Chapter 45 - The Clothes Fell Off

Chapter 45 of 50 chapters

Song Fengwan sized up the man sitting not far away from her and used a charcoal pencil to draw an outline according to his proportions on the drawing paper.

Fu Chen didn’t do anything else and just stared at her, making her feel distraught.

She quickly sketched on the drawing paper. She knew very well that at her level, she wouldn’t be able to finish drawing in just one night. All she could do was remember all the details on his face as much as possible…

… including all the lines and the gloss of his skin. Every inch of it…

… had to be deeply imprinted in her mind.

She didn’t want to have to trouble him every day.

After more than an hour of drawing, she put the pencil away reluctantly. “Third Master, this is about it for today. I’m really sorry for troubling you.”

“Are you going to bed?” Fu Chen hadn’t talked for a long period of time, so his voice was a little hoarse, and it sounded even lower in the empty room.

“I still have to work on it for a little bit.” Song Fengwan packed the drawing tools beside her.

Since she had stayed here for so long, Fu Chen knew that she went to bed around one every day and woke up at five in the morning to memorize vocabulary. Others were envious of her excellent results, but they didn’t see the hard work she put in.

If she relied on the Song family, or even the Qiao family, she could have chosen a more comfortable lifestyle. But he could also think of why she worked so hard.

“Get some rest before you continue working on it.”

“Okay. Thank you for today.” Song Fengwan didn’t expect Fu Chen to be so cooperative.

“No need to thank me. You can just do me a favor.”

“What can I help you with?” Song Fengwan had finished packing the drawing tools and was wiping the pencil dust on her fingers with a wet tissue.

“I just bought a new phone, but I’m not very good at using it.” Fu Chen took out a brand new iPhone 6s from his bathrobe pocket.

“You changed your phone?” Song Fengwan was surprised. “There’s already an iPhone 8. Why did you buy a 6s?”

Fu Chen’s tone was calm. “I like it.”

Song Fengwan walked over and took his phone. It was brand new, and he hadn’t even set anything up.

“Actually, you can just follow the steps on the screen to set it up, and then you can use it after downloading some apps for daily use. Have you inserted your SIM card?” Song Fengwan sat on the sofa beside Fu Chen, still a person’s distance away from him.

“Yeah.” Fu Chen tilted his head to look at her. The warm lighting complimented her face to look even gentler.

Song Fengwan held the phone and fiddled with it. “Come record your fingerprint.”

Following her words, Fu Chen moved half an inch closer to her. As his clothes rubbed against the sofa, the distance between them instantly closed up.

“How do you do that?” Fu Chen raised his eyebrows.

“Put your finger here.” Song Fengwan pointed to a spot. She was focused on setting up the phone and didn’t notice that the two of them were very close to each other.

After recording his fingerprint, Fu Chen reached out his hand to press the back of his neck and rub it. Maintaining the same posture for a prolonged period just now was indeed uncomfortable.

“Are there any apps you need to download?” Song Fengwan tilted her head and looked at Fu Chen.

“You can just help me download some of the ones you usually use.” His tone was calm, and his eyes were deep.

Song Fengwan downloaded some of her favorite apps and turned around to pass him the phone. “Third Master, it’s done setting up.”

“Okay.” Fu Chen took the phone, looked at it, and got up to leave.

Perhaps because he had been sitting for too long and had moved around a bit just now, the belt around his waist loosened slightly. The moment he moved, the belt loosened, and the bathrobe spread open to the sides…

A large area of bare skin was immediately exposed. His strong and firm chest, lean and sturdy abdomen, and toned and well-defined abs were all clearly visible.

His skin was very fair. With the light shining from above, it seemed to have a layer of gold powder plating it.

Most of his upper body was exposed.

Song Fengwan was dumbfounded.


… exposed!

“Still looking?” Fu Chen frowned, his expression slightly tense.

Without waiting for Song Fengwan to react, a pair of warm hands landed on her face and pushed her face to the side. “Turn around. Don’t move.”

Song Fengwan’s breathing almost stopped. His hand was still on her face, and her face was burning red.

Previously, when she had accidentally fallen onto Fu Chen, her fingers had stopped on his chest. So she knew clearly that Fu Chen was not as weak as he looked on the surface. His body was toned, and his muscles were well-defined.

But it wasn’t as shocking as seeing it with her own eyes.

Her body stiffened, and she didn’t dare to move. His fingers moved away from her face, and she felt the sofa beside her lighten a little. Knowing that he had stood up and arranged his clothes, she lowered her eyes, and her fingers were twisting uneasily.

“Song Fengwan.” He rarely called her name, and it startled her.

She subconsciously looked up, but she didn’t expect Fu Chen to be leaning over and looking straight at her face. When she looked up, the tip of their noses brushed past each other, and their breaths entangled together. His lips were facing hers…

His lips were thin and slightly upturned. As long as either of them moved a tiny bit, their lips would touch.

He reached out his hand to place it on the sofa behind her, imprisoning her between his body and the sofa, and slightly pressed his body forward…

He’s so close.

Song Fengwan held her breath and looked at him carefully. Her face was flushed, and her heart was in her mouth.

“What did you see just now?” The corners of his lips curled up. Every time he spoke, his breath invaded her body.

His gorgeous voice sounded exceptionally pleasant.

“No… I didn’t see anything.” Song Fengwan bit her lip and didn’t dare to breathe deeply.

“Song Fengwan, it’s not good to lie.” Fu Chen frowned, looking slightly displeased.

“I didn’t do it on purpose. The situation just now…” It’s clearly his fault for not tying his belt properly. Why is it my fault then?

“So, you did see it?”

Song Fengwan nodded. She wasn’t blind.

Fu Chen suddenly smiled and moved away. “Rest early.”

With that, he left.

Song Fengwan sat on the sofa in a daze. The heat on her face had yet to subside, and her face was so red that blood could drip from it.

Why was he smiling at me?

Wasn’t it just one look? It’s not to the extent for him to kill me to silence me, right?

While she was in a daze, the phone in her pocket vibrated. She was so startled that her body trembled in fright. She took out her phone. Seeing that it was her mother, she heaved a sigh of relief.

“Hi, Mom.”

“Aren’t you resting yet?” Qiao Aiyun’s voice was always affectionate and gentle.

“Yeah, I’ll sleep soon.”

“It’ll be the ancestor worship festival[1] in a few days, so I’ll go to Suzhou to send your grandfather some winter clothes. Afterward, I’ll go to the capital to see you.”

Song Fengwan nodded with a smile. “Okay, don’t work too hard…”

By saying this, Qiao Aiyun meant that she would be coming home. She was probably about to deal with that illegitimate daughter. Now that her mother was coming back, Song Fengwan instantly felt that she had someone to rely on and felt assured.


In her room, Song Fengwan talked to Qiao Aiyun on the phone for more than half an hour. Fu Chen was in a good mood tonight, so he couldn’t sleep and went to the backyard to drag Fu Xinhan out of his doghouse to take him out for a walk.

Fu Xinhan’s head drooped as he was almost forcibly pulled out by him.

Fu Xinhan whimpered in refusal, unwilling to go.

“Are you going or not?” Fu Chen frowned.

Fu Xinhan immediately shook his head, wagged his tail, and bared his teeth at him.

You only know how to scare a dog. How inhumane.

You’re such a pervert. Who walks a dog in the middle of the night!

[1] The first day of the tenth month in the lunar calendar.