Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of 50 chapters

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The faint sound of rain echoed outside, but the inside of the house was silent.

No one expected Third Master Fu to be so merciless. Jiang Fengya’s delicate face paled as she bit her lips, and even her body was trembling.


The person on the sofa opposite her seemed to be oblivious to this. His teacup was slowly steaming, making him look as if he was from a dream and unsoiled by even a speck of dust.

He looked elegant and proud, as light as the moon, as cold as frost.

Song Fengwan stood at the door and sized this person up. She had always been curious about him. She thought that with the marriage between the two families, she would be able to see the legendary Third Master Fu. She didn’t expect only to see him in person after the marriage was annulled.

Rumor had it that the history of the Fu family’s genealogy could be traced back to the Spring and Autumn period and the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. They were aristocrats, and all their descendants had been strategists and officials. During the feudal period, the family had its own territories that were gifted to them.

At the beginning of the founding of the country, the country had been in a chaotic state due to the war. The Fu family was good at strategizing, so even though they were not as brave as the generals who directly killed enemies, they were still able to achieve outstanding accomplishments. After the founding of the country, they had a pivotal position in the business world and political world.

Old Master Fu had three sons and one daughter. Third Master Fu was the youngest son, named Fu Chen.

At that time, the child of the Fu family’s eldest son had already been born. But unexpectedly, there was an extremely young uncle with high seniority who joined the family.

It was rumored that the son of the Fu family’s eldest even threw a tantrum for some time because of this. Even if he was beaten to death, he refused to call him uncle and instead wanted to call him his younger brother. Old Master Fu was so infuriated that he almost beat him to death.

Although he was a son, he was younger than the eldest grandson. The two elders of the Fu family loved him dearly, and his position in the Fu family was above that of the eldest son, let alone Fu Yuxiu.

He had a strange temper, but even so, he was one of the top figures in Beijing.

Fu Yuxiu could be considered a prominent figure in Yuncheng. But in Beijing, he was not worth mentioning.


Song Fengwan put the umbrella aside and went into the house to watch the drama.

Although Third Master Fu had a vicious mouth…

… she liked it.

The main reason was that he looked exceptionally pleasing to the eye.

Jiang Fengya’s face was stiff, and she barely squeezed out a smile from the corner of her mouth.

“Third Uncle, Fengya is a good girl. The marriage annulment with the Song family is my fault alone. Don’t vent your anger on her…” When Fu Yuxiu saw his girlfriend being shamed, he naturally wanted to defend her.

“I know the family knows about it already, but it’s just that I didn’t expect you to come.

“After I apologize to the Song family, I will bring Fengya back to Beijing to apologize to Grandpa and Grandma.”

Old Master Fu was the one who had personally decided the marriage with the Song family.

If the younger generation couldn’t get along, breaking off the engagement wasn’t a big deal. Regardless of the relationship between Jiang Fengya and the Song family, just by him quickly getting intimate with someone else, it wasn’t just a slap to the Song family’s face but also the old master’s.

Fu Chen fiddled with the brown tassel hanging down from the prayer beads.

His voice was very soft. “Yuxiu, have you ever seen me angry over someone irrelevant?”

With just one sentence, it rendered Fu Yuxiu speechless.

“Third Uncle, I know I’m in the wrong. But you should know that feelings can’t be forced.” Fu Yuxiu gritted his teeth.

Song Fengwan turned to look at Fu Chen.

Fu Yuxiu’s reason was old-fashioned, but she was looking forward to Fu Chen’s reply.

But what Third Master Fu said next left her dumbfounded.

It was the first time she had seen someone speak so arrogantly.

With a flick of his finger, the brown tassel landed on his fingertips, and he raised his eyebrows slightly. “I have never been in a relationship before, so I truly don’t know about this!

“What? Are you mocking me for not having been in a relationship at my age?

“You want to discuss feelings with me?”

Fu Yuxiu’s face instantly paled. “Third Uncle, that’s not what I meant. How could I dare to mock you? I…”

“Then what do you mean?” Fu Chen’s tone was lukewarm while he looked at him.

“Third Master, Senior didn’t mean it that way. Please don’t blame him. Everything is my fault…” Jiang Fengya wanted to help Fu Yuxiu. After all, he was trying to protect her.

Jiang Fengya’s face was pale, and tears were rolling in her eyes. She looked so pitiful that no one could bear to reprimand her.

Fu Chen raised his eyebrows.

“Yuxiu and I are talking. This is a family affair of our Fu family, and it’s not the place for an outsider like you to interrupt!”

His voice was not loud, but his tone was heavy, and his expression was displeased.

The remaining color on Jiang Fengya’s face completely disappeared.

“Third Uncle…” Fu Yuxiu clenched his fist.

“Don’t you think it’s already embarrassing enough?” Fu Chen frowned. “You only have darling in your heart. You are quite strong-willed to go to the Song family to help stand up for her, but have you thought about Miss Song? Is this how our Fu family taught you?

“Have you ever apologized to Miss Song?”

Fu Yuxiu was proud and arrogant. How could he ever do such a thing? Let alone making amends and apologizing, even the annulment of the engagement was hastily done.

“Third Master, have some tea…” It was also Song Jingren’s first time meeting Fu Chen.

“Thank you, but I still have something to deal with. Our Fu family will definitely give Miss Song a satisfactory explanation regarding the engagement with the Song family.”

“Alright.” Song Jingren nodded.

Fu Chen stood up and glanced at Fu Yuxiu. “Why are you still standing there? Go back with me.”

“Third Uncle, but…”

“You should go back with him.” Jiang Fengya was extremely aggrieved, but she still had to act magnanimous.

Fu Yuxiu had no choice but to leave with Fu Chen.


When Fu Chen passed by Song Fengwan, he only glanced at her once before turning to walk out of the house.

“Third Master, let me see you off.” Song Fengwan picked up the umbrella by the side and chased after him. Fu Chen had helped her vent her anger today, so she was happy and wanted to see him off.

Fu Chen’s subordinate was at the door, holding a black umbrella and covering him. Song Fengwan held her flowery umbrella, and the distance between them was only half a step.

“Third Master, thank you.” At the car, Fu Chen was already inside, while Song Fengwan just held the umbrella and stood beside it.

Fu Chen looked up at her. “How old are you?”


“Oh.” Fu Chen looked away and signaled his subordinate to close the car door.

“Third Uncle?” Fu Yuxiu was bidding farewell to Jiang Fengya in the house and took some time. When he came out, Fu Chen and his subordinate had already gotten into the car. He hurriedly ran to them.

“Third Master?” The chauffeur glanced at him. “Young Master Yuxiu hasn’t gotten into the car yet?”

Fu Chen remained silent. The chauffeur understood and immediately drove away. They even towed away the car Fu Yuxiu came here in…

… leaving Fu Yuxiu only with the car’s exhaust fumes.

“It’s good for young people to exercise. Let him walk more. It happens to be raining, so let the rain clear his head.” Fu Chen tilted his head and looked out of the window while rubbing the prayer beads slowly.

“That girl is too young.”

“Third Master, what did you say?” The person in the front passenger seat thought he was given some instruction.

“It’s nothing.” He flicked his hand.

At the entrance of the Song residence, Song Fengwan watched Fu Yuxiu, whom Fu Chen abandoned, and almost went insane laughing. Third Master Fu is so childish.