Chapter 48 - Old Madam Makes a Move; Worse Than a Dog

Chapter 48 of 50 chapters

The compound was in a secluded area and isolated from the bustling city, with barely any noise around. The dimly lit street lights were hiding in the spruce trees, casting down their shadows.

The autumn air in the capital was dry and dusty. When the wind kicked up, fog would fill the sky, as if a layer of ash sprinkled down. The later the night, the colder it became.

Song Fengwan leaned against the back seat. Why are those two here? If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have come.

“Miss Song, we’re here,” Qian Jiang reminded. The car had already stopped for two minutes, but she still hadn’t moved.

“Thank you.” Song Fengwan pushed the door open and got out of the car. Old Madam Fu was already waiting at the door. Song Fengwan was flattered. “Grandma Fu, why are you outside?”

“It’s so cold at night, yet you’re wearing so little. I just knew that Third Son wouldn’t know how to take care of people.” Old Madam Fu took her hand and pulled her inside. “Look at how cold your hands are.”

When she found out that something had happened to Song Fengwan, Old Madam Fu had wanted to visit her. But she was afraid that Song Fengwan would be sensitive and suspect that she knew something.

“Third Master isn’t here yet?” Song Fengwan looked around but didn’t see Fu Chen’s car.

“He’s stuck in a traffic jam, so he’ll be a while. But Fu Xinhan was already brought over in the afternoon, and I got someone to take him out for a walk.” Old Madam Fu held her hand.

She sighed to herself. Yuxiu is unlucky.

“Grandma—” Speak of the devil.

Fu Yuxiu was fuming after Song Fengwan said that she didn’t know them, causing his girlfriend to get checked like a thief.

He was worried that Song Fengwan would arrive first to gossip about Jiang Fengya, so he pulled her and practically ran over.

“Oh, isn’t this Yuxiu? Why are you here?” Old Madam Fu narrowed her eyes, neither surprised nor happy.

Song Fengwan’s heart slightly skipped a beat. So, their visit was a last-minute decision.

“Grandma, can’t I miss you?” Fu Yuxiu looked obedient and fawning.

“Is that so?” Old Madam Fu said lightly as her gaze landed on Jiang Fengya.

“Hello, Old Madam.” Jiang Fengya had been criticized by Fu Chen because of the way she addressed him, so she didn’t dare to address Old Madam Fu as Grandma like Fu Yuxiu did.

She just ran here, so her face was still slightly red. She was panting softly and looked very delicate. She felt uncomfortable under Old Madam Fu’s gaze but still maintained her smile as she let Old Madam Fu scrutinize her.

“Yuxiu, why are you so discourteous? It’s already dark outside, yet you aren’t sending her home. It won’t be good if word gets out that you brought a young lady out so late at night.”

Jiang Fengya’s smile stiffened. She’s chasing us out the moment we arrived?

“Grandma, she’s my girlfriend,” Fu Yuxiu explained.

Jiang Fengya’s face looked harmless, so she was likable by many. But why was it that when she was in front of the Fu Family…

She glanced at Song Fengwan from the corner of her eye.

Song Fengwan frowned. Does this woman think I was talking bad about her behind her back?

Fu Yuxiu obviously thought of this as well, and the way he looked at Song Fengwan was strange.

Old Madam Fu patted the back of Song Fengwan’s hand. “Qian Jiang, bring Wanwan inside.”

“Grandma…” Song Fengwan didn’t want Jiang Fengya to cry and whine, saying she had bullied her the moment she left.

“You’ve had a long day. Go in and rest.”

“Okay.” Song Fengwan nodded. “Big Brother Qian Jiang, I’ll be troubling you to bring the gifts in.”

Old Madam Fu glanced at Fu Yuxiu, “Yuxiu, you should go in too. I have something to say to this lady alone.”

“Grandma, let’s go in and talk. It’s really cold outside.” Fu Yuxiu was nervous as well.

“Do my words no longer mean anything to you? Do you want me to invite your grandfather down from upstairs?” Old Madam Fu sounded displeased. “Or are you afraid that I’ll bully her?”

“Of course not.” Fu Yuxiu gave Jiang Fengya a look before entering the house.

Old Madam Fu was from the south and had a gentle and kind personality. Fu Yuxiu’s mother was a formidable person, yet even she didn’t dare to be presumptuous in front of her, let alone him.

Not to mention…

… his grandfather.


After entering the house, Song Fengwan sipped her tea. On the other hand, Fu Yuxiu couldn’t sit still and paced back and forth.

“Song Fengwan, did you say something in front of my grandma?”

“I’m not that free.” Indeed, he really did want to slander her.

“I know you’re still angry at me for breaking off the engagement, but I’ve already apologized to you. It’s fine if you don’t accept it, but why are you causing trouble again?”

Song Fengwan was speechless. People in love are fools. Fu Yuxiu is f*cking brainless.

“I’m very busy and don’t have the time to cause trouble. Even Grandma Fu didn’t know that you were coming to the old residence, so how could I have known? Otherwise, do you think I’m willing to see you?”

Fu Yuxiu was at a loss for words. What she said made sense.

“Didn’t you purposely say that you didn’t know us at the entrance just now?”

“It’s dark. I didn’t see clearly,” Song Fengwan said self-righteously. “If you were even one ten-thousandth as good-looking as Third Master, I would have definitely been able to see you from a hundred meters away.”

By using his Third Uncle to insult him, Fu Yuxiu couldn’t even refute and could only glare at her angrily.



Old Madam Fu pointed to the side of the courtyard and motioned for Jiang Fengya to follow her.

Since Fu Yuxiu left, she became extremely nervous. This old madam had clearly come with unfriendly intentions.

She glanced at the old Fu residence. There was a flight of stairs going straight up, complementing the old residence to look dignified and unreachable.

“What’s your surname?” Old Madam Fu’s voice was gentle and soft.

“My surname is Jiang.” Her voice was quiet, as if she was afraid of something.

“Miss Jiang, what do you want?”

Jiang Fengya’s face was pale. As the autumn wind blew, her entire body turned cold. “What do you mean?”

“Our Fu family chooses our daughters-in-law based on their moral character, not family background. It’s a pity that…” Old Madam Fu smiled kindly. “… you don’t have one.”

“We’ve only met once. How do you know how I am?”

Old Madam Fu was neither anxious nor impatient. “I’ve lived for so many years. If I can’t tell the difference between humans and ghosts, I would have lived in vain. Little girl, it’s good to have ambition, but don’t use it in the wrong place.”

“My background is indeed not as good as Song Fengwan’s, but you can’t degrade me like this. Yuxiu and I are in love, and we have the freedom to be in a relationship. You can’t be biased to what others say.” Jiang Fengya knew that she would only be looked down upon if she continued to be timid.

There were tears in her eyes, and she looked extremely wronged.

Old Madam Fu smiled. “People should respect themselves. If you love yourself, no one will degrade you.

“Don’t cry. It looks like I bullied you.

“Besides, Wanwan has never mentioned you and Yuxiu to me. How can you say without any proof that I’m biased to what others say? You’re really good at distorting the truth!”

“I didn’t say that Song Fengwan…” Jiang Fengya tried to get around her words, but she didn’t expect her to see through it.

“Apart from Wanwan and Third Son, there’s no other person I know who has had interactions with you. Are you implying that Third Son talked bad about you?”

“No!” Jiang Fengya hurriedly explained. How did that fiend get involved in this conversation?!

“I am indeed old and have a weaker vision, but I also know that our family…” She harrumphed. “… is not for any old person to enter!”

At this moment, two dog barks came from not far away, and a black shadow ran over.

“Old Madam.” The servant had returned from walking the dog.

Fu Xinhan glanced at Jiang Fengya and snorted before turning around to enter the house.

He was arrogant and looked like a boss.

Jiang Fengya’s face was as pale as snow under the dim street light.

Their door…

… could even let a dog swagger in, but when she entered the courtyard, she couldn’t even step on the stairs, let alone drink a cup of hot tea.

Could it be that in her eyes, I’m worse than a dog?

Isn’t this too bullying?


Fu Chen’s car was slowly driving toward the old residence. Qian Jiang was responsible for reporting every detail about Song Fengwan’s incident to him.

His way of doing things was rigid, so he even repeated every word she had said.

Fu Chen narrowed his eyes and looked at his phone.

Fu Yuxiu is not even one ten-thousandth as good-looking as me?

His lips curled up slightly. This little girl’s taste…

… is as good as ever.