Chapter 47 - She Doesn’t Have the Fate for It, Yet She Still Wants to Reach the Sky in a Single Step

Chapter 47 of 50 chapters

After getting into a taxi at the airport, Jiang Fengya was still holding onto her skirt nervously, and her palms were sweaty.

“Don’t be nervous. I’m here.” Fu Yuxiu squeezed her hand, comforting her gently.

“Is it alright for us to go over so suddenly?” Jiang Fengya’s voice was soft, and her figure was petite. She was like a willow branch swaying in the wind, making people pity and care for her.

“It’s alright. My grandparents will be happy to see me.” His family lived in Yuncheng all year round and rarely came back. Every time they met, his grandparents were always overjoyed.

“But it’s different this time.” Jiang Fengya bit her lip. “It’s my first time meeting your family. I’m a little scared.”

“We’re properly dating. What are you afraid of?”

“If we happen to meet your third uncle…” She was really afraid of that man.

He had a kind face but a demonic heart, and every word he said pierced the heart.

“They don’t live together. When Third Uncle came back from his advanced studies abroad, he specially bought land and built his own house. Eldest Uncle and his family don’t live there either. Other than Grandpa and Grandma, there’s no one else there,” Fu Yuxiu explained.

“Why don’t you call first? Wouldn’t it be rude to go over just like this?” Jiang Fengya had searched up on the Fu family through the internet before and was even more cautious.

“It’ll only be a surprise if we go there directly. It’s fine. I’m here.” Fu Yuxiu hugged her.

Fu Chen had cut off his finances for more than half a month. He couldn’t take it anymore and called his parents for help, but they said that he deserved it and continued to let him suffer.

Actually, their motive was very obvious. They wanted to force him to break up with Jiang Fengya.

Old Master Fu was already angry that he had broken off his engagement with Song Fengwan, so Fu Yuxiu wanted to wait for him to calm down before going over to apologize.

As long as he said some good things to coax him, this matter would definitely be over.

He originally didn’t intend to bring Jiang Fengya over, but she said directly, “This matter was caused by me, so I must go and apologize. Even if there’s punishment, you shouldn’t be the only one taking responsibility for it.”

Fu Yuxiu was extremely touched. It was hard to find a good girl like her who could go through thick and thin with him.

How could he know that Jiang Fengya was up to something else?

Song Jingren had been treating her neither coldly nor warmly recently, so the problem was definitely with the Fu family. If she could win the favor of the two elders of the Fu family…

She wouldn’t need to be afraid that the Song family wouldn’t invite her back.

When that happened, she wanted to see how Song Fengwan would still be able to be so arrogant to her!


On another side…

Shi Fang was driving toward the compound when his phone vibrated twice. He turned to look at Fu Chen. “Third Master, Young Master Yuxiu has arrived in the capital.”

“Oh,” Fu Chen replied indifferently.

“He even brought that girl with him. They’re currently on their way to the old residence. I’m afraid they’ll meet with Miss Song.” If there wasn’t a traffic jam, it would take them more than half an hour to get there, and since it was currently the evening rush hour, the car couldn’t move at all.

Young Master Yuxiu really knew how to pick the time. Going to the old residence at this time and bumping into Third Master, he was rushing to court death!

“Please don’t worry. If they get into a conflict, with Old Jiang’s temper, he is ruthless to anyone except you.”

Shi Fang smiled resentfully.

Damn it. This fellow was also very stubborn and absolutely obeyed Fu Chen’s orders. But his own personality was a little out of the ordinary, so the two of them did things in different styles and often had disputes.

Qian Jiang had beaten him until he was nearly crippled once.

Damn it. I’m so angry.

He’s just a little taller and stronger than me!

My brain is better than his.

Shi Fang didn’t dare to complain to Fu Chen, so he could only curse Qian Jiang in his heart.


At the gate of the compound…

Fu Yuxiu and Jiang Fengya were about to enter when the guards at the gate blocked them.

“What are you doing? Don’t you know who I am?” Fu Yuxiu came over happily, but he was splashed with cold water the moment he reached the entrance.

“Of course we recognize you. However, Third Master said a few days ago that there have been some irrelevant people harassing Old Master Fu and Old Madam Fu recently. We need to check anyone we don’t know.”

“Check?” Fu Yuxiu frowned. “What do you mean? Do you think I’d bring someone to scheme against my grandparents?”

Jiang Fengya felt inexplicably guilty. She lowered her head and tugged at his clothes.

“Forget it. It’s normal for them to check.”

“Who are they to be checking you!” Wouldn’t it be a slap in his face to let his girlfriend be checked at his own doorstep?

At this moment, a black sedan slowly drove over. Song Fengwan was playing with her phone with her head lowered. When she saw that they were almost there, she looked up and saw two people at the entrance of the compound.

Why is it them? They’re really haunting me.

Qian Jiang lowered the car window and nodded to the guards. Song Fengwan also lowered the car window so that the guards could see the people in the car clearly.

The metal gates slowly opened.

“Please go ahead.”

“Qian Jiang…” Fu Yuxiu wanted Qian Jiang to help him. But Qian Jiang glared at him coldly, and his body stiffened. Damn it. I almost forgot that this big tan man who follows Third Uncle is not to be trifled with.

“We all know each other. Why would you need to check? If you don’t believe me, you can ask her.” Fu Yuxiu pointed at Song Fengwan, who was sitting at the back of the car.

One of the guards rubbed the police baton at his waist and looked at Song Fengwan. “Do you know each other?”

Song Fengwan sized up the two people standing at the door, looking serious.

“We know each other. Song Fengwan, tell him!” Fu Yuxiu gritted his teeth angrily.

Song Fengwan just smiled at the guard. “I’m sorry, I don’t know them.”

Qian Jiang stepped on the accelerator, and the car sped into the compound.

Fu Yuxiu was furious. “Song Fengwan, you…”

“Young Master Yuxiu, calm down. We will let you in after we check her.”

“Why is Song Fengwan able to enter directly, yet she needs to be checked?” Fu Yuxiu’s anger soared.

“She came here before, and Old Master Fu personally sent someone to pick her up, so of course we know her. But the person beside you…” People who could work here were all smart people.

Third Master had called personally, so he definitely wanted to embarrass this girl.

Everyone knew that Third Master Fu was the most devious and protective person. How could they possibly have a good ending after provoking him?

“Isn’t it just a check? It’s not a big deal.” Jiang Fengya didn’t want to be stopped halfway before even entering the Fu residence, so she took out her bag and personal belongings.

Old Master Fu specially sent someone to pick her up? What kind of treatment is this?

Those blind things are looking down on me!

One of the guards opened her bag and poured everything inside out. They were all basically skincare products, but they were not cheap and didn’t fit with her plain clothes.

The guard raised his eyebrows and looked at her with a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

She’s wearing cheap clothes that cost one to two hundred yuan but using expensive skincare products that cost a few thousand yuan. Who is she acting for?

Young Master Yuxiu is young, so he’s easy to fool. But if she tries to act smart in front of Old Master Fu and Old Madam Fu, it will end very embarrassing for her.


The news of someone visiting naturally reached the Fu family residence immediately.

When Old Madam Fu heard that Fu Chen and Song Fengwan were coming, she was in a good mood and personally looked over the chicken soup in the kitchen.

“Old Madam, Young Master Yuxiu is here,” someone reported.

“Huh?” Old Madam Fu raised her eyebrows. “It’s been so long since the incident occurred, and he still knows how to come over? This bastard really knows how to pick a date.”

“He also brought a young lady with him. She should be…” the man said carefully.

“What does he take my place for? He really dares to bring anyone here.” Old Madam Fu narrowed her eyes. “That girl is quite ambitious. Being so impatient…

“She’s just as Third Son said…

“Her ambition is higher than the sky!”

It was normal for people to strive for greater things. Old Madam Fu would never look down on people who relied on their abilities to climb up. She just couldn’t stand those who played tricks, had ulterior motives, and were unscrupulous in order to achieve their goals.

“She doesn’t have the fate for it… yet she still wants to reach the sky in a single step?”

A dark glint flashed across her slightly turbid eyes.