Chapter 37

Chapter 37 of 50 chapters

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The prayer beads in Fu Chen’s hands twisted together, making a soft grinding sound.


Song Fengwan tilted her head to look at Fu Chen and even smiled at him. She was just following his words, and there was nothing wrong with that.

The people behind Fu Chen lowered their heads and tried to hold back their smiles.

They knew better than anyone what Third Master was thinking.

He was raising Song Fengwan as his wife, but she treated him as her uncle? What could be more heartbreaking than this?

“Third Master, how did you appear there?” The police officers continued to get Fu Chen’s statement.

“Walking my dog.” A certain someone was in a bad mood, and his tone was much colder than before.

The corners of the police officers’ mouths twitched. It was already eleven o’clock at night, and he was walking his dog? What a unique hobby.

Noticing the suspicious looks on the police officers’ faces, he added, “My dog likes to take walks at night.”

“Woof—” Fu Xinhan scratched the ground unhappily. He was obviously one who dragged me out!

Fu Chen glanced at him. Fu Xinhan lowered his head. Fine, I like to take walks at night.

“So, was it purely an accident for you to be involved in this incident?”

Fu Chen raised his eyebrows. “Do you think I waited for him on purpose?”

“That’s not what I meant.” Who would walk a dog in the middle of the night with seven subordinates?

“Did you and Cheng Tianyi know each other prior?” the police officers asked.

“I’ve seen him, but I don’t know him.”

“Did you know that he was the one who had ill intentions toward Miss Song tonight?”

“No. It was dark.”

“He’s severely injured…” The police officers handed him a diagnosis report from the hospital.

“Is that so?” Fu Chen narrowed his eyes and glanced at the diagnosis report. Then he said lightly, “He’s really weak.”

The surrounding people fell into a dead silence.

What a vicious mouth.

“Third Master, we’ll handle this matter properly. It’s getting late, so…” Actually, Cheng Guofu was arriving soon.

Considering Song Fengwan’s situation, the police officers definitely couldn’t let them face each other head-on.


“I’ll go to the restroom first.” Song Fengwan was nervous just now, so she had drunk a few big cups of water.

“I’ll wait for you at the door.” There was clearly something wrong with his tone.

Song Fengwan took a few more glances at him before leaving.

I didn’t say anything wrong. Why is he angry?

What a weird temper.

No wonder he’s almost thirty and has never been in a relationship. Who could stand his temper?


Meanwhile, Cheng Guofu had already entered the police station from the other side.

“President Cheng, don’t be agitated. This is the police station after all. Let’s understand the situation first.” His secretary jogged to catch up with him.

“They beat my son up like this. What else is there to say! Damn it. Which bastard did this? I will skin him alive!”

When he reached the duty room, only a few police officers were there.

“Mr. Cheng, you’re here. Sit down and have some tea first.” The police officer beckoned him to sit down.

“Who beat my son!” Cheng Guofu was not in the mood to drink tea.

“Please take a seat first. I will briefly explain the situation to you.”

“Let me tell you. I’m very familiar with your Chief Yang, so don’t use this method to trick me. That bastard injured my son. I won’t let this matter rest!”

The few police officers looked at each other with a hint of mockery in their eyes.

It wasn’t the first time Cheng Tianyi had caused trouble, and many people in the police station knew him. They couldn’t stand seeing such a notorious scion since a long time ago.

Every time something happened, he would use his identity as a minor to shield himself. How shameless of him.

He had kicked an iron plate this time. Third Master Fu was clearly not going to forgive him, and the evidence was conclusive. Cheng Tianyi would definitely not be able to get out of trouble.

“Mr. Cheng, Young Master Cheng is at fault in this incident…”

“Even if he’s in the wrong, there’s no need to beat him up like this. Even if it’s self-defense, it should be considered excessive self-defense.” Cheng Guofu was obviously not going to let the matter off easily. “Who exactly is the one who beat him?”

“I’m sorry, it’s not convenient for us to disclose the details when it involves minors.” The police officer’s attitude was also very tough.

“You…” Cheng Guofu choked on his words, and his face flushed red.

“Young Master Cheng followed a young girl and tried to assault her. That’s why he got beaten up.” The police officer’s tone made it sound like Cheng Tianyi had deserved it.

Cheng Guofu trembled with anger. “Just you all wait.”

He turned around and walked back. He kept reminding his secretary, “Continue contacting Chief Yang for me.”

His secretary looked at him. When Cheng Guofu found out that something had happened to his son and left the gathering, he was furious and had lost his rationality. But his secretary was still very clear-headed.

From the police’s attitude, he could tell that the young master had gotten himself into serious trouble this time.

The police were all smart people and usually did things according to the rules, but they would still give President Cheng and Young Master Cheng some face. But today, they were clearly not giving them any face at all.

If there wasn’t someone behind this, what else could it be?

Cheng Guofu was on the phone asking around for news. He hadn’t gotten far when he saw Song Fengwan coming out of the restroom.

There was no one in the police station at this hour. She was wearing the school uniform of Beijing Second High School and looked very outstanding. At first glance, Cheng Guofu was sure that this person had something to do with his son.

Enemies were indeed bound to meet on a narrow road.


At this moment, Fu Chen was sitting in his car. Fu Xinhan was lying docilely by his feet and looking at him carefully, fearing angering him accidentally.

“By the way, Third Master, this is the art portfolio album that Miss Song dropped at the scene. The police said it’s useless to them, so they let us bring it out.” The person in the front passenger seat handed the portfolio album to Fu Chen.

“Oh,” Fu Chen responded with a dull voice.

He took the portfolio album and flipped through it.

Because the drawings had been scattered previously, the people who tidied them up had only arranged them casually, without any pattern.

All of them were character sketches, and there were some familiar faces, such as Qiao Xiyan’s…

Fu Chen frowned and continued flipping.

After five pages, his fingers paused…

And he suddenly smiled.

Fu Xinhan hurriedly crawled backward with a vigilant expression.

Why is he suddenly smiling?

He’s so scary. He scares me to death.