Chapter 46 - Flirting, Fu Xinhan is a Scheming Dog

Chapter 46 of 50 chapters

Thinking about her mother coming to visit her, Song Fengwan was in a good mood and had a good night’s rest.

Early next morning, she woke up as usual and sat at the dining table to eat breakfast.

From the corner of her eye, she saw Fu Chen coming downstairs. He was wearing a long robe with a white shirt and black pants. The buttons on his collar were undone, revealing a fair neck that complemented him to look elegant and proud.

His fingers casually rolled up his sleeves, and his expression was lazy.

Their gazes met for a moment before he quickly looked away and turned to Uncle Nian. “What’s for breakfast?”

“Steamed dumplings and millet porridge.”

Song Fengwan lowered her head to eat. She felt as though there was a gust of wind that carried his scent when he passed by her.

She suddenly remembered his appearance when his bathrobe loosened last night…

… and her heart skipped a beat.

“Third Master, are you going to the company today?” Uncle Nian smiled.

Song Fengwan was surprised. On the first day of school, Fu Chen had said that he was going to the company and gave her a ride. After that, she rarely saw him go out. She raised her head and looked at the person opposite her.

He was sitting upright, and his gaze was gentle. When he saw her looking at him, his lips curved. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” Song Fengwan lowered her head. Her face flushed red, and her ears instantly seemed to be dyed with blood.

In Uncle Nian’s eyes, their actions were flirting.

Oh, the young lady’s face is all red.

At this moment, Qian Jiang and Shi Fang, who were standing nearby, were looking at them.

“Old Jiang, what do you think Third Master did to the young lady? She was fine last night. But why is her gaze weird and her face red when they met today?”

The other person remained silent.

“F*ck. Last night, the two of them were alone for more than an hour. Apparently, when Third Master came out, he looked so happy and proud. F*ck, he must have done something to her!

“She’s not an adult yet. How can Third Master do that? In the past, he pretended to have a pure heart and a mind clear of desires. He was even vegetarian and read Buddist scriptures. But actually, he wasn’t pure at all and ate both meat and vegetables.

“Look at the two of them just now. They were flirting with each other. There must be something going on!”

Qian Jiang frowned. Is there a machine gun in his mouth?

It’s so early in the morning, but he keeps going on and on.

“I’m going to the company today. The police will look for you to record another statement in the afternoon.” Fu Chen’s tone was calm.

“Okay,” Song Fengwan replied softly.

“I’ll get Qian Jiang and Shi Fang to accompany you.”

“Alright. Then I’ll have to trouble you two big brothers today.” Song Fengwan smiled at the two people nearby.

Fu Chen pursed his lips. “Big brother?”

He shot his gaze toward the two of them. Qian Jiang’s expression looked normal as he glanced at Shi Fang.

Fu Chen sneered. “Shi Fang, you’ll go with me to the company later.”

Shi Fang poked Qian Jiang’s waist hard and lowered his voice. “Why did you look at me? You’ll cause me to die sooner or later.”

“Oh right, Third Master, when will the police come?” Song Fengwan didn’t want them to suddenly appear at school or the atelier. That would definitely cause a commotion.

“They will inform me in advance, and I’ll inform you then.”

“That’s fine.”

“Add me on WeChat. It’s not very convenient to call,” Fu Chen said casually.

Song Fengwan didn’t suspect anything and exchanged her WeChat ID with him.

She had no idea that she was the only friend on Fu Chen’s WeChat account.

Shi Fang was dumbfounded. What the f*ck?

Third Master is actually using a smartphone and even using WeChat?

Is it that simple and crude to get a girl’s WeChat?

Previously, Third Master’s friends had begged him so hard to change his phone, but a certain someone remained unmoved.

Love was really a magical thing.

After Song Fengwan finished breakfast, she said goodbye to Fu Chen and went to school, with Qian Jiang following her out.

Fu Chen held his chopsticks and stirred the millet porridge before turning to look at Shi Fang. “Shi Fang, big brother? I didn’t expect you to be so ambitious. You want to climb over my head?”

“Third Master, I don’t dare to. Old Jiang was the one…”

“I know very well what he’s like. Go outside to feed Fu Xinhan some food and then take him for a walk.”

Shi Fang’s face darkened immediately. He grabbed some dog food and walked to the backyard.

Fu Xinhan was lying in his doghouse. He had just gone for a walk last night, so he was too lazy to even move now. When he saw someone coming, he looked up and continued to sleep lazily.

“It’s time to eat!” Shi Fang placed the dog food in his bowl.

He shouted a few times, but Fu Xinhan didn’t move. He became impatient, but he didn’t dare to approach, so he broke a small tree branch from the side and used it to poke his head. “Get up and eat.”

Fu Xinhan jumped out of his doghouse and bared his sharp teeth at him.

His gaze was clearly saying, “Try poking my head again, and I’ll bite you to death!”

Shi Fang threw the small branch away. Damn it, if you don’t want to eat, so be it. Why are you being so fierce?!

Your owner is already so eccentric and even raised a scheming dog like you. If you have the ability, why didn’t you give Third Master attitude? You’re a bad guy who only knows how to stick to those with power.


Song Fengwan received Fu Chen’s WeChat message at four in the afternoon.

[4:30, around the left street corner of the atelier]

Song Fengwan immediately replied with a cute emoji, asked for leave from the teacher, and left.

Meanwhile, Fu Chen was in a company meeting. He was stunned when he received the emoji and immediately smiled. How cute.

The people in the company were frightened. Third Master hadn’t come to the company for more than half a month. He looked gentle on the surface, but he didn’t like to smile. Now that he suddenly smiled like this…

Is it the calm before the storm?

Shi Fang stood behind him and glanced at his phone from the corner of his eye.

In the past, Third Master had built a QQ group, but he only logged into it to discuss business matters on the computer. There was a friend of his who especially liked to send emojis, and Third Master directly kicked him out of the group, saying that he had occupied the public territory. But now…

People always said that women were fickle, but actually, his Third Master was the most fickle one.

On Song Fengwan’s side, she went to the police station to record another statement with Qian Jiang accompanying her. The questions were similar to the ones before. It was just that Cheng Tianyi had woken up and accepted questioning. What he said was different from what Song Fengwan said, so the police needed to verify her statement again.

When she left the police station, the sky was completely dark.

She looked at her watch. It was already past the start of the evening class. Actually, the teacher’s lessons at night were very short, and they were basically all targeted tutoring.

She thought that she should go home and hurry up to finish drawing Fu Chen’s sketch.

Qian Jiang called Fu Chen to report the situation. After hanging up the phone, he looked at Song Fengwan. “Miss Song, Third Master is going to the old residence for dinner tonight. Will you be going back to the atelier, or will you be going over there together with him?”

“He’s going to the old residence?” Song Fengwan was silent for a moment. She hadn’t been there ever since school started, and it had been more than half a month. The two elders often called her to send their regards, but she had no time to go there.

“Third Master goes there for dinner every now and then,” Qian Jiang explained.

Song Fengwan rubbed her eyebrows. Nowadays, many people were unwilling to be with their parents. She didn’t expect Third Master to be so filial.

“Then let’s go too. Let’s go to the mall first.” She couldn’t possibly go empty-handed.


On another side…

A passenger plane from Yuncheng just landed in the capital, and a man and a woman alighted from the plane.

It was the first time the girl sat on a plane. She looked very reserved from head to toe. She held the boy’s hand, and even after getting off the plane, she didn’t let go for a moment.

To outsiders, they looked just like a couple in love.

“Don’t be afraid. My grandparents still dote on me. As long as they’re willing to help me, everything will be easy.”

Jiang Fengya smiled faintly, but her heart was pounding.