Chapter 7

Chapter 7 of 50 chapters

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As soon as Song Fengwan got into the car, she didn’t dare to move. She lowered her head and fiddled with her phone while observing the person beside her occasionally.

She and Fu Chen sat in the same row, and the distance between them was enough to fit two people.


He was leaning sideways against the car window. He wore a white shirt with a collar, and his exquisite collar bones were vaguely visible. His movements were graceful and elegant as he lowered his eyebrows and raised his hand to brush off the water droplets on his clothes.

Because it was raining, the lighting outside was dim, and the heater in the car was on. The water droplets looked dazzling, and his side profile had a melancholic and romantic feeling to it.

With his looks, he would be at the top in the entertainment industry, where handsome men gathered. No wonder she always heard people say that many socialites in the capital were head over heels for him.

“Miss Song?” The man in the passenger seat took out a box of tissues from the glove compartment of the car and held it out for her. But he saw Song Fengwan staring at his third master in a daze.

Song Fengwan was a little out of it. Caught off guard, she met Fu Chen’s gaze and then immediately looked away guiltily.

On the other hand, the corners of Fu Chen’s rose.

“Miss Song, the tissues,” the man reminded again.

“Thank you.” Song Fengwan hurriedly took a tissue and lowered her head to wipe her face. She knew that she had lost her composure and didn’t dare to look at Fu Chen again.

“Where to?” Fu Chen deliberately lowered his voice, which sounded like it had a reverberation in the narrow car.

“The Dong Fang Atelier in the west side of the city.” Her head still lowered, she began wiping her arms and legs with the tissue.

A car had sped past her just now, and the splattered mud was still stuck on her legs. Her school uniform skirt was wet from the rain, accentuating the curves of her legs, making them seem slender.

Her legs were white and slightly dazzling.

Fu Chen took a look. His eyes dimmed a little before he calmly looked away.


Neither of them said another word until they reached the atelier.

“You can stop here,” Song Fengwan said when the car reached an intersection. “It’s a one-way street over there. If you want to go in, you’ll have to make a detour before coming out. It’s fine to just let me off here.”

The driver parked the car by the side.

Song Fengwan got into the car first, so her seat was on the left. There were cars passing by and running over water puddles, so she didn’t dare to open the door easily and raised her head to look up at Fu Chen.

But he had no reaction and just remained sitting in his seat.

Just as she was about to speak, he opened the door and got out of the car.

The man in the front passenger seat hurriedly got out of the car to hold an umbrella for him.

When Song Fengwan got out of the car, it was still drizzling. She stood under the umbrella and was only two fists away from Fu Chen.

“Third Master, thank you for today. I’ll treat you to a meal another day.” Song Fengwan had a pair of phoenix eyes, and when she smiled, her eyes curved slightly, making her look like a little fox.

“Okay,” Fu Chen replied.

“Then I’ll…” Song Fengwan pointed to the atelier nearby and planned to leave first.

Fu Chen suddenly turned around and took out a black windbreaker jacket from the car. With a flick of his fingers, the jacket landed on her shoulders before she could react.

The jacket was very long, covering her entire skirt, revealing only her fair and tender calves.

“Third Master…” Song Fengwan was once again enveloped by that inexplicable sandalwood smell. The jacket was warm and dry, and his fingertips slid past the collar and seemingly unintentionally brushed past her neck, causing her skin to tremble and become numb.

“It’s cold.”

“Thank you. But this jacket…”

“You can return it to me when you treat me to a meal,” Fu Chen said matter-of-factly.

Song Fengwan’s heart skipped a beat.

What she said was just a pleasantry. Fu Chen lived in the capital, so he definitely wouldn’t stay in Yuncheng for long. How could he have time to have a meal with her? I was just being polite. Doesn’t everyone usually talk like this?

But he’s unexpectedly serious about it?

“What’s the matter?” Fu Chen’s fingers were still on the collar of the windbreaker, and the distance between them became even closer.

His warm and humid breath landed on her face, making her feel ticklish.

“Nothing.” Song Fengwan sounded relaxed, but her heart was actually in a mess.

“Take out your phone.”

“Huh?” Song Fengwan looked at him suspiciously but obediently took out her phone, unlocked it, and passed it to him.

Due to their difference in height, Song Fengwan had to tip-toe to see him enter a string of numbers into her phone. After dialing the number, he hung up and only passed it back to her after adding himself to her contacts.

“My phone number.”

Song Fengwan took the phone with stiff fingers. “Oh.”

The phone felt like a hot potato in her hands. How could she have dared to ask Fu Chen out for a meal? She really dug a big hole for herself.

Just as she was putting her phone away, she felt a dark shadow approaching her. She subconsciously looked up, and the distance between them was only one centimeter.

His breathing was clear and hot. They were very close to each other, and she became careful to even breathe.

Fu Chen looked away and suddenly raised his hand.

Song Fengwan instinctively wanted to dodge.

“Don’t move,” he whispered.

Song Fengwan was already in awe of him. Her body stiffened, and she didn’t dare to move an inch.

His fingertips lightly slid across her temple. His warm and dry fingertips landed on her cool face, startling every pore in her body. “There are tissue scraps.”

After speaking, he straightened up, and the distance between them returned back to how it previously was.

Song Fengwan took a deep breath, just like a drowning person who finally came ashore.

“Thank you.” Song Fengwan’s face was so red that it felt a little hot. She didn’t notice that she had left some tissue scraps on her face when she wiped her face with the tissue just now. How embarrassing.

“You’re welcome.”

The person holding the umbrella behind them was stunned. Where were the tissue scraps? Why didn’t I see them?

Third Master was obviously taking advantage of this little girl, yet he still looked so serious, feeling at ease and justified.

“Third Master, I’m going now. Please get in the car.” Song Fengwan felt that she would go crazy if she continued to stay with him.

Fu Chen lowered his head and looked at her. “I’ll wait for your call.”

With that, he turned around and got in the car.

Song Fengwan’s heart skipped a beat, and she smiled dryly. “Alright.”


Holding an umbrella and wrapped in someone’s large jacket, Song Fengwan slowly walked toward the atelier while sighing.

I heard that Third Master Fu lived abroad before, so he’s probably not used to such pleasantries in China. Seems like I have to be more careful when talking to him in the future, lest I dig a hole for myself.

When she reached the atelier, she saw through the glass door that there were two familiar figures sitting inside.

The two people saw her and immediately stood up.

Song Fengwan took a deep breath. Why are they waiting for me here? They’re really haunting me.