Chapter 31

Chapter 31 of 50 chapters

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Fu Chen narrowed his eyes and turned his head to look out of the window. The morning light shone through the tinted car window, making his face look even darker.

“Third Master…” The man in the front passenger seat looked behind him. After following him for so long, he knew clearly that Third Master was angry.


“Miss Cheng just asked around. Maybe she doesn’t intend to do anything?

“We have already arranged for someone to stay by Miss Song’s side. Don’t think too much.”

Miss Cheng was a fervent admirer of Fu Chen.

But ever since she followed him to the northwest region and got insulted, she became much more restrained.

She hadn’t done anything yet. But if Fu Chen’s side made the first move and others found out about it, there would be gossip, which wouldn’t be a good thing for the Fu family.

Fu Chen pursed his thin lips in a frown and didn’t say a word.

Since she had asked around, she had to have a certain motive.

This person was his. Not to mention even asking around, just taking another look…

He would already feel uncomfortable.


Song Fengwan didn’t know anything about the Cheng family and was currently following a teacher to her classroom.

The Fu family arranged for her to study at Beijing Second High School, one of the best high schools in the country.

A small portion of the students came in as the top scorers of the high school entrance examination in this province, while the rest were descendants of influential and affluent families.

This was because the establishment of the school could be traced back to the end of the feudal period, and the students who had come here were all children of high-ranking officials and nobles. The students in the school were also known as the children of the Red Wall.

Those who were able to study here either had excellent grades or a strong background. Some even said that only the worst students of the Beijing Second High School would go to Tsinghua University or Peking University.

When the homeroom teacher received the notice, she was stunned for a few seconds. She had been teaching here for more than ten years, and this was the first time she had seen a transient student. But she was told that it was arranged by the Fu family, so she didn’t dare to ask further. The only thing she could do was to take good care of her.

The young masters and ladies in her class had a tremendous sense of superiority.

They had unruly tempers. And since their futures were already planned out, they didn’t focus on their studies either. As long as they didn’t cause a huge mess, no one would care.

Therefore, when Ge Lu saw Song Fengwan, she was a little surprised. Song Fengwan was beautiful, pure, good-tempered, and obedient. She also was respectful and polite when she spoke to her. She didn’t have the bad habits of a young master or lady.

With her being like this, she might be bullied in class.

“There are a few troublemakers in our class. Pay more attention to them and don’t provoke them, especially the one called Cheng Tianyi.” Ge Lu couldn’t help but remind her.

“Thank you, Teacher.”

Ge Lu led her to the door of Class 5, which was a class famous for its students.

Class was about to start, but the classroom was still bustling with noise. There were people chasing each other around and fighting. It was only when Ge Lu walked into the classroom that they gradually became quiet.

Everyone’s focus was not on the homeroom teacher but on the student behind her.

The news that Song Fengwan was coming was no secret. Even if the teacher didn’t say it, the students knew her identity and background from their parents.

They looked at her with strange gazes while sizing her up.

The morning light shone in from the side, making half of her face look gentle and lively. Her phoenix eyes were sparkling, and she looked charming and slender in her white shirt, black pants, and light-colored sweater. She wore the simplest clothes, but she still looked exceptionally beautiful.

She looked innocent but also deadly attractive.

“I told everyone yesterday that there would be a new student coming to our class today. I hope everyone can take care of her.” Ge Lu walked up to the podium and gave Song Fengwan a look. “Now, let her say hello to everyone. Let’s clap to welcome her.”

The applause below was sparse. Clearly, this homeroom teacher didn’t have much influence in class. Ge Lu’s face revealed an embarrassed expression.

Song Fengwan wasn’t affected. She walked up to the podium, neither humble nor arrogant. “Hello, my name is Song Fengwan.”

Suddenly, there was a burst of laughter.

“The one the Fu family broke off the engagement with? Damn, how can she be so shameless and come to the capital to embarrass herself?”

“Rumor has it that the Fu family wanted to make it up to her, so they took special care of her. With just her family background… how can she be qualified to come here?”

“She can’t even hold onto her own fiancé. How pathetic.”

The discussions were not loud, but they were penetrating to her ears.

Only now did Song Fengwan know that the people in Yuncheng weren’t the only ones who knew about her relationship with Fu Yuxiu. It had also spread around widely in the capital.

Given the status of the Fu Family, it was indeed normal for countless people to keep an eye on them.

“What are you guys talking about? Let’s welcome our new classmate!” A male voice broke the deadlock, and then there was scattered applause.

Song Fengwan looked at the source of the voice. The person was sitting in the last row. He was wearing the school uniform with the zipper open, and he had a buzz cut and dark eyes. He had an unruly and mischievous smile on his face, especially his eyes that were fixated on her.

It made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

There were a few boys laughing at his side, and they obviously took him as their leader.

This person was most likely the Cheng Tianyi whom the teacher mentioned.

He didn’t look like a good person.

But there was no more discussion in the classroom.

“Song Fengwan, go and sit over there.” Ge Lu pointed to a seat for her.

After she sat down, the first lesson soon started. There were not many people in the class who were listening. Song Fengwan was engrossed in taking notes, completely ignoring the strange looks from the people around her.

At this moment, a few boys in the last row started whispering.

“Brother Tian, what’s the matter? You fancy that student? You want to help her out?”

The person called Brother Tian was the young man from the farm restaurant. His name was Cheng Tianyi, and he was famous for being prodigal.

“That’s someone the Fu family sent. I don’t think you should provoke her.”

“I’m just playing around. The Fu family will definitely turn a blind eye to it. How could they offend others for her?”

“Brother Tian, why don’t we go over after class…” One of the boys was getting restless.

“This person…” Cheng Tianyi stared at Song Fengwan’s back. “None of you are allowed to touch her.”

“Hey, Brother Tian, are you serious? You have to share the good stuff with your bros,” someone joked.

“Are you f*cking deaf?” The young man suddenly frowned and raised his voice, sounding a little fierce.

The few of them sat back down in their seats resentfully. Why is he so anxious?

Is it necessary to do that for a woman?


Song Fengwan didn’t know at all that because of that person’s words, no one made things difficult for her throughout the day.

School was over at noon, and everyone went out for lunch. She was still copying a solution the teacher had written on the blackboard. She had to report to the atelier in the afternoon, so she had to make every second count.

Why is that person walking around in front of the blackboard?

Cheng Tianyi was also speechless. He had been standing in front of her for the entire day. He hadn’t even gone out for lunch and had just been waiting for her, but she hadn’t even looked at him properly.

He thought that he was good-looking, had a rebellious and unruly character, and a good family background. Countless girls threw themselves at him.

There were only the two of them in the classroom now. Did she still not understand what he wanted to do?

Finally, Song Fengwan put down her pen and stared at him for a few seconds.

Cheng Tianyi stood in front of the blackboard and coughed twice, waiting for her to speak.

Song Fengwan frowned. Is this person retarded?

Just when he thought that Song Fengwan would say something to him, she suddenly stood up, packed her things, and left the classroom.

He was dumbfounded.

What the hell?

She left?

Is she playing hard to get?

She was engaged to Fu Yuxiu for so long, so how pure can she be? But she’s still putting on airs and pretending to be innocent?