Chapter 41 - Intimidating the Love Rival, A Certain Dog is Going to Go to Heaven

Chapter 41 of 50 chapters

In the atelier, Song Fengwan had her sleeves rolled up halfway and her long hair loosely tied up. She was drawing a plaster model near her, and the lighting complemented her small face to be as clear and bright as the moon.

“Who are you going to draw for the homework the teacher assigned?” the boy asked hesitantly.

“I haven’t decided yet.” Song Fengwan didn’t stop drawing as she replied.

“I think it’s better to draw someone familiar. I’m thinking of drawing my dad, but I doubt he’d be willing to be my model…”

Song Fengwan’s fingers paused. She pursed her lips and nodded without saying another word.

Seeing that she didn’t want to speak, the boy was a little anxious. From the corner of his eye, he saw a group of people standing at the back door. They were dressed in black and had cold expressions on their faces. His heart skipped a beat out of shock.

“Mister, who are you looking for?” The boy’s voice was slightly hoarse due to his nervousness.

Hearing this, Song Fengwan turned around and was surprised to see Fu Chen. “Why are you here?”

“To take you home.” Fu Chen completely ignored the boy. “Are you done?”

“I’ll go wash my hands. Please wait a bit.” Song Fengwan didn’t dare to let Fu Chen wait for her. She packed her things up and headed to the restroom.

Fu Chen walked out of the classroom and waited outside. The boy also packed up his things. Seeing that Fu Chen was on good terms with Song Fengwan, he wanted to get on his good side. But before he could walk to his side, Fu Chen looked up, and their eyes met.

The boy shuddered. “Um… hello. You’re Song Fengwan’s brother, right?”

Fu Chen rubbed his prayer beads and stared at him.

“I’m her classmate.” With Fu Chen staring at him, the boy was about to cry.

Fu Chen had followed Old Master Fu as he grew up, and ever since he was young, even if didn’t learn anything else, he had always had a strong aura.

“Do you like her?” Fu Chen thought Song Fengwan would finish washing her hands very quickly, so he had to end this fast.

The boy didn’t expect Fu Chen to be so direct, and his face turned red.

“No, I…” He instinctively wanted to defend himself. Students were the most afraid of their parents and teachers, and puppy love was taboo.

“No?” Fu Chen raised his eyebrows.

“We’re just classmates.”

“That would be the best. She needs to concentrate on her studies now, and I don’t want anyone bothering her. If anyone bothers her, I won’t be polite.”

His tone was lukewarm, but his aura was intimidating. He was obviously warning him.

The boy’s face instantly changed and was even paler than the wall. “Um… Brother Song, I’ll take my leave first.”

“My surname isn’t Song, and I’m not her brother.” Fu Chen’s tone was lukewarm. “Nor am I her uncle,” he added.

The boy left with a pale face. Along the way, he thought, If you’re not her brother or uncle, then why are you living together?

The person beside Fu Chen tried to hold back his laughter. If Third Master’s friends saw this, they would go crazy laughing.

He threatened a child?

In Fu Chen’s eyes, he only differentiated between those who were his love rivals and those who weren’t. Age didn’t matter to him.


When Song Fengwan came back, other than the teacher-on-duty, who was responsible for locking the doors, Fu Chen and his subordinates were the only ones in the atelier.

“Third Master, why are you here today?”

“I was on the way back from the old residence and passed by.” Fu Chen was in a good mood after sending his love rival away.

The people behind him were utterly speechless. Can there at least be one truth coming from your mouth? You’re clearly specifically here to pick her up.

After the two of them got into the car, Song Fengwan saw Fu Xinhan squatting inside.

He was wearing a muzzle and looked aggrieved. His eyelids were drooping, and his eyes seemed watery. He looked extremely pitiful.

“Why did you put this on him?” Song Fengwan reached out and stroked his head. Fu Xinhan didn’t bite, so there was no need for him to wear it when he went out.

“This is what happens when he does something wrong.”

“Can I take it off now?”

Fu Chen nodded.

Song Fengwan quickly helped him unlock the muzzle, and Fu Xinhan hurriedly snuggled against her intimately.

He finally understood who his real mother was. Turns out, he had cozied up to the wrong person.

He refused to leave her side.

Fu Chen sneered. Little thing, you really know how to stick to those with power.


The drive home was around four minutes, and Fu Xinhan stayed by Song Fengwan’s side the entire ride.

“I brought some chicken soup from the old house. Drink it before going to sleep.” Fu Chen looked at Song Fengwan.

“Okay.” She just changed her shoes when Fu Xinhan rubbed against her legs and kept licking her feet to show intimacy.

“Come here.” Fu Chen lowered his gaze.

Fu Xinhan lifted his paw and tugged at Song Fengwan’s clothes, obviously asking for her help.

“It’s alright. He’s so obedient.” Ever since Fu Xinhan had scared Cheng Tianyi away, her impression of him had increased immensely.

Fu Chen didn’t say anything else. Fu Xinhan wagged his tail and followed Song Fengwan into the living room. When he passed by Fu Chen, he even glanced at him arrogantly.

I can’t believe he put a gag on me. Hmph—

This dog has someone to protect me now. I’m not afraid of you anymore.

The people around them held back their laughter. Being so arrogant, does this dog want to go to heaven? How dare he give Third Master attitude? Is he courting death?

Fu Chen smiled faintly. As expected, the gift is the same as the giver. Their brains are both not enough.

At this moment, a certain man climbing a snow mountain far away in the west suddenly sneezed. “F*ck. The altitude is too high, and it’s too damn cold. I’m going to freeze to death.”


Uncle Nian helped pour the chicken soup that Fu Chen brought back into bowls. It was steaming hot and very fragrant.

“You stay after class in the atelier alone for so long every day? Is it not safe?” Fu Chen said seemingly casually.

“I just wanted to draw a while more.” Song Fengwan was smiling as she bent down to stroke Fu Xinhan’s fur. She needed a space to draw, and she already felt that she was being a bother by staying here. So how could she have the nerve to ask Fu Chen to specially set aside a room for her?

Fu Chen was very smart and immediately understood what she wanted.

“I’ll get someone to clean up the rightmost room on the second floor. You can draw there.”


“That storage room has always been empty.”

“Thank you.” Song Fengwan turned her head around and smiled at him.

When the beauty smiled, she was so charming that she mesmerized cities.

Fu Chen narrowed his eyes, and his throat tightened. He shifted his gaze away. “I heard you talking to that boy earlier. You need a model?”

Everyone was dumbfounded. Is Third Master going to recommend himself?