Chapter 34

Chapter 34 of 50 chapters

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Song Fengwan didn’t expect him to suddenly turn his head. The study instantly became cramped, and even breathing became difficult.

An unfamiliar yet heart-pounding aura surrounded her, making her breathless.


“Why aren’t you speaking?” Fu Chen spoke once more.

His warm and moist breath landed on her face, and his face was very close…

Song Fengwan felt weak and hot all over, and she clenched her clothes tightly with her fingers. Her entire face was burning hot.

He was so close it was as if he would kiss her the next second.

But Fu Chen also clearly knew what it meant to not go too far. He moved back a little and widened the distance between them.

“Tell me. Why are you looking for me so early in the morning?” Fu Chen put down his brush.

Song Fengwan adjusted her breathing. “Actually, someone followed me after school last night.”

“Oh,” he replied, his expression as usual.

“Perhaps I’m thinking too much, so I want to discuss something with you…” Song Fengwan moved closer to him and lowered her voice. There was a faint fragrance coming from her body.

It had a dazzling magical power.

Fu Chen narrowed his eyes as he listened to her talk softly about her plan. His gaze landed on her small mouth as his Adam’s apple moved, and his eyes grew darker and deeper.

“…Third Master, will it be too much trouble for you if I say this?” Song Fengwan wasn’t sure if Fu Chen would agree. Her timid look fell into Fu Chen’s eyes…

Surprisingly cute.

“Since you’re staying at my place, I am naturally responsible for your safety.” Fu Chen’s expression was calm, but a trace of surprise flashed across his heart.

He didn’t expect that Song Fengwan would have her own plans.

If the plan succeeded, Cheng Tianyi would probably suffer serious setbacks. The Cheng family wouldn’t be able to do anything about it and would have to apologize to her instead. This was quite smart of her.

But the prerequisite was that Cheng Tianyi was really looking for trouble for himself.

“Then are you…”

“I am a businessman. I won’t agree to something unless it’s beneficial to me.” Fu Chen picked up the Buddhist bracelet by the side and rubbed it carefully.

Song Fengwan was stunned. Is he asking me to make a deal with him or do an equivalent exchange?

Businessmen were indeed black-hearted.

They would even trick children.

“Third Master, I’m just a student, and I don’t have anything. You probably won’t be able to gain anything from me.” Song Fengwan took a deep breath and looked down. I’m afraid this plan is going to fail.

Fu Chen wasn’t stupid. This plan was obviously going to make use of him. How could he possibly just go along with it obediently?

A person like him was not short of anything. How could she have anything to trade with him?

“Make me a promise then.” Fu Chen raised his eyebrows.

“A promise?”

“The kind that won’t make things difficult for you. It has nothing to do with your parents, relatives, or friends. I definitely won’t make you a criminal and make you commit any crimes.”

Song Fengwan’s fingers tightened. She thought that Fu Chen would not agree to her request so easily, so it was not too much of him to request something from her. No matter how she looked at it, she was definitely on the long end of the stick.

“Okay, I promise.”

“Go out to eat. It’s not early anymore.”

Song Fengwan thanked him obediently before turning to leave the study. Her palms were already full of hot sweat.

As soon as she left, someone entered the study.

“Third Master.” The man stood respectfully in front of him.

Fu Chen narrowed his eyes. “You heard what she said just now. Do as she said.”

“If something really happens…”

“As long as Cheng Tianyi is obedient, nothing will happen to him. But if he asks for trouble, there’s no need to be polite with him. If anything happens…” Fu Chen smiled. “I’ll take responsibility.”

His tone was strong and domineering.

“I didn’t expect Miss Song to be so smart despite her young age. Third Master, you have really good taste.”

“Do I need you to say that?” Fu Chen raised his eyebrows and didn’t deny his bootlicking.

“I’ll go out to do some work.” The man lowered his head and walked out. He’s too difficult to please.

“Pfft, haha, you ingratiated yourself with him the wrong way.” Another person sneered.

“Third Master is a scheming person. Miss Song asked him to help, and he clearly knew that she isn’t capable of exchanging anything with him, yet he still made her make a promise. How can he be so shameless as to scheme against a young lady?”

“Everything Third Master does is too smooth, so he doesn’t put too much passion and energy into anything. It’s rare for him to meet someone he likes and have a new hobby…”

“New hobby? Raising a wife?”

Damn, what kind of sick humor is this?


Beijing Second High School…

When Song Fengwan arrived at school, Cheng Tianyi hadn’t arrived yet. She didn’t see him even after school ended at noon, so she went to the atelier in peace.

For the next few days, he still didn’t come to school. This made Song Fengwan feel completely relieved.

Anyway, as long as Cheng Tianyi didn’t provoke her, the two of them would definitely be safe and sound. But if he really wanted to do something to her?

She would certainly not hold back.

Cheng Tianyi didn’t get any benefits from Song Fengwan and was also chased by a dog, so he felt upset. He dragged a group of people out for drag racing and drank until midnight. So naturally, he wouldn’t go to class the next day.

At this moment, he was partying crazily with a group of men and women in a bar.

“Brother Tian, who provoked you? Why are you in such a bad mood?” A scantily dressed girl leaned her entire body against his arm.

“You guys don’t know, but Brother Tian has taken a liking to a girl recently. But she didn’t even spare him a glance.”

“If you say one more f*cking word, get the hell out of here.” Cheng Tianyi was spoiled by his family, so he had always gotten everything he wanted. He was already uncomfortable after being defeated, yet he was also provoked by his sister, so he was extremely unhappy.

“Brother Tian, I have something good here. It’s new. Do you want to try it?” A boy secretly took out something for him to see.

“Get lost. I don’t touch that stuff.” Cheng Tianyi picked up a glass of alcohol and downed it in one gulp.

“It’s just a woman. What kind of woman can’t be found?”

“That’s right, Brother Tian.” The girl next to him became even more clingy, and her fingers moved around his chest to tease him.

You would always feel restless when you couldn’t get something you wanted. The more Cheng Tianyi thought about it, the angrier he got, so he got up and walked out.

“Brother Tian, where are you going? Brother Tian—” The group of people behind him shouted at him, but he pretended not to hear them.

Cheng Tianyi drove all the way to Song Fengwan’s atelier. The class had just ended, so there were students in twos and threes walking out of the atelier.

Song Fengwan came out half an hour later than the others. She was wearing a white cotton skirt paired with a long black sweater. Her hair was still tied into a ponytail, revealing her fair and slender neck.

Cheng Tianyi stared fixedly at her, and he gulped. He hadn’t dared to follow her recently because he had been scared out of his wits by Fu Xinhan. But he had specially sent someone to follow her and knew her whereabouts like the back of his hand.

His eyes had turned red from the alcohol. He pushed open the car door and followed her…


Yunjin Prime Manor…

Fu Chen was still watching the unfinished Korean drama. Fu Xinhan was lying on his lap, allowing Fu Chen to stroke his fur.

He had been living a very good life recently. Every day, he had extra snacks and meat with every meal.

He was very satisfied with his dog life.

“Third Master…” Someone walked over softly. “There’s movement.”

Fu Chen suddenly smiled and patted Fu Xinhan. “Get up. I’ll take you out for a walk.”

Fu Xinhan got up and shook his body. Going out for a walk in the middle of the night?

When everyone saw that Fu Chen was going to bring the dog out, they broke out in a cold sweat for Cheng Tianyi.

Is this a walk?

This is clearly bringing the dog out to hunt. If Cheng Tianyi gets bitten…