Chapter 28

Chapter 28 of 50 chapters

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When Song Fengwan and Fu Chen went out, Fu Xinhan was sitting at the door and looking at the two of them pitifully.

His eyes were innocent and helpless.


“Fu Xinhan, come here.” Song Fengwan waved her hand at him.

Fu Xinhan glanced at Fu Chen and only ran over after getting permission. He didn’t dare to touch her and just sat by her feet and let Song Fengwan stroke his fur.

He squinted his eyes with a lazy expression and was enjoying it very much.

“It’s about time to leave.” Fu Chen lowered his voice.

Fu Xinhan opened his eyes and found Fu Chen looking at him with an increasingly unfathomable gaze. Dogs were very sensitive to their external environment, and his first thought was that he was angry again.

He had clearly listened to him and came over. Why is he angry?

His legs started to tremble.

“Good boy. So cute.” Song Fengwan smiled at Fu Chen. The smile was beautiful. “Why does he look like he’s shivering? Does he feel cold?”

How could he be cold here? He was clearly frightened.

“Let’s go.” Fu Chen’s expression remained the same as usual, without a trace of emotion.

Song Fengwan reluctantly withdrew her hand.

“Go back,” Fu Chen said to Fu Xinhan.

Fu Xinhan immediately sprinted on all fours to the back like a bolt of lightning.

F*ck, he’s really scary.

He was in a hurry, so when his foot slipped, he rolled on the ground. He turned his head to look at Fu Chen and felt great dangers all around.

He immediately scurried to the backyard, hid in his doghouse, and started trembling.

“Haha, he’s so cute.” Shiba Inus were cute to begin with, and that fall just now directly struck Song Fengwan’s heart.

Fu Chen frowned. Stupid dog!


Song Fengwan was not familiar with the capital, so Fu Chen chose the location. It was a farm restaurant in the suburbs.

She thought that with Fu Chen’s taste, he would definitely go to a five-star hotel, a Michelin restaurant, or at least a Japanese or French restaurant. She didn’t expect him to be so down-to-earth.

“Third Master.” The boss came out with a smile. “Your usual seat?” His gaze landed on Song Fengwan behind Fu Chen, and his smile deepened.


“Please come in.” The boss led them in.

After the two of them entered the private room, Song Fengwan realized that the room was large enough to accommodate ten people. She ordered a few dishes according to the signboard recommendations and then pushed the menu to Fu Chen. “Third Master, would you like to take a look at what else you want to eat?”

Fu Chen glanced at what she ordered. It was all meat. He raised his head to look at her.

Song Fengwan thought she had done something wrong. “Don’t you like to eat meat?”

“Yeah.” Fu Chen memorized all the dishes she ordered and added two vegetable dishes before handing the menu to the boss.

“Third Master, your drinks will still be Longjing tea?”

“Give me the usual, and give her a glass of milk.”

Song Fengwan was stunned. She actually wanted to drink some other beverage.

While waiting for the food, they were the only two people in the room, and there wasn’t much to talk about, so the atmosphere was really awkward.

“Third Master, I’ll head to the restroom.” Song Fengwan grabbed her bag and walked out.

Fu Chen raised his eyebrows. Why do girls have to bring their bags when they go to the restroom?

Song Fengwan didn’t really need to go to the restroom. Instead, she went to the cashier to settle the bill in advance.

“Hello, how much is the bill for Third Master Fu’s table?”

The cashier was stunned for a moment. “Miss, are you kidding? We can’t charge Third Master.”


“Our master and Third Master are best friends. If I accept his money, I will definitely be fired tomorrow.”

Song Fengwan sighed. When will I be able to repay the meal I owe Fu Chen?

Holding her bag, she walked back. She was tall and slender, and she was wearing a chiffon dress under a sweater jacket. Her slightly curly long hair was tied into a ponytail, making her look very lively.

Especially those legs, they were so fair that they were ostentatious.

After she left, a man and a woman immediately walked to the cashier. The woman knocked on the counter.

“Miss Cheng.” The cashier looked respectful. She was notorious for being shrewish and difficult to please.

“Did that person just now come with Third Master?” She narrowed her eyes and stared at Song Fengwan’s back.

“Yes.” The cashier was nervous.

Everybody knew that Miss Cheng adored Third Master, and it was because Fu Chen often came here for meals that she frequented this place. But Third Master looked down on her. Even so, she hadn’t given up.

Only when Song Fengwan’s figure disappeared did she turn around and return to her private room.

“Big Sis, who is the girl who came with Third Master? I’ve never seen her before.” The boy with her looked to be around 17 or 18 years old. He still had a childish air about him, but he was dressed maturely and looked domineering.

“She’s the one who was engaged to Fu Yuxiu. She comes from some small place.” The woman harrumphed coldly.

There were a lot of people keeping an eye on the Fu family, and the compound was not a secret place. Those with ulterior motives could easily find out about Song Fengwan going there after some inquiries.

Since it wasn’t a shameful matter, the Fu family naturally didn’t hide it.

“This is the first time Third Master brought a woman here, right? Aren’t you angry?” The young man laughed.

“I heard that Third Master doesn’t like her either. He was forced to take care of her by Old Master Fu.”

“She’s quite pretty, especially those white and long legs.”

“You like her?” The woman narrowed her eyes, and a glint flashed across them.

“Why are you looking at me like that? I don’t dare to touch Third Master Fu’s people.”

“Third Master really hates that girl. If I can get rid of her, he might even thank me. After all, Old Master Fu was the one who brought her here. Third Master definitely wouldn’t be able to personally deal with a little girl and go against Old Master Fu openly.” The woman had already engaged in her own wishful thinking.

“He really won’t pursue it?” The young man was skeptical.

“Definitely not,” the woman said confidently.

“Then that girl’s family…”

“She’s just a wild girl from a small place. What capabilities does her family have to come to the capital to cause a ruckus? Do you think our family will be afraid of them? The Fu family is just taking care of her out of courtesy and won’t fall out with our family over her.” The woman smiled sweetly, but her eyes were cold.

“If you like her, you can play around with her.”

The young man lowered his head and took a sip of wine. Thinking about Song Fengwan’s face and legs, he felt a burning sensation in his throat.


Song Fengwan returned to the private room, and the tea was already served.

Just as she was about to sit down across from Fu Chen, a certain someone raised his eyelids. It was a large round table, so he felt that the distance between them would be very far if they sat across from each other. He frowned and looked slightly displeased.

Am I that scary?

“Come over here.”

“It’s alright. I’m fine sitting here.” Wouldn’t it kill me if I sat with him?

“You want me to go over?” Fu Chen raised his eyebrows.

Song Fengwan choked. “I’ll go over.”

She braced herself and sat beside Fu Chen, but there was still a seat between them.

Fu Chen tapped his fingers on the table, still looking slightly displeased.

She gritted her teeth and moved closer to him. Only then did he stop tapping his fingers.

Song Fengwan took a deep breath.

This person is really hard to please. He isn’t willing to take care of me, so why do I have to sit so close to him?

She sat up straight and glanced at Fu Chen from the corner of her eye. Only then did she realize that he was using his own cup.

It was a black thermos flask.

Song Fengwan’s gaze fell on the phone beside his hand. It was an…

… old flip phone.

At his age, he drinks tea from a thermos flask and uses an ‘elderly machine’. He even believes in Buddhism and listens to Chinese opera.

He has a weird temper and a nasty personality.

No wonder he has never been in a relationship even though he’s almost thirty.

At the thought that Fu Chen was still a virgin, Song Fengwan was inexplicably delighted. This was a typical case of someone with a high IQ and low EQ.

But in the days to come, Fu Chen used his practical actions to tell her how wrong she was.