Chapter 29

Chapter 29 of 50 chapters

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Concerned that Song Fengwan had to report to school tomorrow, the two of them left in a hurry after finishing their meal.

They had no communication the entire time, and they maintained a half-meter distance as they walked, seeming polite and distant.


After they got in the car and left, the Cheng siblings walked out of the farm restaurant.

The young man narrowed his eyes. “That girl is really pretty. I wanted to go over to talk to her when I saw her going to the restroom just now.”

The woman beside him carried a limited edition bag and walked toward a red sports car with the car key in hand. “Why didn’t you go?”

“You know whose territory this is. How could I dare to?”

“He’s not in the capital.”

“Even if he’s not here, he can still take action against me. Moreover, Third Master was here too. Even if he doesn’t like that girl, he won’t let me bully her in front of him. I wonder when I’ll see her again.”

He was young, but he had played around with numerous women. He had seen all kinds of women, but he had never seen someone quite like Song Fengwan. She didn’t wear any makeup and was barefaced, but she was still breathtakingly beautiful.

He had heard that Fu Yuxiu’s fiancée’s family background was average, but she was very pretty and enchanting. The rumors were true.

“I’ve asked around. She’ll be reporting to Beijing Second High School tomorrow. At that time, she’ll be at your mercy.” The woman smiled coldly.


After Song Fengwan returned, she went straight to her room, took a shower, and prepared to do a mock math exam.

Fu Chen changed his clothes and went downstairs to walk the dog.

Fu Xinhan hid in his doghouse and was shivering.

“Come out.” Fu Chen kept his voice quiet.

This stupid thing. When he pounces on people, his paws wiggle so happily. But now, he’s playing dead when I want to take him for a walk?

Fu Xinhan’s legs were shaking as he crawled out of the doghouse. He looked at Fu Chen carefully and lifted his legs before slowly following him.

How is this dog walking? This is clearly dog abuse.

Can I not take a walk today?

At this moment, Fu Chen’s phone rang. He squinted at it. It was an unknown number. But he had already guessed who it was and answered. “Hello.”

“F*ck you, Fu Chen. How dare you block my number.” He could feel the other person’s anger through the phone.

“You know my phone. It’s old and has been out of repair for years. It might have short-circuited,” Fu Chen said as if it was really true.

“Stop pretending. Did you bring the little girl to my place for dinner today? You didn’t pay again! And you even told the staff to bill it on my account. Do you have any shame?”

When Song Fengwan went to ask, the cashier didn’t tell her the truth. If she had said it was billed under someone else’s account, Song Fengwan would have definitely paid. She could only use this excuse to prevent her from paying.

“If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up.” Facing his accusations, Fu Chen didn’t feel anything.

“I heard that the two of you didn’t interact at all. Third Fu, that’s not how you chase girls. You have to f*cking talk to her.

“Don’t put on a deadpan face and look like you have no desires. What if the little girl really treats you as a monk? You have to infiltrate her from now on. Let her get used to you, get familiar with you, and can’t do without you anymore.

“I heard that the little girl looks good. She definitely doesn’t lack suitors. You’re already so old, so you don’t have much competitiveness. You have to hurry.”

Fu Chen sneered. “I don’t need a thousand-year bachelor to teach me how to woo someone.”

“F*ck, I’m witnessing your public display of affection. I’d rather be a single dog than be a heartless wolf. You know jack shit.”

“Don’t talk about being a dog. Even my Fu Xinhan has a better market than you.”

The person on the other end was rendered speechless. “Fu Chen, just you wait. Tell that dog of yours to wait too!”

The last few sentences were basically shouted out. Because it was too loud, the sound was directly transmitted outside.

Fu Xinhan shivered again. Who did I offend?

Why do so many people want my little dog life recently?


After walking the dog, Fu Chen returned to the house. As usual, he was going to the study to burn incense and pay respects to Buddha. He usually went to the study on the second floor at night. The moment he pushed the door open, he saw Song Fengwan inside.

Song Fengwan was drawing geometric solutions on draft paper with a ruler. When she saw Fu Chen enter, the tip of her pencil trembled and almost broke the paper.

“Third Master.” Her room was a guest room without a desk. “Uncle Nian asked me to come here.”

“Oh.” Fu Chen went straight to the bookshelf to pick a book and sat down in front of the desk.

There was only a long desk in the study. There was a distance between the two of them, so they didn’t disturb each other.

At first, Song Fengwan couldn’t calm down at all. She sized Fu Chen up from the corner of her eyes.

He was completely different from during the day. He had changed into a set of white casualwear and exuded the leisure and calmness that seemed as though he had gone through many things. He carried a calm confidence and steadiness as he read the Buddhist scripture. He was so pious that he seemed to be detached from the world.

Fu Chen had noticed Song Fengwan’s attention long ago, but he didn’t expose her. But being stared at by her, he wasn’t in the mood to read. He took a blank paper scroll and poured some thick ink onto the inkstone. Then he picked up a small Phoebe wood calligraphy brush and began copying the scripture.

Only then did Song Fengwan lower her head and focus on doing the math exam.

Fu Chen received a call halfway through and went out, but he didn’t come back. Song Fengwan finished the exam and wasn’t in a hurry to do her corrections. Instead, she glanced at the Buddhist scripture that Fu Chen had copied.

The characters were powerful, equal and tidy but not ostentatious.

She hadn’t learned traditional calligraphy before, so she stared curiously at the brush and inkstone. She assumed that Fu Chen wouldn’t be back for the time being, so she secretly took the brush, dipped it in some ink, and prepared to write a few characters on her draft paper to try.

When writing calligraphy, most beginners wouldn’t be able to control the strength of their hands. It was the same for Song Fengwan. She didn’t manage to write out any characters but instead pressed a huge blob of thick ink on the draft paper.

She was a little annoyed. She imitated Fu Chen’s writing and continued to write on the draft paper. Not only were the characters listless, but they weren’t even close to looking right.

Just as she was concentrating on writing, a clear male voice came from beside her. “Want to learn?”

Song Fengwan was so frightened that her hands shook, and the tip of the brush was covered in a pool of thick ink again.

“Third Master, I…” She looked as if she had been caught stealing and was at a loss.

“I’ll teach you.”

“It’s alright. I’m just…” Before Song Fengwan could finish her sentence, a pair of warm hands had already wrapped around her right hand. They pressed tightly against the back of her hand and her fingertips, helping her hold the brush.

“What characters do you want to write?” Fu Chen’s voice was so close to her ear that it was pounding against her eardrums, making them feel hot and burning.

Song Fengwan didn’t come back to her senses. She only felt him pressing against her from behind. His other hand was on the table, trapping her between his body and the table. Although he didn’t get close, his body temperature slowly seeped through.

It was all-pervasive and made her heart tremble.

“So, what characters do you want to write?” Fu Chen’s voice was hoarse as he turned to look at her. “How about writing your name?”

“Okay.” Song Fengwan’s heart was pounding.

His fingers wrapped around hers and brought the brush with them as he slowly wrote the character ‘晚 (Wan)’ on the paper.

“Are you very afraid of me?” Fu Chen’s voice hit her heart again, making her feel numb.

“No.” She tried to calm herself down.

“Don’t hold the brush so tightly.” Fu Chen suddenly smiled. “Relax, Wanwan.”

Song Fengwan’s mind was in a daze. Her cheeks flushed red, and her heart was beating so fast that she felt dizzy.

She couldn’t even remember how she returned to her room.

Fu Chen was in a good mood tonight. That guy said one thing right. She has to get used to my presence as soon as possible.