Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of 50 chapters

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Yuncheng, Fu family residence…

After being drenched in the rain for an entire day, Fu Yuxiu fell ill at night. The Fu family was busy all night until his fever finally subsided.


The next morning, Fu Yuxiu still felt that his legs were sore and weak. When he went downstairs and saw Fu Chen eating at the dining table, he instantly tensed up.

“Good morning, Third Uncle.” His voice was hoarse and aged like sawed wood.

“Mm,” he replied indifferently.

“Young Master, the doctor said that you should eat light for the next two days. There’s plain rice porridge in the kitchen. I’ll serve you a bowl.” The butler smiled.

Fu Yuxiu sat down beside Fu Chen while glancing at him timidly.

He was personally brought up by Old Master Fu and Old Madam Fu. At the age of 16, he went to study abroad and obtained a double doctorate from a prestigious business school at 20. He became a venture capitalist, made investments, and built his own company. He had been doing exceedingly well in the business world but suddenly became a recluse.

The company he single-handedly founded was still the most renowned financial landmark in the capital’s business district.

Everything he did served no challenge, causing him not to put too much passion and energy into them.

With such a senior around, the pressure on juniors like them was immense.

“Third Uncle, I wasn’t considerate enough about the Song family. I admit it is my mistake.” Fu Yuxiu bowed his head, not daring to meet his eyes.

Fu Chen picked up a pair of ivory chopsticks and picked up a side dish from a small plate. “Do you really like that girl surnamed Jiang?”

“Yes.” Fu Yuxiu sounded adamant.

“Even if you are expelled from the Fu family because of this, are you still determined to be with her?” he asked casually.

Fu Yuxiu gritted his teeth. He was the only son. Even if his grandparents were angry, his parents wouldn’t allow him to live on the streets. He nodded solemnly. “I want to be with her.”

Fu Chen remained silent.

“Third Uncle, I know that Grandpa decided this marriage. He must have his own considerations. When it’s the holidays, I will personally go to the capital to beg for his forgiveness.”

“Miss Song is the one who deserves your apology the most. Apologize to her first.” Fu Chen lowered his head and stirred the soft and thick porridge in his bowl. “Wait for her to forgive you before considering other things.”

“I will.”

Fu Chen had already shown him the way out. He had to find Song Fengwan first, but with Jiang Fengya’s status, it was too difficult to ask for her forgiveness.


Yuncheng First High School…

With the melodious sound of the dismissal bell, the entire school became lively. Song Fengwan packed her books and walked out of the classroom with her canvas bag slung over her shoulder.

“Did you see that little princess? After such a big scandal rocked her family, she still has the mood to come to class.” A few girls gathered together and gossiped.

“She’s been in a good mood the past few days, but she’s probably just forcing herself to smile.”

“She’s just pretending.”

Song Fengwan wasn’t the type of girl that was popular at school.

Her family was rich. The pens she used and the bag she carried were all foreign brands that no one had heard of before. They all thought that this kind of rich young lady would be frivolous, ignorant, and incompetent. Yet she grew up beautiful and smart.

She didn’t talk much at school and was always alone. She had a chauffeur to send her to and from school, and she made very few friends.

The Song family was a prestigious family in Yuncheng and often appeared on the news. Even Song Fengwan became a topic of discussion after class.

Behind her back, everyone called her the little princess of Yuncheng, saying that she was fake and aloof, hypocritical, and a pretentious bitch. Everyone was aware of what kind of thoughts girls had.

This time, her fiancé was snatched away by an illegitimate daughter. Many people were waiting to see her make a fool of herself, but she came to school as usual and seemed completely unaffected, disappointing many people.


Song Fengwan didn’t leave from the main entrance of the school. Instead, she walked a loop around the campus and walked out from a side door, preparing to go to an atelier.

She was an art student. Logically speaking, based on her results, she should be able to enter a prestigious school. But she chose to enroll in an art school, making everyone’s jaws drop in shock. Her homeroom teacher had even specially talked to her a few times, but she didn’t waver.

Song Fengwan hadn’t asked the chauffeur to pick her up recently but instead snuck away. She wasn’t at odds with her family. It was just that she was avoiding Fu Yuxiu.

She didn’t know what was wrong with him. Recently, he had been waiting for her at the entrance of her school and saying that he wanted to apologize to her.

Song Fengwan had already talked with him a few days ago.

“You want me to forgive you? Impossible.” She was not a saint who could still happily wish them a blissful marriage.

Fu Yuxiu replied, “I know you’re still angry. It’s alright. I’ll wait for you every day until you calm down and forgive me.”

If he’s willing to wait, then let him wait.

Song Fengwan was a senior high school student and extremely busy. Where did she have the time to talk to him? She might as well hide from him in peace.

When she came out of the school’s small door, she had to weave through a few alleys to enter the main street.

The weather hadn’t been good recently. When she walked out of school, it started drizzling. Song Fengwan was used to having the chauffeur picking her up and didn’t have the habit of carrying an umbrella, so she could only quicken her pace and start jogging.

By the time she ran out of the alley, the rain was getting heavier. Left with no choice, she could only stand under a porch roof to hide from the rain for a while.

She looked up at the pouring rain and decided that she hated Fu Yuxiu to the core.

If it weren’t because she was avoiding him, she wouldn’t have needed to suffer like this.

What did she owe him from her previous life? Because of him, she almost became the laughing stock of the entire city. They had already broken off their engagement, yet he was still haunting her.


Inside a black car at the intersection of the street…

“… Third Master, everything here has been settled. We can return to the capital tomorrow.” The man in the front passenger seat sat in silence for a long time, but he didn’t receive a response. He turned his head and looked behind him.

He initially thought that Third Master was resting with his eyes closed, but he didn’t expect him to be looking outside lost in thought.

He followed his gaze. Despite the rain blurring the window, he could clearly see a beautiful girl standing under the eaves of a porch not far away.

It was raining outside, and the pedestrians were all hurrying. Only she was standing still.

She was wearing a blue and white school uniform and a pair of simple white sneakers. As the cool breeze blew, her skirt swayed slightly like the layers of soft waves.

The rain was too heavy to make out her features, but her legs…

… were slender and pale.

It was a sight for sore eyes.

“Isn’t that Miss Song?” The man in the front passenger seat smiled. “It’s raining so heavily, so why is she hiding here?”

“She’s pretty, and I heard her studies aren’t bad. Just, she’s a little young,” the driver said.

“You think she’s too young?” Fu Chen suddenly asked.

The two people in the front seats exchanged glances. They couldn’t figure out their master’s temper and could only laugh dryly. “Actually, she’s not that young. She’s already seventeen and will be an adult next year.”

“That’s right. She can get married in two years,” someone else chimed in. “Young Master Yuxiu is just too impatient.”

Fu Chen watched silently for a while before he pushed open the car door and got out.