Chapter 49 - You and the Fu Family: Not Acclimated and Not Compatible

Chapter 49 of 50 chapters

The courtyard of the Fu family’s old residence…

Under the overlapping shadows and lights of the street lights, Jiang Fengya’s delicate body looked even more pitiful, especially the tears welling up in her eyes.

“I heard from Yuxiu that you’re kind and amiable. I didn’t expect…” She bit her lip. She knew that she couldn’t be timid at this moment. It would only make Old Madam Fu look down on her even more.

Old Madam Fu pursed her lips and remained silent.

“I know I’m of humble birth and not worthy of him. You’re from a prestigious family, so you naturally look down on me even more. But all of this wasn’t something I could choose.

“We’re both humans, but why is it that Song Fengwan can obtain fatherly love, while I have to cower in fear? I’m not asking for anything else. It’s already so difficult for even my father to acknowledge me. Why do I have to be despised and criticized for my relationship? What did I do wrong?!

“Have you interacted with me before? Are you so sure that I’m not a good person? We’re both daughters of the Song family. I’ll take it as my fate that you treat us differently, but you can’t degrade me like this either!”

As Jiang Fengya spoke, her tears fell.

She already looked delicate and weak. And at this moment, with her face covered in tears, anyone who saw her would feel some pity for her.

Old Madam Fu sneered. “I was born in Jiangnan, and my father had three wives and concubines. They competed for favor and fought each other ruthlessly. What kind of tricks do you think I haven’t seen?”

Jiang Fengya’s heart suddenly tightened, and her heart was instantly in her mouth.

“You said that you just wanted your father to acknowledge you and that you don’t have any other requests, so how about this? I’ll inform Song Jingren later, and you two can sign an agreement.

“After your father acknowledges you, you won’t take any of his assets nor want any status. You won’t step foot in the Song family house, and you won’t do anything else. After all, what you want is just for your father to acknowledge you, so everything else doesn’t matter.”

Her face was instantly as pale as a piece of paper.

“If you agree, I’ll get the Fu family’s lawyer to draft an agreement for you personally. I’ll be the witness, and I’ll get Song Jingren to acknowledge you!”

In upper-class society, there were quite a number of illegitimate children. But with just the acknowledgment of the family and no status, who would acknowledge your identity?

In the end, she would forever be an illegitimate daughter who could never be shown in public.

Jiang Fengya didn’t expect this old madam to be so ruthless despite her gentle tone. She blocked all her paths for retreat. Then what was the point of her father acknowledging her?

Seeing her remain silent for a long time, Old Madam Fu smiled. “Don’t try to act smart with me. Yuxiu can’t tell what you’re thinking, but I’m very clear about what you’re thinking.

“I do look down on you, but it has nothing to do with your background. You don’t have to use this reason to cry here and put on an act.

“Yuxiu’s parents will be the ones managing your relationship with him, and I won’t get involved. But this is my house, and it’s not up to others to decide who I want to let in.

“If I didn’t want to save some face for Yuxiu, you wouldn’t even have been able to enter my courtyard!”

Her expression suddenly turned cold and stern. The coldness shooting out from her eyes made Jiang Fengya’s heart palpitate.

This gaze seemed to see through all her tricks.

Her fingers tightened, and her body trembled slightly.

“Young lady, it’s good to be ambitious. But if you don’t have the fate for it, don’t hold extravagant hopes about things that don’t belong to you. With my years of experience, I’ve seen way too many people…

“… who are too eager for quick results and climb too high.”

Old Madam Fu pursed her lips into a smile as she said a few words slowly, “And they all ended up miserable.”

These few words were like a heavy hammer, making Jiang Fengya tremble.

These words were not only a humiliation but also a disguised warning.


Fu Yuxiu couldn’t sit still in the house. He had been provoked by Song Fengwan’s words, and his face had turned ashen. He glared at her, wishing he could skin her alive.

At this moment, Fu Xinhan ran in from outside. When he saw Fu Yuxiu, he barked at him loudly, causing Fu Yuxiu to be so frightened that he quickly ran to the side.

He glared at Fu Yuxiu fiercely before wagging his tail and rubbing against Song Fengwan’s feet.

Just a moment ago, he still had a fierce expression on his face. But in an instant, he became obedient and adorable. His transition was seamless.

Fu Yuxiu gritted his teeth.

Other than his third uncle, this damn dog didn’t give anyone face. He had once teased him and ended up bitten by him. With his third uncle backing him up, Fu Xinhan was usually very arrogant. But in front of Song Fengwan…

He was acting cute to her?

Fu Yuxiu was worried about Jiang Fengya and wanted to go out to take a look at the situation. But just as he popped his head out, he saw Jiang Fengya’s teary face, so he couldn’t worry about anything else and hurriedly ran over.

“Fengya, why are you suddenly crying?”

“I’m fine.” Jiang Fengya wiped her tears.

“What do you mean you’re fine? You’re crying so much!” Fu Yuxiu was so concerned about her that he wiped her tears. “Did my grandmother say something to you?”

“No. It’s just that the capital’s atmosphere is too dry, so when the wind blows, I keep tearing up.” Jiang Fengya’s eyes were red, and she looked very pitiful.

Song Fengwan held a cup of hot tea as she leaned against the door to watch them. No wonder she can control Fu Yuxiu so much. Seeing her pitiful side, any man would feel a lot of concern for her.

“Grandma?” Fu Yuxiu turned to look at Old Madam Fu.

“Why are you looking at me? Didn’t you hear? Her eyes aren’t good, so they were irritated when the wind blew.” Old Madam Fu looked at Fu Yuxiu reproachfully.

“Why would something like this happen to such a fine lady when she’s at our house?” She narrowed her eyes, and her following words made Jiang Fengya so angry that she almost fainted. “It seems like you’re not acclimated and not compatible with our Fu family.”

Song Fengwan suppressed her laughter.

Grandma Fu is so devious.

That reason is so excellent that even a wall would submit to her.