Chapter 30

Chapter 30 of 50 chapters

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After Song Fengwan returned to her room, she tossed and turned in bed. After a brief phone call with her parents, she received a call from Qiao Xiyan at around 10.30 p.m.

“Cousin.” Her voice was a little muffled. “Have you arrived home?”


“Yeah.” Qiao Xiyan had just arrived home and hadn’t entered the house yet. He was leaning against his car and smoking. “How are you? Are you used to it?”

Song Fengwan bit her lip as she recalled the feeling of Fu Chen sticking close to her.

It made her tense all over again.

The warmth that had fallen on her ear had gone all the way to her heart.

Even her nerves were trembling while she was reminiscing about it.

“Although Third Master is eccentric, he was taught by Old Master Fu, so he certainly has a good character. Don’t cause trouble for him. Be more obedient in everything and don’t offend him. If you do that, nothing will happen to you.” He was smoking while he spoke. After days of rushing about, he was a little tired.

Song Fengwan wanted to cry. How obedient should I be?

Even if he wants to take advantage of me, do I have to obey that too?

But when Fu Chen had leaned over, apart from holding her hand, he hadn’t crossed the line at all. Even the corner of his shirt hadn’t touched her, and he had been so serious.

Song Fengwan wondered if she was overthinking.

Fu Chen has seen all kinds of beauties. How could he be interested in an underage girl like me?

“If anything really happens, call me. I’ll talk to the Fu family and settle it. Don’t take it on alone.” Thinking of what happened to the Song family, Qiao Xiyan felt even more pity for his cousin.

Song Fengwan responded, and the two chatted for a while before she went to bed. It was another sleepless night.


The next day…

Song Fengwan had to report to school at eight in the morning. Since she didn’t sleep well last night, she didn’t wake up early.

When she went downstairs, Fu Chen was sitting in the living room, flipping through the newspaper, while Fu Xinhan was lying beside his feet, rubbing his head against his shoes docilely. When he saw her coming down from the corner of his eye, his eyes darkened slightly.

The school uniform was delivered yesterday. It was a thick black-and-white dress, and it was exposing most of her fair and slender legs.

Because it was autumn, it was cold in the morning and in the evening. She had specially put on a long sweater jacket, but even so, her legs were still eye-catching.

Fu Chen’s eyes darkened.

What is she wearing?!

Are school uniforms nowadays so revealing?

When Fu Xinhan saw Song Fengwan coming down the stairs, he immediately squatted down and wagged his tail while looking at her expectantly.

He didn’t even know what he had done wrong recently. His owner had been threatening him, and there was even someone who wanted his little dog life for no reason. Only Song Fengwan was the best, and she even smoothened his fur.

“Fu Xinhan.” Song Fengwan waved at him.

Fu Xinhan shifted his feet and looked at Fu Chen pitifully.

A certain someone narrowed his eyes. “Go on. Don’t scratch her, or else you won’t have any food today.”

Although the dog had his claws cut regularly, his claws were still a bit sharp. Song Fengwan’s legs were not covered up, and Fu Xinhan was a dog after all. If he pounced over and rubbed his paws against her, although his original intention was to play with her, he might scratch her and injure her.

Fu Xinhan hurriedly rushed over to Song Fengwan. In order to avoid scratching her skin, he jumped up and pounced on her black skirt, immediately leaving two paw prints on it.

He tried harder and kept grabbing her skirt, wanting to get closer to her. But in the end…

Song Fengwan’s skirt became completely dirty, and there were even threads that his claws had pulled out.

“I…” Song Fengwan wanted to cry.

“Boohoo…” Realizing that he had made a mistake, Fu Xinhan squatted in front of her and didn’t dare to get closer.

He turned to look at Fu Chen. Will my life be in danger?

“Forget it. It’s fine. I’ll go change my clothes.” She couldn’t bear to see the pitiful appearance of the little animal and even stroked his head to comfort him.

“The weather is pretty cold. Maybe you should wear pants,” Fu Chen said at an appropriate time.

Song Fengwan nodded and went upstairs again.

“Wuuu wuuu—” Fu Xinhan turned to look at Fu Chen, afraid that he would get angry again.

Fu Chen picked up the beef strip beside him. “Come here.”

Fu Xinhan laid on the ground, not daring to move for a long time.

Why is he smiling so strangely at me? Is he going to poison me?

“What are you waiting for? Come here.” Fu Chen frowned.

Fu Xinhan ran over. Fu Chen gave the entire small box of beef strips to him and patted his head. “You did well. You will have additional food today.”

Fu Xinhan was completely dumbfounded.

It was hard being a dog.


Song Fengwan changed into a pair of black pants and went downstairs again. Only then did Fu Chen look slightly satisfied.

After a simple breakfast, she prepared to go to school. “Third Master, I’ll get going first.”

The school was only a ten-plus minute walk away from Yunjin Prime Manor, where Fu Chen lived. It was just enough time to digest the food.

“I’ll send you there.” Fu Chen wiped his mouth and stood up.

“It’s alright. I’ll just walk there. I’ve already checked the route with my cousin.”

“I’ll drop you off on the way to the company.” Fu Chen never tolerated rebuttals.

Song Fengwan had no choice but to follow his instructions and get into his car.

On the way, Song Fengwan was memorizing English words with her head lowered. Fu Chen glanced at her from the corner of his eye. On the palm-sized vocabulary book, every word was marked with its semantic usage and grammatical features. Her handwriting was neat, and it was apparent that she was quite hardworking in her studies.

Actually, many of the children from rich and powerful families didn’t study hard.

Their families had already helped them find a way out. After graduating from high school, they would go abroad to have the superficial prestige of studying abroad and then come back to inherit the family business. They didn’t have to worry about anything at all.

Fu Chen narrowed his eyes and looked at her, and his lips slowly curled into a smile.

The car didn’t stop at the entrance of the school but at an intersection. After all, Fu Chen’s license plate was too eye-catching.

After Song Fengwan got out of the car, Fu Chen instructed the driver to go home.

“Third Master, aren’t you going to the company?”

“Unhappy about anything?” Fu Chen raised his eyebrows.

“No.” The driver quickly turned the car around.

In fact, the Beijing Second High School was in the east of the city, while Fu Chen’s company was in the north of the city. Along the way? As if. Besides, ever since Song Fengwan came, Fu Chen had never been to the company and had directly given himself a vacation.

In the past few years, Third Master did indeed have a clear heart and few desires. He didn’t manage the company much, but as long as he was in the capital, he would always spend half a day dealing with documents in the company.

Now, he didn’t even want the company anymore. Placed in ancient times, he would be the typical example of an incapable ruler who wanted beautiful women but not the country.

Before the car reached home, Fu Chen’s phone vibrated.

He answered the call. “Hello.”

“Third Fu, I forgot to tell you something yesterday.”

“Say it.”

“Aren’t you going to give me some benefits?”

“I’m hanging up.” And Fu Chen really hung up.

The person on the other end was dumbfounded. F*ck, he really hung up!

He made another call and shouted the moment it connected. “Can’t you just f*cking beg me once? You hung up just like that? Have you considered my feelings? You’re making me so angry so early in the morning…”

Beep… Beep… The call was cut off again.

“F*ck you, Fu Chen, you piece of work.” He couldn’t do anything about Fu Chen.

He made another call.

“If you have something to say, say it. If not, I’m hanging up.” Fu Chen had no time to beat around the bush with him.

“Yesterday, you and your little girl went to my place for dinner, and someone asked around about her. Do you want to know who it was? Beg me, and I’ll tell you.” The man laughed very annoyingly.

Fu Chen sneered. “Not a little girl.”

“Huh?” The man didn’t understand.

“She will be your sister-in-law in the future.” Then Fu Chen hung up.

The man was stupefied. That’s the third time he’s hung up on me. I am so f*cking angry.

He hasn’t even managed to win her heart. Sister-in-law? Who gave him the right?

After hanging up, Fu Chen instructed the person in the front passenger seat, “Go find out who asked about her at the farm restaurant yesterday.”

The man in the front passenger seat nodded. Even if Fu Chen didn’t say so, he knew that it must be about Song Fengwan.

In just five minutes, they found out who it was. Fu Chen narrowed his eyes, and his eyes were cold.

She really hasn’t given up.