Chapter 6

Chapter 6 of 50 chapters

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Song Fengwan had just taken her phone out from her bag and was about to call the chauffeur to pick her up. But she didn’t notice a car speeding past. Rainwater splashed out, landing on the lower half of her body.

“Why is that car driving so fast when it’s raining?” Song Fengwan angrily gritted her teeth. She looked down and wiped away the water stains on her phone screen when a pair of black men’s leather shoes and neatly ironed suit pants appeared in her line of sight…


This person was very close to her. Due to the umbrella he was holding, a dark shadow shrouded her.

“Miss Song.” His voice was elegant and calm in the rain.

“Third Master?” Once Song Fengwan looked up, and a trace of astonishment flashed across her eyes. She never expected to meet him here.

Fu Chen had an outstanding appearance with an immortal body and a demonic aura. His pupils were deep and more profound than those of ordinary people. They seemed as though a gentle glow had tempered them, causing them to look like dazzling stars in the night sky, shining radiantly.

He wasn’t wearing black clothes today. Instead, he was wearing black suit pants paired with a white shirt, making his height and aura appear exceptionally superior.

He looked as luscious as spring flowers but also as cold as winter plums, exquisite and elegant to the bones.

“Why are you here?” Fu Chen calmly moved the umbrella closer to her.

Yuncheng First High School was on the road in front. It was after school, and in order to avoid the crowd, Fu Chen’s driver had chosen to take the other road at the back. Meeting Song Fengwan was really a coincidence.

“I have something to do.” Song Fengwan didn’t mention Fu Yuxiu directly.

“Where are you going? I’ll take you there.” He spoke politely, just like a kind elder.

Song Fengwan originally wanted to wait for the rain to stop or for the chauffeur to come, but the rain was getting heavier, and the cold wind was starting to blow. Her clothes were already half wet, and if she waited another twenty minutes, she would definitely catch a cold.

“Thank you, Third Master.” Song Fengwan would never treat herself badly.


Inside the car on the other side, a few people leaned on the side of the car while staring unblinkingly at the two people coming out from the porch and preparing to cross the road.

“Since when did our Third Master start caring about others?”

“As an elder, being considerate to a junior is normal.”

“Other than Old Madam, he’s not even considerate toward Old Master. How can he possibly be normal?”

“Could Third Master be…”

There was silence in the car.

“How is that possible? Third Master is famous for not getting close to women and is devoted to Buddhism. Moreover, this Miss Song almost became his niece-in-law. She’s so much younger than him. How can Third Master like this kind of immature girl…”

No one spoke in the car until someone suddenly shouted, “F*ck. Third Master can’t be so depressed that he would find such a young madam for us, right?”

At this moment, Fu Chen and Song Fengwan were sharing an umbrella and waiting for the green light at the zebra crossing.

Song Fengwan wasn’t familiar with Fu Chen, but she had heard many rumors about him. She admired and respected him in her heart. Knowing that he didn’t like to interact with others, she carefully adjusted the distance between them for fear that she would touch Fu Chen’s clothes and make him unhappy.

There was a faint smell of sandalwood on him, mixed with the cold fragrance of the rain. The aroma wafted all around her.

“Senior year of high school this year?” Fu Chen tilted his head to look at her. His breath was hot and landed on her face. It felt moist and itchy.

His voice was gentle and magnetic, and his gorgeous voice had a slight tremble to it, making her heart tingle.

“Yeah.” Song Fengwan was inexplicably nervous. Her height only reached his chest. With both of them under the same umbrella, she had the illusion that he was enveloping her entire body.

“Is it stressful studying?”

“It’s fine.”

“Are you afraid of me?” Fu Chen’s gaze was simple and direct.

“No.” Song Fengwan wasn’t afraid of him but respected him.

Fu Chen suddenly took half a step toward her. The two of them were already very close to each other, and his sudden movement caused their arms to touch. One was cold, and the other was hot; one was soft, and the other was solid. Song Fengwan subconsciously held her breath.

“The umbrella isn’t big…” His voice was soft. “Staying closer can prevent the rain from drenching you.”

“Oh.” Song Fengwan’s heart jumped, but she didn’t dare to move, her gaze fixed on the traffic lights in front.

The red light turned green, and the two of them slowly walked to the other side of the road.

It only took a minute to get to the car. The two of them didn’t speak. When they reached the car, someone had already opened the door for them.

“Miss Song, please.”

“Thank you.” Song Fengwan didn’t stand on ceremony. She held her skirt and planned to get in the car.

The people following Fu Chen were all tall and strong. A few of them stood guard by the side of the car, giving off an inexplicable sense of oppression.

Song Fengwan suddenly felt a little regretful. She wasn’t familiar with Fu Chen. Before this, they hadn’t even spoken more than three sentences between each other. They were almost like strangers. Will it be dangerous to get in his car?

Moreover, his subordinates all had a cold face, and she was a weak woman…

As she hesitated, one of her feet already stepped into the car.

“Miss Song?” one of them reminded her in a low voice. Their third master was still standing in the rain. Why was she frozen at the door and not getting in?

Just as Song Fengwan was thinking about how she could avoid getting into the car, the man’s loud and clear voice startled her.

The soles of her shoes were wet and stained with mud, causing her to miss a step. She lost her balance and fell backward.


With such heavy rain, if she fell, would she have a face to see anyone in the future?

She subconsciously reached out to hold the car door to steady herself, but her shoulder bumped into something warm. The smell of sandalwood instantly enveloped her. It was soft and refreshing.

A slender and beautiful hand suddenly appeared on her waist and held her firmly. She subconsciously grabbed the arm to steady herself.

The person’s thick fingers supporting her waist were restraining but strong.

His warm palm pressed against her abdomen. Like a prairie fire, her entire body felt hot, and she quickly withdrew her hand.

“Be careful.” Fu Chen’s voice sounded from above her head. His face magnanimous and calm, he pulled his fingers away from her waist.

He gave off a warm and gentle feeling, but his arms were flexible and firm. It was obvious that he exercised frequently.

“Thank you, Third Master.”

“The road is slippery due to the rain. You must be careful.” His tone was calm, just like an ordinary elder.

“Oh.” Song Fengwan hurriedly got into the car.

Once in the car, she reflected on herself. He is obviously such a caring and considerate elder, kindly helping me when it’s raining. But I actually thought that I boarded a pirate ship.

Initially, she was the one taken advantage of. But at this moment, she felt sorry toward Fu Chen. He was a gentleman, yet she had judged him as a petty person. She really shouldn’t have done that.

At this moment, Fu Chen, outside the car, tightened his fingers without batting an eye, and the corner of his lips curled up into a faint smile.

Speaking of which, is this girl’s waist always like this…

… soft and thin?