Chapter 40

Chapter 40 of 50 chapters

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After Cheng Guofu left, Fu Chen accompanied Old Madam Fu to watch ‘Beating the Princess’.

“Third Son, Wanwan came to the capital alone, and she’s not familiar with this place. The capital is a complex place, so you have to take good care of her.” Old Madam Fu tapped her fingers to the beat and didn’t forget to remind Fu Chen.


“Oh,” he replied.

“That young lady is already having a hard time studying, so don’t make her worry about her food and drink and other expenses.

“She’s a young lady after all, so she’s a bit more sensitive.

“Don’t treat her like the boys in the family. Don’t keep blowing hot and cold when you’re with her, understand?”

Old Madam Fu was always worried that Song Fengwan would be mistreated at Fu Chen’s place, so she nagged at him a lot.

Fu Chen kept responding to her nonchalantly, as if he didn’t take her words to heart at all.

“A few days ago, your father’s old subordinate caught a few chickens from the countryside. Bring two back home later and stew them to nourish her body and calm her nerves.”

“Oh,” Fu Chen replied faintly, but his eyes were focused on the theater stage.

Old Madam Fu sighed repeatedly. This useless fellow…

His father wasn’t like him when he was young. When his father was wooing me, he was so diligent. How did we give birth to such a stubborn rascal?

The two people standing behind Fu Chen looked at each other.

Third Master is really good at acting. Old Madam’s worries are completely unnecessary. Flirting with the little girl…

… he is a professional at it.


Inside Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine…

Cheng Guofu had just been angered by Fu Chen, and his face remained black the whole ride. When he saw his still unconscious son, his face turned even colder.

“Third Master is famous for his bad temper. Young Master really kicked an iron plate this time.” His secretary had stayed up with him for the whole night and had dark circles under his eyes.

“A boy who’s not even thirty treating me like this?” Cheng Guofu was in his fifties, and in comparison, Fu Chen was indeed young.

“Just because his parents only had him when they were old… He sure is taking advantage of his seniority!

“Taking into account the many years of friendship between our families, he shouldn’t have been so ruthless!”

“Dad, you’re back.” A woman with an outstanding appearance immediately stood up when the two of them entered the ward. “How is it? What did Old Madam Fu say?”

Cheng Guofu sighed.

“Where is your mother?”

“She went to get some hot water.”

Cheng Guofu had a son and a daughter. His elder daughter, Cheng Lan, was 24 years old and an editor for a magazine. His son, Cheng Tianyi, would be turning 18 in a few months.

After Madam Cheng gave birth to her daughter, her body became weak, and she had recurrent miscarriages. When she was pregnant with Cheng Tianyi, she had received more than a hundred progesterone injections to prevent a miscarriage. Therefore, the entire Cheng family doted on him a lot.

“Little Lan1, didn’t you have a good relationship with Fu Chen before?” Cheng Guofu looked at his daughter.

Cheng Lan was pulling Cheng Tianyi’s blanket up, and her fingers paused for two seconds.

“Now, because of that little girl, he’s refusing to let go of the matter. He must be in a fit of anger right now. After a few days, go talk to him and ask him if he can let your brother off.”

“This…” Cheng Lan clutched the blanket tightly in her hands.

“Didn’t you guys go mountaineering together?”

“Yes.” Cheng Lan didn’t dare to say anything else. At that time, she had just happened to find out that he was going mountaineering and had shamelessly followed him. In the end, she had even been ridiculed by Fu Chen and had to go back dejectedly.

She was too ashamed to tell anyone about it, so those who didn’t know the real story would think that they were really on good terms.

If you had ties with Fu Chen, you could brag about it for a long time in the capital.

There were still many people who thought that they were friends.

“Then I’ll leave your brother’s matter to you.”

“Third Master has a strange personality. I will also have to see if I can meet him.” Cheng Lan’s expression was calm, but her heart was in turmoil.

Not to mention talking to him, even meeting Fu Chen was as difficult as ascending into the sky.

She had originally wanted to use her brother to get rid of that wretched girl, but she didn’t expect herself to be implicated as well.

“If there’s a will, there’s a way.” Cheng Guofu didn’t allow her to reject him.

Cheng Lan pursed her lips and agreed. But at the bottom of her heart, she hated Song Fengwan even more.

She never thought that Fu Chen would be so ruthless for Song Fengwan’s sake.


In the Fu family old residence…

Fu Chen had accompanied Old Madam Fu to watch the opera, so naturally, he would also have dinner with her.

Fu Xinhan had made a contribution yesterday, and Fu Chen was in a good mood. So before he left, he got someone to bring Fu Xinhan out for a bath and beauty treatment. After that, Fu Xinhan was directly brought to the old residence and would return home with him later.

“Where’s our Fu Xinhan?” Old Madam Fu started looking for the dog the moment she entered the courtyard.

“He’s in the backyard.”

“Oh, our little baby.” Old Madam Fu didn’t even enter the house and went straight to the backyard.

Old Master Fu stood at the door and sighed. She didn’t even spare me a glance?

“Dad.” Fu Chen coughed lightly.

“Hurry up and take your dog away. Don’t bring him here in the future. He’s too noisy.” Old Master Fu snorted coldly and went straight into the house.

Actually, when the dog was first brought over, Old Madam Fu didn’t like him at all. She had never had a pet in her life and always felt that dogs were noisy and smelly. She didn’t expect that after taking care of him for a while, she was almost hugging him to sleep every night.

Old Master Fu had nearly died from anger. They had been married for so many years, but in the end, his status was still worse than a dog’s.

The two of them chatted for a while before they heard noises coming from the backyard. Thinking that something was up, they rushed to the backyard.

The moment they went over, they saw Fu Xinhan chasing after a bunch of chickens. There were six chickens that were so frightened by him that they were flapping their wings and squawking loudly.

Old Madam Fu couldn’t catch up with Fu Xinhan and could only call for him from behind. But Fu Xinhan turned a deaf ear to her.

It was a chaotic scene of chickens flying and the dog jumping1.

“Fu Xinhan,” Fu Chen said deeply.

Fu Xinhan immediately turned around and shrank back.

“Get over here!”

In the blink of an eye, this little bastard suddenly became a tyrant.

Fu Xinhan shrunk his neck back and moved in front of Fu Chen. There were chicken feathers still stuck to the corner of his mouth.

“Go squat against the wall.”

He immediately walked to the wall and shrank into a ball next to it, looking miserable.

The chickens had already been brought back into the cages, and the backyard was littered with chicken feathers.

“Woof—” Fu Xinhan started to act pitiful.

Fu Chen snorted coldly. I’ve been treating him so well recently that he’s become a bit arrogant…


When Fu Chen returned home, he brought two chickens and a thermos of chicken soup. The sky was already dark.

“Go straight to the atelier and pick her up.”

The driver immediately drove to the atelier where Song Fengwan was.

When they arrived at the atelier, it was already past 9.50 p.m. A while later, students started streaming out of the atelier. Even until there was no one else around, Song Fengwan still had not appeared.

“Miss Song always leaves half an hour later than others. She’s very hardworking.”

Fu Chen nodded and opened the door, preparing to go in and see the situation.

The corridor of the atelier was brightly lit, making the surroundings look lonely and deserted. There was no one around, and even their footsteps sounded empty and lonely in the vacant corridor.

“She’s in the second last classroom,” the person beside him reminded.

There were two doors to the classroom, and the direction that Fu Chen was walking in passed by the back door first. There was a heavy smell of lead and ink coming from the classroom. He saw Song Fengwan’s back almost immediately.

Two easels away from her, there was a boy who hadn’t left. He was holding a charcoal pencil and kept staring at Song Fengwan.

Fu Chen’s expression darkened.

Indeed, there are wolves ahead and tigers behind. After chasing one away, another has come…

The person beside Fu Chen sighed. Third Master’s love rivals really are endless.