Chapter 36

Chapter 36 of 50 chapters

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In the police station…

The police officers on duty looked at each other and then at a certain big shot sitting across from them. They couldn’t help but gasp.


They received a police report claiming that there was an attempted sexual assault along the river near Beijing Second High School. They didn’t delay any time and immediately drove over. When they arrived at the scene, Cheng Tianyi was pinned to the ground and had already been beaten beyond recognition.

He was immediately sent to the hospital, and the remaining people were brought back to the police station.

As per regulations, the police officers had to take statements for everyone present at the scene.

But looking at Fu Chen, they didn’t dare to speak for a long time.

They were really unlucky. The one who was sent to the hospital was the young master of the Cheng family, and the one who called the police was Fu Chen. This matter was obviously going to be very tricky to handle.

After all, Third Master Fu hadn’t shown his face in public for a long time.

“Third Master, Miss Song, have some water first. We’ll take your statement right away.” The policeman smiled and handed them paper cups.

“Hurry up. She’s still a student and needs to go to bed early.” Fu Chen’s expression was calm as he said in an upright posture, with one hand holding his prayer beads and the other stroking Fu Xinhan’s fur.

“Okay. Right away.”

They smiled and called the chief to rush him.

Damn, how could we dare to settle something like this?

“F*ck, why isn’t the chief here yet?”

“He must have gone to bed. Who knew that something like this would happen in the middle of the night. Did Cheng Tianyi’s brain get kicked by a donkey? He stirred up trouble in Third Master’s territory.”

“But he was so f*cking ruthless! He almost beat him to death and left him with just one breath!”

“Have you all forgotten that more than ten years ago, Third Master brought people to that family’s house…” The few of them suppressed their voices and were whispering softly. “The Cheng family is nothing. It’s just that when Third Master came back from studying abroad, he basically didn’t care about other people’s business. This time, he’s made it clear that he’s slapping the Cheng family’s face.”

On another side, the Cheng family was in an uproar.

The police called and said that Cheng Tianyi had committed a crime and was sent to the hospital, but they didn’t reveal any additional information.

Cheng Guofu was still at a social gathering when he heard that something had happened to his son. He rushed straight to the hospital from the hotel.

“… Miss, how is my son?” When he reached the emergency room, a nurse came out of it.

“He’s severely injured. He has three broken ribs, both arms broken, and a dog bite on his leg. He’s temporarily unconscious, and we’re trying to resuscitate him.”

When Cheng Guofu heard this, his vision turned black, and his face turned pale.

“Who the f*ck beat him up!” He only had one son, and he usually treasured Cheng Tianyi so much that he hasn’t been able to bear to hit him once. But now, he was beaten until he was half dead.

“The police station didn’t disclose anything.” His secretary, who followed him, was also so shocked that his face was ghastly pale.

Cheng Tianyi had done no shortage of horrible things, and they had always settled it with money. With his personality, he would have caused big trouble sooner or later.

“Call Chief Yang.” Cheng Guofu was trembling with anger.

“I’ve been calling, but no one answered.”

“Continue calling!”

His secretary hesitated for a moment. “President Cheng, why don’t you wait here for a while, and I’ll go and deal with the police station. If things get out of hand…”

“I’ll go with you.” Cheng Guofu was furious. Beating his son up…

That person really had a death wish!


At this moment, in the police station…

Song Fengwan sat quietly beside Fu Chen. It was her first time in a police station, and she couldn’t help feeling nervous.

She held the disposable cup and warmed her hands. Just as she was about to take a sip, a black thermos flask appeared in front of her.

“Drink this. The temperature is just right.”

Although she looked calm, she was actually very nervous. After all, she was still a child. She subconsciously took the thermos flask from Fu Chen and took a sip from it.

The water was warm. Although it was clear water, it had a strong tea fragrance.

The taste of the tea stimulated her taste buds, and she instantly came back to her senses. Only then did she realize that she was drinking from Fu Chen’s thermos flask.

Her face paled in fright.

She quickly put down the thermos flask and pushed it to Fu Chen. “Third Master, you should drink it yourself.”

“Oh.” Fu Chen calmly picked up the thermos flask and took a sip.

The place he was drinking from was almost along the edge of where she drank from just now. Song Fengwan’s fingers tightened slightly as her gaze fell on his thin lips. The color of his lips was faint, and the shape was beautiful. They were a little upturned and a little…


He doesn’t mind that I just drank from it? He actually directly…

This is probably what an indirect kiss is.

“What? Do you want to drink some more?” Fu Chen turned his head and glanced at her.

“No.” Song Fengwan lowered her head. Her face reddened, and she bit her lip.

Fu Chen narrowed his eyes. Seems like some of the things in the drama are very practical.

The people behind him were speechless. Why is he still flirting with her in a situation like this?

“Miss Song, please come with us to give your statement.” Some people walked over. Since Song Fengwan was a girl and underage, the police station had specially assigned two female police officers to her.

Song Fengwan subconsciously glanced at Fu Chen.

“She’s underage and was frightened just now. Just take the statement here,” Fu Chen said in a deep voice.

The two police officers looked at each other and sat across Song Fengwan with their laptops.

After confirming the basic information, they naturally started to inquire about the details of the incident tonight.

When they asked what Cheng Tianyi had done to her, they clearly felt the temperature in the room plummet.

“Do you need to ask in such detail?” Fu Chen frowned, and his tone became colder.

The police officers’ hearts thumped. “So, you’re saying that you’re not familiar with Cheng Tianyi at all? And you don’t have any conflicts with him usually?”

“Yes.” She nodded seriously.

“Alright, please sign here.” The police officers needed her to confirm her statement. “Miss Song, we need to contact your guardian about this matter…”

Song Fengwan underage, so her guardian had to be informed about such a big matter. Song Fengwan’s heart skipped a beat. She didn’t want to blow the matter up. If they informed her parents…

She immediately turned to look at Fu Chen, asking him for help with her eyes.

“I’m her guardian. I can take full responsibility for her matters,” Fu Chen said.

“Then your relationship with her is…” As per routine, the police officers had to record the information.

Fu Chen narrowed his eyes. Before he could speak, he heard the little girl beside him say something.

“He’s my uncle!”


Fu Xinhan could clearly feel that something was wrong with Fu Chen’s expression and immediately evacuated from his side.

Why is he angry again?

He’s so hard to please.