straight to a breakfast shop. They ordered two trays of steamed dumplings, two bowls of wonton, and a plate of side dishes.

While eating, Song Fengwan pretended to unintentionally peek at the person across from her. She wanted to say something but hesitated.

“Have something to say?”

“Not really.” Song Fengwan laughed dryly.

“You’ve had a lot on your mind since we left the house. You’ve glanced at me a dozen times since we entered this shop. Tell me. What’s the matter?” Qiao Xiyan put down his chopsticks.

“Cousin, can I not stay at Third Master’s house?” Just Third Master Fu alone was hard to deal with, and he had a dog that could pounce on her at any time.


“I just don’t think it’s very convenient, and it’s disturbing him a lot.”

“If you feel that you’re disturbing him, go out later and buy him a gift. You can give it to him along with your hometown’s specialties you brought.” Qiao Xiyan thought that Fu Chen was a man of integrity and had promised not to make things difficult for Song Fengwan, so he had put his mind at ease.

“Cousin, you know what kind of person Third Master Fu is. He has a weird temperament and is unpredictable. I don’t think I can get along with him.” Song Fengwan held the spoon and kept stirring the remaining wontons in her bowl.

Qiao Xiyan chuckled. “It’s not like I’m asking you to date him. Why would you need to get along with him?”

Song Fengwan was rendered speechless for a long time. What he said…

… has no problems.

“You’re very busy every day too, so you won’t have many chances to meet him. If you see him, just greet him. Don’t be rude. He definitely won’t make things difficult for you.”

“How do you know he won’t?” Song Fengwan asked.

“I talked to him last night, and he promised me.” Qiao Xiyan didn’t hide it.

“You talked with him?” She knew her cousin’s temperament well enough to know that what he meant by ‘talked to him’ probably wasn’t that simple. A bad premonition welled up inside her.

“Cousin, you didn’t threaten him, did you?”

The Qiao family had been obsessed with stone and jade carvings for generations. They were proud of their abilities and were arrogant and uninhibited. Qiao Xiyan was a typical example.

“The process isn’t important. As long as the outcome is good, it’s fine.” Qiao Xiyan didn’t deny her words.

Song Fengwan wanted to cry.

Which part of the process isn’t important? You had your moment of fun, but you’re going to leave soon. But I am going to stay here. What am I going to do if Fu Chen takes the opportunity to take revenge?

“Wanwan, don’t just focus on talking. Let’s eat.” Qiao Xiyan’s tone was gentle. “The Fu family has already arranged the admission procedures. I’ll bring you to the mall later and buy you anything you need.”

Song Fengwan forced a smile.

After breakfast, the two of them walked around the area until the mall opened at 10 o’clock.

In addition to purchasing some necessities, Qiao Xiyan had also bought some clothes for her.

At this moment, she was choosing a gift for Fu Chen in an antique shop.

“What can I do for you two?” Antique stores were not as frequented as the clothing stores next door, but it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that they could earn three years’ worth of profit just by selling one item.

“Do you have Buddhist prayer bead bracelets or anything similar?” Song Fengwan thought about it, and these things were what Fu Chen liked.

“Yes, this way, please.” The owner sized up their clothes while thinking about which price range of items to show them. “A new batch of goods just came in from the south a few days ago. They’re all top-grade products. Please come have a look at them.”

The owner pointed to a counter. Song Fengwan didn’t understand these things and looked up at Qiao Xiyan.

Having grown up while touching all sorts of good things, Qiao Xiyan could differentiate the superior and inferior items with one glance. He pointed at another place. “Show me that one.”

The owner’s heart skipped a beat. That was the best Buddhist bracelet in his shop. He carefully sized up Qiao Xiyan again and naturally didn’t dare to neglect him.

After negotiating the price, Qiao Xiyan quickly paid for it.

“Please come again next time.” The owner couldn’t smile at all. Not only was Qiao Xiyan an expert, but he also knew the market price too well. The price Qiao Xiyan had bargained for was almost his purchase price. His attitude was domineering and a little too ruthless.

“Okay.” Song Fengwan took the gift and followed Qiao Xiyan out.

“Don’t come here to buy things again.” Qiao Xiyan turned to look at Song Fengwan.


“There’s nothing good in his shop.”

If the owner heard this, he would probably vomit three liters of blood.


It was almost noon when they returned to Fu Chen’s house.

Fu Chen wasn’t at home. After lunch, Qiao Xiyan planned to drive back home. Before leaving, he specially instructed Song Fengwan to be obedient and not cause trouble.

Song Fengwan walked him to the door. When the black Jaguar disappeared from her sight, she turned around and walked back in. Her expression looked a little lonely.

She didn’t enter the house directly but instead walked around the courtyard while thinking about how she should interact with Fu Chen in the future.

While she was thinking…

“Woof—” Suddenly, a dog’s barking came from not far away. Song Fengwan looked up and saw Fu Xinhan running toward her.

Her pupils shrank. In the blink of an eye, the dog was already in front of her and hugging her leg. The dog was less than a year old and wasn’t very big, so he couldn’t topple Song Fengwan at all and could only hug her leg and rub against it.

Song Fengwan had never raised a pet before. Her body was stiff, and she only tentatively reached out her hand to touch his head after a long time.

His fur was soft and had a hint of warmth. It was quite comfortable, especially when her hand touched the back of Fu Xinhan’s neck. He squinted his eyes in enjoyment.

“Fu Xinhan?” she called out tentatively.

Fu Xinhan rubbed against her legs and felt very comfortable.

At this moment, a few black sedans slowly stopped at the entrance.

Fu Xinhan suddenly ran toward the entrance. Fu Chen had already gotten out of the car.

“Woof—” Fu Xinhan stood in front of him and wagged his tail.

Fu Chen narrowed his eyes and remained silent.

Fu Xinhan turned around and rushed toward Song Fengwan again. He rubbed against her legs and then ran back to Fu Chen’s side with a fawning look.

Song Fengwan was dumbfounded. What’s going on?

Fu Chen rubbed the prayer beads with his fingers while looking at Fu Xinhan with a sharp gaze.

Fu Xinhan’s neck shrank as he retreated in fear and ran toward the backyard.

That gaze… Fu Xinhan whimpered. He’s going to kill me!

The few Fu family members behind them were flabbergasted.

Third Master’s dog was famous for being shy with strangers and difficult to serve. Out of the people who took care of him, around eight had quit. Even those who remained all year round didn’t dare brush his fur. Yet now, he was hugging Song Fengwan’s leg and acting cute?

What happened to being cold and aloof?