Chapter 33

Chapter 33 of 50 chapters

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Because Cheng Tianyi’s mind was full of Song Fengwan, he had completely forgotten that there was a vicious dog at Fu Chen’s house.

After chasing Cheng Tianyi all the way out of Yunjin Prime Manor, Fu Xinhan wagged his tail and headed back.


The dog’s loud and sharp barking in the silent night made people’s hearts tremble. When Cheng Tianyi came back to his senses, his back was already drenched in cold sweat. He could still clearly remember the sight before him when he had turned his head around just now…

Under the street lights, the dog’s teeth were sharp and glistening.

Damn it. I never thought I’d be chased down by a dog one day!

That damn dog, you’d better not fall into my hands.

Otherwise, I will kill you!

Cheng Tianyi had parked his car near the school. He sped all the way home and then kicked the door open.

The woman in the living room turned to look at him. “Who provoked you? Why are you so angry?”

“It’s nothing.” He was too ashamed to say that he had been scared witless by a dog.

“I heard that you’re interested in Song Fengwan? You even helped her out today?”

“You’re well informed.” The school wasn’t a private place.

“What’s the matter? Were you defeated?” The woman chuckled with a hint of mockery. “Didn’t you tell me that you could get any woman you wanted? Now you can’t?

“From what I know, she didn’t even spare a glance at you.

“She’s here to learn diligently. I think you’d better not provoke her.”

The woman’s tone seemed to be concerned about him.

“It’s none of your business!” Cheng Tianyi said as he stormed upstairs. Then the bedroom door slammed loudly.

The woman downstairs smirked, and her eyes were cold.

She knew her younger brother too well. He couldn’t stand being provoked.

He definitely didn’t gain anything from Song Fengwan today. It was hard to say what he would do since she provoked him again.

Having chased Fu Chen for so long, she naturally knew that Fu Chen’s residence had never had a woman enter before. Before, everyone had an equal chance to pursue him. But now, there was a little girl living there?

Although Song Fengwan wasn’t an adult yet…

… she couldn’t be spared!


Meanwhile, in Yunjin Prime Manor…

Song Fengwan had entered the house and was staring at Fu Chen with an exceptionally sly smile.

She was definitely up to no good.

“You’re back. Come and have something to eat.” Uncle Nian gestured for Song Fengwan to sit down. “I specially made it for you. I haven’t made supper in a long time. Have a taste. How is it?” While talking, he pulled Song Fengwan to the side.

While Uncle Nian was serving her supper, Fu Xinhan had already walked into the living room with his head swaying left and right. His head was raised with his chin up high, looking arrogant.

Fu Chen sneered. This stupid dog took advantage of me as his backing to scare others. Who did he learn this bad habit from?

When he walked in front of Fu Chen, he squatted down, wagged his tail, and started acting cute.

He looked like he was asking for credit.

His eyes kept glancing at the beef strips beside Fu Chen’s hand.

Fu Chen raised his eyebrows, fed him two beef strips, and stroked his head.

Fu Xinhan was instantly satisfied and rubbed against Fu Chen’s legs.

My dog life is perfect.

Song Fengwan was still contemplating how to talk to Fu Chen. She originally wanted to talk to him after supper, but he suddenly stood up and said, “Remember to rest early.”

With that, he went upstairs.

It was frustrating, but she was too embarrassed to stop him. She could only watch his figure disappear around the corner of the stairs.

“Third Master, Miss Song clearly has something to say to you.” A man by the side who followed Fu Chen upstairs couldn’t help speaking.

Everyone could tell that Fu Chen cared about Song Fengwan. Now that she was looking for him, wasn’t it the best chance to get close to her?

“It should be about Cheng Tianyi,” Fu Chen said with certainty.

“He is indeed troublesome and famous in the circle. He’s also very bold. He clearly knows that Miss Song is staying here with you, but he still dared to follow her. Miss Song might have wanted to ask you for help.”

The hero saving the damsel in distress…

… a classic scenario to develop budding feelings for each other.

Third Master would actually let such an opportunity slip away?

“Since she didn’t get the chance tonight, she’ll talk to me tomorrow morning.”

The man was about to ask the reason, but Fu Chen already entered his room and closed the door.

“Why does he have to wait until tomorrow morning? Cheng Tianyi isn’t easy to deal with. If he’s not dealt with properly, he might really cause some trouble.”

“You still don’t understand Third Master? Miss Song didn’t get to say anything tonight, so she’ll have to hold it in all night. And the person she’ll constantly be thinking about overnight is…”

That man suddenly understood. “Holy shit, isn’t it Third Master?”

“Who else could it be?”

“He really is too sly.”

The people of the Fu family were good at scheming and hitting others where it hurt. These words accurately described Fu Chen.

On this night, Song Fengwan’s mind was indeed full of thoughts of how to bring up her request to Fu Chen.

The entire night…

… she was thinking about him.


The next morning…

When Song Fengwan came downstairs, Uncle Nian was already getting people to prepare breakfast. The living room was full of busy people, but she didn’t see Fu Chen anywhere.

“What do you want to eat for breakfast? There’s lean meat porridge, pork dumplings, steamed buns…” Northerners mainly ate wheat-based food.

“Is Third Master in the small study?”


“Then I’ll go and greet him first.” Song Fengwan hurried to the small study.

Uncle Nian was amused.

Young people, they sure move fast.

Previously, she wore a reluctant expression. But today, she even asked about Third Master’s whereabouts.


The door of the small study was ajar. She lightly knocked twice. “Third Master, can I come in?”

“Come in.” Perhaps because he hadn’t spoken for a long time, his throat was a little dry, and his voice was dull.

Song Fengwan pushed open the door and entered. Fu Chen was still the same as before, bent over the desk copying scriptures. The old gramophone was playing a verse from a Peking opera that she had never heard of before, and smoke was wafting from the incense burner. But today, Fu Chen was wearing a white shirt…

He looked like a white plum blossom in the winter, proud and slender.

Previously, she thought that the color black suited Fu Chen best, making him look mysterious and reserved. But at that moment, she felt that the color white suited him better. It made him look like a celestial being, unique and exquisite.

Song Fengwan hesitated for a moment before she reluctantly opened her mouth. “Third Master, actually, I have something to tell you…”

“Hmm?” Fu Chen raised his eyebrows and glanced at her.

“The thing is, when I went to school yesterday, there was a guy in our class—”

“What did you say?” Fu Chen asked. It seemed he didn’t hear what she said.

Perhaps it was because the opera was too loud. Song Fengwan didn’t dare to ask him to turn it off, so she could only lean closer to him. “… Actually, last night, when I was on the way home—”

She wasn’t optimistic about Fu Chen accepting her request in the first place, so she lacked confidence and couldn’t raise her voice.

“I can’t hear you.”

“I’m trying to say that yesterday, I—”

“Come closer.” Fu Chen frowned, seemingly displeased.

Song Fengwan’s arm was almost touching him.

“Third Master, I have something to discuss with you…”

“Tell me. I’m listening.” He leaned over and pressed his ear close to her.

His voice was low and deep. When he leaned over, his ear almost brushed past Song Fengwan’s lips…

She blinked, and her pupils shrank as his profile suddenly enlarged in front of her.

It’s flawless.

“Hmm? Don’t you have something to say to me? Why aren’t you continuing?”

He suddenly turned around.

At this moment…

… they were so close to each other that Fu Chen’s breath almost brushed past her face. Their breaths entangled, and the situation was extremely ambiguous.

The whole world seemed to be in chaos.