Chapter 44 - Can’t Take it Anymore

Chapter 44 of 50 chapters

Fu Chen had already gotten someone to clean up a room specially for Song Fengwan to draw in. After class ended at ten, she packed her things and went home.

“Fengwan, you’re going back early today.” The teacher, Gao Xue, smiled while wiping her hands. After half a month of interaction, she had a rough idea of this girl’s situation.

Her family is quite well-off, and although she couldn’t be considered to have the best items, these items were also things that ordinary families couldn’t afford. She was low-key, docile, and especially hardworking.

The students gathered here were all trying to improve their art examination results quickly. Many of them were sent here by their parents, and there were a lot of parents who gave her money and gifts. But she had never seen any of Song Fengwan’s elders.

“Yeah, it’s too cold at night, so I want to go home earlier.” Song Fengwan naturally wouldn’t explain too much to her. She packed her things, said goodbye, and left.

There were many electric cars and small sedans parked outside the atelier. Most of them were parents coming to pick their children up.

“… It’s cold outside. I told you to wear more clothes when you went out, but you didn’t want to listen. I bought you a cup of soybean pudding on the way. Use it to warm your hands.”

“I don’t like eating this. I told you not to buy it!”

“If you’re not eating it, then just use it to warm your hands. I’ll eat later. Are you hungry after studying for so long? I’ll take you to get something to eat before going back…”

A mother and daughter rode an electric car past her.

The autumn wind was chilly. Song Fengwan clenched her teeth, and her chest was so stuffy that she almost couldn’t breathe.

She quickly turned a corner and suddenly saw a man in white smiling and waving at her. His fox eyes under the light were narrowed into a thin line, looking sly and harmless.

“Miss Song, Third Master asked us to pick you up.” Shi Fang had already grabbed her art portfolio bag before she could react.

“Sorry for troubling you so much.” Song Fengwan glanced at the man in black standing beside her from the corner of her eye. He was cold and solemn, as if he was wrapped in frost. He didn’t even look at her at all.

“You don’t need to be so polite. It’s our duty. Get in the car quickly. It’s cold outside.” This was the first time that Shi Fang spoke with Song Fengwan.

She was just like what Uncle Nian had described her as—obedient, polite, and did not put on any airs.

Song Fengwan got in the car. Shi Fang helped her put her art portfolio bag inside and closed the car door. Then he looked at the man in front of him seriously.

“Old Jiang, she’s a young lady. Can you not put on such a face? What if you scare her to death?”

Qian Jiang frowned. His face had always been like this, and he had never seen anyone who had been scared to death by his face.

Shi Fang lowered his voice and leaned over. “She’ll be our future madam, so we should build a good relationship with her first. You should at least give her a smile.”

Qian Jiang pursed his lips and revealed a slightly tragic smile.

Shi Fang’s mouth twitched twice. “You’d better stop smiling. It’s even scarier.

“Has your face ever been beaten before? Your expression is out of control. I asked you to smile, but your smile is too damn scary.

“Even a camera with special beauty filters can’t save it.”

Qian Jiang sat in the driver’s seat and couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to a certain someone who was still chattering away.

The members of the Fu family were all people of little words, and it was rare to meet a talkative person. Song Fengwan listened to him talk along the way, and the knot in her heart seemed to dissipate a lot.

“Miss Song, it’s a little cold outside. Do you want to turn on the heater?” Shi Fang sat in the front passenger seat and turned around to look at Song Fengwan.

“It’s alright. We’ll be home soon.”

“My name is Shi Fang, and this big tan man driving is Qian Jiang. He’s born with such a dreadful face, so don’t be afraid. If you don’t mind, you can call us Big Brother.”

“Okay.” Song Fengwan smiled.

The big tan man, who had been silent all this time, finally moved his lips. “Big brother? You’re courting death.”

His voice was just like him.

It was dry and rough.

Big brother?

Where did he put Third Master?

He’s clearly trying to take advantage of Third Master. With Third Master’s vengeful personality, he won’t have it easy.

Song Fengwan bit her lip, not quite understanding what the big tan man meant. She couldn’t call him big brother? Then was she supposed to call him uncle?


When the three of them arrived home, Fu Chen was still sitting in the living room.

Song Fengwan frowned. Third Master Fu is really strange. Why is he watching the news so late at night?

“You’re back? Come eat something.” Uncle Nian called Song Fengwan over.

“Third Master, let’s begin after I finish eating.” Song Fengwan didn’t forget that she had made an appointment with Fu Chen for him to be her model for her sketch tonight.

“Then I’ll go up first.” Fu Chen got up and returned to his room.

He had to prepare.

Song Fengwan quickly ate and then carried her art portfolio bag upstairs, afraid that Fu Chen would get impatient from waiting.

When she entered the rightmost room of the second floor, Fu Chen wasn’t here yet. The room was very tidy. There were a few paintings hanging on the wall, and the yellow wallpaper glowed warmly under the yellow light.

There were also drawing tools and an easel in the room.

Before Fu Chen arrived, Song Fengwan completed all of the preparatory work and waited quietly.

After around just three minutes, the door opened.

Song Fengwan was dumbfounded.

He was wearing a white knee-length bathrobe with a white belt tied around his lean waist. As he walked, the collar of his robe opened slightly, revealing a small patch of white skin with well-defined muscles.

He held a towel in his hand and wiped his hair casually as he sat on a small sofa not far away from Song Fengwan.

“What do you need me to do?” He hung the towel around his neck. The ends of his hair were still dripping with water, and the transparent water droplets rolled down his forehead and cheeks, along his neck, past his collarbone…

They kept dripping down.

They slid down his skin inch by inch. The water stains seemed to have some magic power. Song Fengwan’s face was burning red, as though it was on fire.


… did he come dressed like this?

“Why aren’t you speaking? What do you need me to do? How far away should I be…” Seeing her in a daze, Fu Chen got up and leaned over. “Or is it more convenient for you if I’m closer?”

His breath was a little cold, but when it landed on her face, it turned into waves of heat.

Song Fengwan’s heart was pounding so hard that it was about to be off the chart, and her ears were completely red.

Fu Chen narrowed his eyes, suddenly reached his hand out, and pinched her earlobe…

It was soft and hot.

“You…” Song Fengwan was sitting on a stool and was so startled by him that she almost fell to the ground.

“Your face is so red, and your ears are so hot?”

“They’re not!” Song Fengwan was scared to death. Why does he always lean over so suddenly?

Fu Chen suddenly smiled. This kind of distance…

… seems like as long as I lower my head, I can…

… kiss her.

Song Fengwan really felt like she was on the verge of death, and her throat was burning.

“I saw that a lot of the plaster models in the atelier were naked…” Fu Chen’s voice was clear and cold with a gorgeous accent at the end of his sentence, causing her heart to tremble.

“You don’t need to take off your clothes. You just have to sit. I’m learning to draw faces right now.”

How could she dare to ask Fu Chen to take off his clothes?

“Then how far away should I be? Will it be clearer if I’m closer?”

“It’s alright. You can just sit there and be casual.” Song Fengwan bit her lip.

She glanced at Fu Chen’s exposed skin from the corner of her eye. His muscles were well-proportioned with smooth lines, and his entire body was emitting steam.

It was as though heat waves hit her face, wave after wave, making her feel distraught.