Chapter 43 - Guarding Third Master’s Little Wife, Trouble Comes Knocking on the Door

Chapter 43 of 50 chapters

After Song Fengwan returned to her room, she couldn’t calm down at all. Fu Chen’s unique aura seemed to still be around her.

It was all-pervasive and impossible to get rid of.

It was really a sin for this person to be so good-looking. Everything he did was pleasing to the eye, and even…

She reached out her hand to touch the skin that he had touched. It seemed as if there was still an electric current flowing through, bringing a scorching heat with it.

Previously, she only felt flustered. But now that she calmed down, the feeling of the erratic palpitation was instead magnified, and her heart was in her mouth.

I’m going to die…

Song Fengwan took out a set of ‘Five Years of College Entrance Examination Papers, Three Years of Mock Papers'[1] to divert her attention.


The next morning, Song Fengwan woke up as usual and prepared to go to school.

Usually, Fu Chen was in the small study at this hour. Unless she went to find him, the two of them wouldn’t see each other in the morning. But today, he was sitting in the living room, and opposite him stood two men she had never seen before.

“Good morning,” Uncle Nian greeted her with a smile. “Today’s breakfast is chicken noodle soup.”

“Okay.” Song Fengwan pursed her lips and smiled. “Good morning, Third Master.”

Fu Chen had his head lowered, looking at something. He nodded at her when he heard her voice and then continued to read the documents.

Meanwhile, the two people standing in front of him sized Song Fengwan up quietly.

One of them was dressed in black, while the other was dressed in white. One of them had a rough appearance with arrogant lines and a cold expression. The other had an exquisite facial outline and a refined scholarly aura with a smile on his lips.

“This matter was handled well.” Fu Chen flipped through the documents. “It’s been hard on you two.”

“It’s our duty.” The man in white smiled. His fox eyes were sly and harmless.

“I still have something to tell you. Let’s go to the study.” Fu Chen got up and went upstairs, and the two of them followed him. They were obviously not the same kind of people, but they looked exceptionally harmonious when they stood together.

Seeing Song Fengwan’s curious expression, Uncle Nian explained, “Those two have been with Third Master for more than ten years. They help him take care of the company and other matters. Third Master usually doesn’t like to show his face in public, so they handle many things.”

“Oh.” Song Fengwan lowered her head and stirred her noodles. This explained why she had never seen Fu Chen when she was previously engaged to Fu Yuxiu.

It was because it was very difficult for newspapers and magazines to take a full shot of him.

“The one in black is called Qian Jiang. Although he looks cold and has a rough appearance, he’s actually not a bad person. The one in white is called Shi Fang. That fellow is really cunning,” Uncle Nian teased.

Song Fengwan nodded with a suppressed smile. She could tell that the person in white was a typical ‘smiling fox’.

At this moment, the two people upstairs were waiting for what Fu Chen wanted to tell them.

The two of them entered and saw a set of mock papers at the side of Fu Chen’s desk, as well as two pink gel pens. There was even a warm-colored pillow for girls on the sofa.

Shi Fang reached out his hand and poked the person beside him. “Old Jiang[2], no wonder those brats at home are jumping up and down. There’s really something going on with Third Master.”

The person beside him had a cold expression and was unmoved.

A certain someone continued to poke him. “Third Master’s enlightenment is a good thing. With him focusing his energy on someone else, at least he won’t have the time to torture us.

“It’s just that that girl is too young. I’m afraid we’ll have to continue enduring for another two more years.”

That certain person became addicted to poking him, so the man in black finally frowned and tilted his head to glare at him. This chatterbox is so annoying!

“I’m not going to poke anymore, alright?” Shi Fang spread his hands in resignation. Silent and expressionless, he’s no fun at all!

“If you two continue to make these small movements secretly, go walk the dog for me.” Fu Chen lowered his voice. They had just gotten off the plane, but Shi Fang was quite energetic.

The two of them immediately lowered their eyes and stopped talking.

Damn it, that dog Fu Xinhan has such a big temper and is so unapproachable. Who would be willing to walk him!


On the other side…

Song Fengwan went to school as usual. Cheng Tianyi had already not gone to school for a few days before the incident occurred, so everyone was already used to it.

And today, just as she sat down in her seat, she heard a few girls whispering behind her.

“… Something serious must have happened. My dad didn’t say the details, but he and my mom went to the hospital to see him. He’s seriously injured.”

“In the past, the Cheng family would have exploded long ago. But this time, they actually suffered silently? Seems like they might have provoked someone.”

“I heard that his sister arranged for him to take a leave of absence today. He’ll be sent overseas once his injuries heal.”

Song Fengwan quietly took out her books to review her homework. She had originally thought that Fu Chen was too heavy-handed and felt guilty toward Cheng Tianyi.

But later, when she arrived at the police station, she found out that although he was young, he was a repeat offender. He had committed many crimes and defiled some good girls, so she no longer felt any guilt.

If he hadn’t had any ill intentions toward her that night, he wouldn’t have been beaten up like that.

After eating lunch in the school cafeteria, she prepared to go to the atelier as usual.

Just as she walked out of the school gate, someone blocked her path.

This man was wearing a metal-gray suit and a pair of sunglasses. “Miss Song, sorry to disturb you. May we have two minutes of your time. Our young lady wants to have a chat with you.”

Song Fengwan grabbed the art portfolio bag on her shoulder tightly. “Your young lady…”

“This is her business card.” The man handed her a black-and-white business card. [Beijing Daily Editor: Cheng Lan]. Her surname is Cheng…

Song Fengwan immediately recalled that Cheng Tianyi’s sister had come to apply for a leave of absence for him today.

“Our young lady is at the cafe over there. She’ll just hold you up for a few minutes. It’s broad daylight, so we won’t do anything to you.” The man’s attitude was quite humble.

“I’m sorry. I’m very busy.” Song Fengwan didn’t even take the business card and turned around to leave.

“Miss Song…” The man hurriedly blocked her path. “Our young lady just wants to give you an apology. It’ll only take a few minutes. ”

He didn’t expect Song Fengwan to reject him so directly.

It was not that Song Fengwan didn’t want to give them face. But after her trip to the police station, she knew that there were no good people in the Cheng family. She was already unwilling to interact with this family, and now that she was alone, she would definitely not go with him.

“I’m sorry. I’m really in a hurry.” Song Fengwan prepared to leave again.

The person blocked her path again.

Not far away, there were two people sitting in a car. The man in black frowned and turned off the engine with the key. He was about to get out of the car when the man in white beside him grabbed his arm. “What’s the hurry? It’s not time yet.”

The man in black glared at him.

“I’ll be responsible for anything that happens, alright?” The man in white narrowed his fox eyes and kept staring at Song Fengwan.

Fu Chen had hurried them to come back and specially called them to the study. He thought that there was something important to instruct them about, but in the end, he found out that they were here to be bodyguards and specially guard his little wife.

Meanwhile, Song Fengwan had already lost her patience. “Sir, I’ve already made it very clear. I have something to do and won’t go. Please don’t bother me anymore.”

“It’ll only take a few minutes.” The man had taken money to do this, so he had to go back and be able to report.

“First of all, I’m the victim in this matter. You haven’t obtained the permission of the police, so it’s already illegal for you to contact me in private.

“Moreover, you keep saying that your young lady wants to apologize to me, but she’s sitting in a cafe waiting for me to find her? I don’t see any of her sincerity.

“If you stop me again, I will call the police immediately and say that you harassed a minor!”

Song Fengwan’s attitude was tough, and her gaze was firm.

The man gritted his teeth and had no choice but to let her go.

The woman in the cafe not far away was originally drinking her coffee leisurely. But when she heard the man’s report, she was so angry that her face paled. How dare that immature girl show such an attitude toward me?


However, a certain someone in the car had watched with relish.

“She looks a little harmless, but I didn’t expect her to have such a temper,” Shi Fang said while chewing his gum.

“Third Master was right. The Cheng family is indeed restless.”

After a long time, no one answered, so he lightly pushed the person beside him. “I’ve been sitting here with you the entire morning. At least give me a response.”

“Oh.” The man seemed to be talking through his nostrils and agreed.

Shi Fang was so angry that he almost spat his gum on Qian Jiang’s face. Damn it. He can’t even utter a fart after such a long time. If someone like him can get a wife in the future, I’ll take his surname!

[1] An assessment book

[2] For Chinese speakers, it is common to call someone you’re familiar with ‘老(old) + (a part of their name, e.g. his surname)’