Chapter 27

Chapter 27 of 50 chapters

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Song Fengwan had no idea what was with this dog. Fu Xinhan had already run away and disappeared long ago.

Seeing Fu Chen approach, she obediently said ‘Third Master’ and followed him into the house.


Fu Chen went upstairs directly, while Song Fengwan sat in the living room and watched TV for a while, thinking about how to give him the present.

At this moment, the landline telephone beside her rang. There were people in the living room, but no one picked it up, and the phone kept ringing.

The phone rang again and again in the quiet living room. Song Fengwan hesitated for a moment before picking it up.


No one answered.

“Hello? This is the Fu family. What can I do for you?”

The call hung up.

Song Fengwan frowned. Was it a harassment call?

After a few minutes, Uncle Nian came in with some dog food in his hand. He probably went to the backyard to feed the dog.

Song Fengwan thought the call was a harassment call, so she didn’t tell him about it.

At this moment, in the study upstairs, Fu Chen was at his computer and looking at the documents in his hands. He was about to have a video conference when a window suddenly popped up. It was the group chat he had formed with a few friends, and he was the group admin.

Initially, the group chat was for discussing a business deal with each other. After completing the business deal, they didn’t disband the group chat and treated it like a chat group. But Fu Chen never spoke in it again.

[Damn, Third Fu has a woman in his house!]

[A live one, brothers! There’s a live woman living in the monk’s temple!]

[Her voice sounds so nice and sweet. Third Fu is so mean. We agreed to be single and be with each other and eat skewers together. But now you’re hiding a woman in your house!]

[He usually pretends to be pure and simple like Tang Seng. But behind our backs, he’s actually secretly hooking up with little girls…]

Fu Chen raised his eyebrows.

The man had just typed out a row of words to complain about Fu Chen when the chat interface suddenly changed, and a system notification popped up.

[You have been kicked out of the group chat by the group admin.]

“F*ck you!” The man was hopping mad and immediately called Fu Chen.

Fu Chen frowned and rejected the call. Then he opened his phone and blacklisted the number.

This series of operations was natural and smooth, without any bit of sloppiness.

The group chat was still silent. The onlookers mourned for the person who was kicked out of the chat for three seconds before continuing with their own work.

Certain people’s gossip couldn’t be touched.

… Especially Fu Chen’s.

It was life-threatening.


It was two hours later when Fu Chen’s meeting ended.

Song Fengwan was sitting in the living room watching TV. It was a Korean drama, and it was currently in the midst of an exciting part—the male and female lead’s confession. She was so engrossed that she didn’t notice that Fu Chen was already standing behind the sofa.

On the TV, a man and a woman were talking about love. But at the critical moment, the lights turned off…

“Huh?” Song Fengwan sighed, seemingly unsatisfied.

“Is the drama good?” Fu Chen’s voice came from behind her, scaring Song Fengwan so much that she instinctively turned her head.

Their cheeks nearly touched.

They were very close.

Fu Chen placed his hands on the sofa and bent over. His face was tense as he moved his gaze away from the TV to Song Fengwan’s face, and his eyes dimmed slightly.

“Third Master, when did you come?” Song Fengwan hurriedly moved a few inches closer to the edge of the sofa.

“You were so engrossed, so you naturally didn’t notice me.” Fu Chen straightened his body. His expression was normal as he walked to the single-seater sofa and sat down.

Song Fengwan subconsciously wanted to explain. “Actually, this drama is quite good. It’s about revenge and not just…”

“Just what?” Fu Chen calmly poured himself a cup of tea.

“Nothing.” Song Fengwan wished she could bang her head against a wall and kill herself. After all, she was too embarrassed to talk about what happened in the drama.

“This drama is about the heroine taking revenge for her family, so…” she stammered, not knowing how to continue.

“Adolescence…” Fu Chen took a sip of tea with a gentle expression. “Understandable.”

“I…” Song Fengwan wanted to cry. Did he misunderstand? “Oh, by the way, Third Master, hold on a second.”

She got up and ran upstairs.

First, she wanted to escape from this awkward situation, and second, it was just the right time to give him the present and her hometown’s specialties.


When Song Fengwan came back downstairs, Fu Chen was teasing the dog with a piece of beef jerky.

The dog had his hind legs on the ground and was jumping up and down to bite at the food. But Fu Chen refused to give it to him and teased him for a long time. Fu Chen was being a little mean.

Fu Xinhan immediately spotted Song Fengwan and wagged his tail at her. He wanted to go over but didn’t dare to. He looked at Fu Chen timidly and only ran toward Song Fengwan after a certain someone nodded.

But he no longer dared to hug her legs.

“Third Master, this is your jacket, and I brought you some specialties from home…” Song Fengwan placed everything in her hands on the table except for a small box.

“Specialties?” Fu Chen raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah, they’re just some pastries. They taste really good. You can try them.”

Fu Xinhan had caught a whiff of it earlier. At this moment, he was holding onto the table with both paws and sniffing constantly.

Just when he was just about to lick the box…

“Ahem!” Fu Chen coughed twice.

Fu Xinhan immediately looked at him. Fu Chen was glaring at him coldly.

So scary!

Fu Xinhan ran toward the door.

Song Fengwan finally understood how scared this dog was of Fu Chen.

This dog must have been frightened. It’s so pitiful.

“Third Master, I still remember I owe you a meal. How about…” There was no way Song Fengwan could forget about it.


Song Fengwan was stunned.

“Are you doing something tonight?” Fu Chen looked at her.

“No.” What could she possibly have to do? She was just waiting to report to school tomorrow.

Song Fengwan lowered her head and gripped the box in her hand tightly. Why does he want to do it tonight? Will he be very busy over the next few days?

Fu Chen lowered his eyes and drank his tea.

He seemed to have seen through her thoughts.

It wasn’t that he would be very busy.

It was just that…

The thought of being alone with her…

I can’t wait.