Chapter 38

Chapter 38 of 50 chapters

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Not to mention Fu Xinhan, even the others in the car were dumbfounded.

Just a moment ago, his face was awash with anger, and he was pulling a long face at everyone. Why was he suddenly smiling now?


He was really hard to please.

As Fu Chen rubbed the drawing paper, his smile deepened. Who else could it be but him?

“Third Master, I’m afraid Cheng Tianyi’s matter isn’t that simple.”

“Oh.” Fu Chen’s tone was lukewarm.

“I’m afraid Miss Cheng is behind this.”

In the capital, there were too many people who wanted to marry the Fu family. But those whose family backgrounds were not as good as the Cheng family’s but had still coveted Fu Chen had been all suppressed by her. Her actions were very cunning and insidious.

Although Cheng Tian was a wastrel, he was not brainless. Someone might have added fuel to the fire behind the scenes.

There was not much family affection in many wealthy families, so it was not impossible for her to use her younger brother.

Fu Chen naturally knew what his subordinate meant.

“Young Master Cheng’s injuries are not light,” the man continued. “Cheng Guofu only has this son, so he treasures him a lot. He definitely won’t let the matter go.”

“When have I ever been afraid of anyone?” Fu Chen raised his eyebrows. “I wanted to beat him up. But he’s not an adult yet, so if I confront him directly, it’ll make me seem petty…”

The man scratched his head. So you got others to beat him half to death.

At this moment, Fu Chen’s old phone started vibrating. He glanced at it and then answered, “Hello”.

“Say, Third Fu, you’re really something else. What’s going on? You got arrested?” The man on the other end laughed gratingly.

“For someone out of town, you’re pretty well-informed.”

“The people in the group chat said it. Your eldest nephew didn’t dare to call you himself, so he asked me to ask you what happened.”

The eldest nephew he was referring to was the son of the eldest son of the Fu family. He was a few years older than Fu Chen and the eldest grandson of the Fu family. His conduct and behavior were much better than Fu Yuxiu’s, and he had a good relationship with Fu Chen.

But he was currently doing business overseas and wasn’t in the capital.

Fu Chen pursed his lips. “Nothing.”

“Hey, can you switch to a smartphone? Who doesn’t use WeChat nowadays? You can also chat with everyone.”

“No need.”

“I heard that you beat Cheng Tianyi up? You also said that you did it for justice? When did you become so kind?”

“He was the one asking for trouble.”

“Your jealousy is quite strong. Say, was that little girl so moved that she wanted to offer herself to you?” The man chuckled slyly.

“Let me ask you something.” Fu Chen narrowed his eyes as he looked at the sketch. The sketch was not completed, and it was at most a half-finished product, but it was obvious who the artist was.

“You still have something to ask me? Tell me about it.”

“Under what circumstances would a girl draw a sketch of a man she’s not familiar with?”

The date was on the corner of the sketch. It was the first time the two of them had officially met, and they were not really familiar with each other at the time.

The man grinned. “Either she likes or has a crush on that person, haha!”

“Really?” Fu Chen’s smile deepened.

“She would have only drawn it if she remembered that person deep in her heart. If her memory of that person wasn’t deep, what could she have drawn? What’s the matter? Who secretly drew you…”

“It’s alright now. You should go to bed.” With that, Fu Chen hung up.

The man on the other end was silent for two seconds and then suddenly thought of something.

“F*ck. Fu Chen, were you showing off to me?

“F*ck, don’t you know this yourself? Why did you have to ask me!

“I know that your little girl secretly drew you. She has a crush on you, okay? Damn it. You wasted my long-distance call fee!”

After Fu Chen got a satisfactory answer, his smile deepened even more.

The two people in the front seats were speechless. Didn’t you just want him to say that Miss Song has a crush on you and likes you, so she drew you?

How scheming.

It was autumn, so the night was rather chilly.

When Song Fengwan walked out of the police station, the night breeze blew past her. She hurriedly wrapped her clothes tightly around herself and quickly got into the car.

Cheng Guofu had drunk alcohol, so he stumbled as he ran after her. But he could only see the taillights of the car.

“Find out who that girl is.” A little girl was present here at this hour. No matter how he thought about it, it seemed to have something to do with his son’s incident.

“President Cheng, it’s not good to contact them in private.” His secretary’s eyelid twitched. He felt that this matter wouldn’t be resolved so easily.

“I told you to investigate. What’s with all your nonsense?!” Cheng Guofu was exasperated. “Has your call gotten through to Chief Yang yet?”

“No one answered.”

“Let’s go back to the hospital to visit Tianyi first.”

In his opinion, anything that could be solved with money was not a problem.


As soon as Song Fengwan got into the car, she saw her art portfolio bag in Fu Chen’s hands. She immediately thought of the matter of her secretly sketching Fu Chen’s picture and instantly had a bad feeling.

“Third Master, you can give it to me.” She practically snatched the art portfolio bag away and hugged it in her arms.

“What are you nervous about?” Fu Chen’s expression didn’t change.

“I’m not. It’s probably just too cold outside.” Song Fengwan hugged the portfolio album tightly. He probably didn’t see what’s inside.

If he did, he might overthink it.

Would he think I’m interested in him?

If he thinks of me as one of those girls who tries to cling to him and throws me out, that would be terrible.

“Is that so?” Fu Chen narrowed his eyes and stared at her helpless little face.

“Yeah!” Song Fengwan hurriedly nodded. She was so nervous that her palms were covered in cold sweat. She lowered her head and played with her phone, trying to divert her attention.

Song Fengwan could clearly feel the change in Fu Chen’s mood. It had just been a few minutes.

He’s more fickle than a woman.

“Do you use WeChat to chat with people?” Fu Chen suddenly asked.

“Yup, isn’t everyone using it nowadays?” Song Fengwan said, and then she realized that Fu Chen still used his old phone. She coughed twice and looked away unnaturally.

“What brand and model is your phone?”

“I’m using an iPhone 6S. The system is easier to use, and it doesn’t lag as much.”

Fu Chen nodded.

The two people in front had always been following Fu Chen, and they knew exactly what Third Master was thinking.

Holy shit!

He definitely wants to use a matching phone with Miss Song.

“Cheng Tianyi was beaten up so badly today, and we also called the police. His family won’t let this matter rest. This…” Song Fengwan couldn’t help feeling worried.

“I’ll take care of it.” Fu Chen was in a good mood tonight, and his tone was slightly higher-pitched.


After all, Cheng Guofu had been in the capital for a long time. When he found out about Song Fengwan that night, he was clear that Fu Chen was the one who had beaten his son up.

No wonder the police kept silent.

He didn’t dare to look for Fu Chen, but his son couldn’t be beaten up for no reason either.

Thus, Fu Chen received the news the next evening.

Cheng Guofu had blocked Old Madam Fu when she was on the way to the opera theater and complained to her.

“Third Master, he’s still in the theater right now. He said that you were too much of a bully for harming a child, and he asked Old Madam to call the shots for him.”

Fu Chen just smiled. “He’s smart. He knew that it is useless to look for anyone else.”

“Then now…”

“Let’s go take a look. I also want to know how he can distort the truth.”