Chapter 35

Chapter 35 of 50 chapters

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Song Fengwan walked out of the atelier. The shadows of the trees were cast on the ground by the street lights, and they looked bleak as they swayed in the wind.

The autumn wind was chilly, and it was inevitable that people would feel the chill. She wrapped her clothes tightly around herself and walked back home quickly, without even noticing the suspicious figure behind her.


Cheng Tianyi’s eyes were red, and he was so nervous that he gulped. In another two or three minutes, she would be entering the territory of Yunjin Prime Manor. If he didn’t act now, it would be too late.

He gritted his teeth and ran toward her.

When Song Fengwan heard the sound of running footsteps, she subconsciously turned her head. It was so dark that she couldn’t see his face clearly, but his buzz cut was particularly eye-catching.

He hadn’t been to school these past few days, and he didn’t pester her either. She thought that she was overthinking things about what had happened before, but she didn’t expect that…

He still came.

The moment Cheng Tianyi rushed over, he grabbed her arm. Song Fengwan threw her art portfolio bag on her shoulder at him, but the throw wasn’t strong. He blocked it with one hand, and the drawing paper inside fell to the ground.

“Cheng Tianyi, what are you trying to do?!” Song Fengwan retreated hurriedly, her face pale.

“What the hell do you think I’m trying to do? Was my hint not obvious enough? Why are you acting all innocent to me?” He had drunk alcohol, and his eyes were bloodshot.

“You’re crazy!” Song Fengwan’s voice was trembling, appearing weak and helpless.

She looked around but didn’t see anyone.

“After being with Fu Yuxiu for so long, how pure can you be? You’re just his leftover, but you’re still putting on airs in front of me.” He knew that there was no one around, so he kept pressing closer to Song Fengwan.

“Let me tell you this, if you touch me, Third Master won’t let you off.”

“Third Master Fu?” Cheng Tianyi sneered. “Do you know what kind of person he is? Everyone in the capital knows that he is famous for being ruthless. Don’t treat him like a good person just because he believes in Buddhism.

“I don’t need you to tell me what kind of person Third Master is.

“Even if you die in front of him, that kind of person won’t even bat an eye. Do you expect him to stand up for you and be at odds with our Cheng family?” Cheng Tianyi’s smile was scornful and slightly mocking. “The capital is a very complex place. You’re too naive.”

Song Fengwan glanced at her surroundings and suddenly turned around to run away.

“Help—” she shouted as she ran.

“F*ck!” Cheng Tianyi chased after her.

After all, there was a difference in physical strength between men and women. She hadn’t even run two steps before he suddenly pressed down on her shoulder and pulled her back with a tremendous force.

But the next second…

A bright light suddenly shone over.

Cheng Tianyi subconsciously squinted and heard a dog barking.

His body instinctively trembled a few times, and then he felt a sharp pain in his thigh.

“Ah—” His scream sounded especially shrill in the silent night.

Song Fengwan took the opportunity to struggle free and gasped for breath. When the light disappeared, she saw Fu Xinhan standing in front of her with his mouth wide open like a defender.

“You…” Cheng Tianyi covered his thigh with his hand. When he saw the dog clearly, he was scared out of his wits.

It was Third Master’s vicious dog. He had always only followed Third Master outside. Could it be that…

The current situation didn’t allow him to think much because a group of men in black quickly surrounded him.

Without any explanation, they started punching and kicking him.

“… Ah! I am Cheng Tianyi. Stop it! Stop—” Cheng Tianyi’s small body couldn’t withstand the beating of five martial arts practitioners.

“Did you hear that? He said he’s Young Master Cheng?”

“That’s nonsense. Why would Young Master Cheng not go home in the middle of the night but instead follow a little girl and want to do something to her?”

“How dare you pretend to be someone else? Beat him up hard!”

“F*ck, I’m really Cheng Tianyi!”

His cries for help were quickly drowned out by his cries of pain.


Song Fengwan took a deep breath and adjusted her breathing…

“Did you get scared?” A clear and warm male voice came from behind her.

“Third Master.” Song Fengwan turned around nervously. Her face was slightly pale, and she didn’t seem to have recovered.

“What are you afraid of? I told you that I’ll protect you.” Fu Chen narrowed his eyes as he held the prayer beads in his hand. His gaze fell on her coat that had been pulled to her elbow, and his eyes darkened.

“Did he touch you just now?”

“Not really.” He only tugged twice. “You came just at the right time.”

Fu Chen didn’t say anything, but his expression became increasingly calm.

“… Third Master, I won’t dare to do it anymore. On account of the friendship between our families…” Cheng Tianyi’s wails were still ringing in his ears, but Fu Chen ignored him.

“Third Master?” Song Fengwan had only wanted to teach him a lesson. If Fu Chen continued beating Cheng Tianyi like this, he would die.

“Your coat is dirty. Take it off and wear mine.” Fu Chen took off his coat and handed it to her.

“Actually, it’s not very dirty. It’s just a little out of shape…”

“Take it off.” The voice was firm and indisputable.

Third Master Fu hated being talked back to and disobeyed the most. So she could only take off her coat and put on his.

“Third Master, I’m done.” Song Fengwan stood in front of him obediently.

Fu Chen sized her up and suddenly reached out. She instinctively wanted to dodge…

“Don’t move!”

Her body instinctively froze as his fingertips moved closer. His warm and dry fingertips brushed over her cheek and tucked a few strands of loose hair behind her ear.

His fingertips seemed to accidentally brush past her earlobe. This place was very sensitive. Her body trembled, and her ears instantly turned so red that blood could drip from them.

Fu Chen leaned over and lowered his voice. “I thought you were very brave to suggest this kind of plan to me, yet you got so scared.”

Just as Song Fengwan was about to explain, a pair of warm hands landed on top of her head and caressed her head gently.

“You should learn some self-defense skills. If you meet someone like him in the future, just beat them to death.”

“What if I kill them?” she blurted out.

“I’ll take responsibility.” His voice beside her ear was soft.

It was like this promise…

…. had started a fire in her!

Her heart skipped a beat, and she suddenly felt that her face was slightly burning.

Someone walked over and whispered into Fu Chen’s ear, “Third Master, the police are almost here.”

Fu Chen looked at Song Fengwan calmly. “Which hand did he touch you with just now?”

The situation was so dangerous at the time, so how could Song Fengwan remember this? She couldn’t answer at all.

The people who had followed Fu Chen for many years already understood what he meant. They signaled to the people who were still beating Cheng Tianyi and moved their wrists.

Third Master’s meaning was clear.

Cripple both his hands.

“When the police arrive later, just tell them the truth.” Fu Chen lowered his gaze and looked at the person in front of him.

“You called the police?” Song Fengwan was surprised. This wasn’t part of the plan.

She had told Fu Chen the plan previously and asked him to send people to protect her while she waited for Cheng Tianyi to jump into her trap.

Then she would use Fu Chen’s hand to teach Cheng Tianyi a lesson. In that case, he definitely wouldn’t dare to find trouble with her in the future. After being beaten up by Fu Chen, he would only be able to suffer in silence.

At the same time, she wanted to let everyone know that Fu Chen cared about her. With that, she would have an easy time in school in the future.

But Fu Chen never told her that he was going to call the police. Wouldn’t this matter be blown up?

“Are you satisfied with just a beating?” Fu Chen smiled lightly. From the corner of his eye, he saw his men pressing that person on the ground.

He had to let everyone know.

Song Fengwan had entered his house.

She was his person, and he would never let anyone who touched her off easily.

Was it because he had been too even-tempered these years that some people thought he would no longer deal with them?