Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of 50 chapters

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Fu Chen’s sudden appearance messed up everyone’s plans.

Jiang Fengya, in particular, was trembling with anger. She had wanted to use Fu Yuxiu as an excuse to move into the Song family house and show off in front of Song Fengwan in passing.


She wanted to prove to everyone that no matter how beautiful Song Fengwan was or how good her origin was, she could still trample her under her feet.

But she didn’t expect to be slapped in the face by a man who appeared out of nowhere.

How could she still have the face to continue staying in the Song residence?

“Uncle Song, I’ll head back first. I just remembered that I still have something to do at school.” Jiang Fengya had yet to address Song Jingren as her father.

“Wait for the rain to get lighter.” Song Jingren knew that she was upset and didn’t force her to stay.

“No need. It’s urgent.”

“Then I’ll send you back.” The rain was pouring, and Song Jingren was worried about letting her go back alone since the Song family residence was in a villa district where very few vehicles passed by.

After the two of them left, Song Fengwan burst into laughter and hurriedly called her mother.

A few seconds later, the call connected.

“Hey, Mom—” Song Fengwan’s tone was tender and delicate.

“What’s the good news? Why are you so happy?” The woman’s voice was gentle, kind, and unable to hide her affection.

“Today, my father brought that child in while you weren’t home.” There was no way to hide the matter from her. Perhaps her mother already knew about it, so Song Fengwan didn’t hide it from her.

“Really?” Her mother didn’t sound surprised.

“He must have wanted to acknowledge her while you weren’t around. She even asked Fu Yuxiu to come over. It’s raining today, so she probably wanted to take the opportunity to stay at our house.” Song Fengwan was young, but she wasn’t stupid.

“I see,” Qiao Aiyun replied lightly.

“I wanted to make a scene, but I was afraid that she would take the opportunity to play a trick on me and pretend to be magnanimous while stepping over me to get the upper hand. I’m not stupid. How could I be her stepping stone?” Song Fengwan picked up her teacup and took a sip of hot tea.

“You’re thinking pretty far ahead.”

“Of course. I want to establish a sad image in front of everyone so that my father will feel that he owes me. Doesn’t Jiang Fengya want to be part of our family? Let her come then.” Her beautiful phoenix eyes rose.

“She’s already arrived at our house, but she’s still at my mercy.

“It’s better to keep this person in the house than to let her stay outside. Otherwise, you won’t know when she’ll jump out and bite you.”

Qiao Aiyun laughed. “It looks like you already have everything planned out.”

“If Dad insists on acknowledging her, I have to consider our interests.” Song Fengwan wasn’t a fool. “But it’s not my turn yet. The third master of the Fu family came. She really thought she could do whatever she wanted just because she had Fu Yuxiu’s support.

“Third Master’s words made her face pale. It was so satisfying.

“I bet she won’t dare to come to our house for the time being, unless she’s really shameless.”

Qiao Aiyun smiled faintly. “In that case, you don’t have to worry. You’re in your senior year of high school now, and your studies are the most important thing.”

“I know.”

After Song Fengwan ended the call with her mother, she smiled, grabbed a biscuit and a drink, and went back to her room to read.


Yuncheng, Fu family mansion…

Fu Chen sat on a sofa while fiddling with his prayer beads with one hand and holding a scroll of the Lanka Sutra with the other, looking very calm.

Someone walked over with a phone and said softly, “Third Master, it’s that person.”

“Okay.” Fu Chen nodded and answered the phone. “Hello—”

“It’s all thanks to you this time. Thank you so much.”

“You’re being too polite. It’s our Fu family’s fault, so it’s only right for me to step in,” Fu Chen said politely. “Don’t worry, Mrs. Song. The Fu family will give you a satisfactory explanation.”

The person on the phone was none other than Song Fengwan’s mother—Qiao Aiyun.

The two exchanged some pleasantries before Fu Chen hung up.

“Third Master, what is Mrs. Song thinking? Such a big incident happened at home, yet she’s not thinking of a way to deal with the illegitimate daughter. Instead, she still has the thoughts to ask our family to give her an explanation.” Fu Chen’s subordinate was confused.

Fu Chen smiled. “Song Jingren values that illegitimate daughter of his because she got close to Yuxiu. Now that I’m here, he has to reconsider whether she can actually enter the Fu family.

“If she didn’t tell Father directly, why would I have interfered in this matter? He is very conservative. Even if Jiang Fengya enters our family in the future, she won’t have good days.

“She said she wanted to settle the issue of the engagement, but she was actually using our Fu family to slap that illegitimate daughter in the face. Because in order to save Miss Song’s face, I definitely wouldn’t be polite to that illegitimate daughter.

“Seems like Mrs. Song has blocked several of Jiang Fengya’s paths.

“Using a knife without dirtying her own hands, killing three birds with one stone, Mrs. Song really isn’t a simple character.”

The people beside him were stunned.

Before this, they thought that Mrs. Song was pitiful. But now, they felt that the illegitimate daughter was in a difficult situation and might be played to death.

“Then isn’t Mrs. Song using you? Aren’t you angry?”

Fu Chen merely smiled and said nothing.

Everyone was puzzled. Fu Chen thought highly of himself. He had already clearly seen through her trick, but he was still willing to be a ‘tool’ in her hands?


Half an hour later in the Fu residence…

“Young Master, you’re finally back. Where did you go? Why are you so drenched?” The butler hurriedly called for a servant to bring a towel. “Third Master is here. Hurry and go in.”

Fu Yuxiu wasn’t stupid. Fu Chen wanted him to come back in the rain, so he didn’t dare take a taxi and walked for an hour and a half.

This showed how much he feared Fu Chen.

It wasn’t that the family’s juniors hadn’t thought of resisting. But before they could even rebel, they were already suppressed by Fu Chen and even tidied up properly. Anyone who saw him would have to call him Third Uncle respectfully.

“Third Uncle.” The rain was so heavy that Fu Yuxiu’s entire body was soaked.

“Mm.” Fu Chen didn’t even look at him. “Are you sober now? Dissolve your engagement without the consent of your elders? Who gave you the guts!”

“Third Uncle, Fengya and I are serious…”

“It seems you’re still not very sober yet. Go stand outside for an hour.” Fu Chen flipped a page of the scripture.

“You have to listen to me explain. I…”

“Young Master, stop talking!” The butler immediately stopped him.

He had wanted to pass Fu Yuxiu a towel. But seeing the situation, he stood rooted to the ground and didn’t dare to move. How did Young Master offend Third Master?

Moreover, the old master and madam were both overseas. No one in the house dared to plead for him. If he continued to argue like this, Third Master’s methods would definitely make him half-dead.

Everyone knew that Third Master hated people talking back to him.

Fu Yuxiu’s father was Fu Chen’s second elder brother. The Fu family’s main residence was in the capital, and they developed in Yuncheng during the early years. The second son of the Fu family had come looking for business opportunities and thus settled down here.

Fu Yuxiu gritted his teeth. This matter concerned his lifelong happiness, so he still wanted to fight for it.

“Third Uncle, I really don’t have any feelings for Song Fengwan. I just treat her as my younger sister. She’s only seventeen, and she isn’t even an adult. I didn’t even dare to hold her hand or kiss her because I’d feel guilty.”

“Add another hour.”

“Feelings really can’t be forced. I…”

“Add another two hours.” Fu Chen looked at him seriously. “Go on.”

“I dare not.” Fu Yuxiu’s wet hair was sticking to his face, and his lips were so dry that they were pale.

“Get out.” Fu Chen’s tone was solemn and cold.

Fu Yuxiu lowered his head and walked out. What could he do? The enemy was too strong.

Fu Chen sneered. That girl isn’t even an adult, and he wanted to take advantage of her?

Wanted to hold her hand?

And still wanted to kiss her?

How audacious!