Chapter 9

Chapter 9 of 50 chapters

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Fu Yuxiu was so angry that he was trembling all over and couldn’t say anything for a while. Song Fengwan saying that was too much. His grandfather detested it when people in the family lorded over others using the family’s power. If word got out, his grandfather would skin him alive.

Jiang Fengya stood up. “Fengwan, if you hadn’t pressed Senior past his breaking point, he wouldn’t have spoken without thinking. Can’t we all just sit down and clear this matter up? If there’s anything you want, you can just tell us. You don’t have to be so sharp-tongued and mean.”


Song Fengwan placed the umbrella on a shelf at the side, making a crisp sound.

“I’m talking to him about our families’ personal business. Do you have the right to butt in? Who do you think you are?” She raised her eyes and smiled lightly.

Jiang Fengya’s face paled, and her eyes instantly reddened.

Seeing his girlfriend being bullied, Fu Yuxiu became anxious and angry. But he couldn’t do anything about Song Fengwan.

“Fu Yuxiu, you didn’t come because you wanted to apologize sincerely to me. Instead, you were probably pressured by Third Master Fu.” Song Fengwan wasn’t stupid.

“For someone of his status to be so considerate, gentle, and amiable, you really can’t compare to him…”

Fu Yuxiu felt that he must be hearing things. Were these words being used to describe his third uncle?

Everyone in the capital knew that although Third Master Fu looked kind on the outside, he was ruthless on the inside.

“Third Master Fu hasn’t left Yuncheng yet. If you want me to tell him about this, you can continue pestering me.”

“Song Fengwan!” Fu Yuxiu was so angry that he breathed heavily.

“Aren’t you going to screw off?” Song Fengwan’s face was expressionless, and her words were as sharp as thorns.

“Fine. Just you wait,” Fu Yuxiu said. Fu Chen would be leaving soon anyway. He will deal with this girl tomorrow.

Then he pulled Jiang Fengya’s hand and headed out. After pushing open the door of the atelier, he tilted his head slightly and saw a group of people standing outside. He was immediately scared out of his wits.

“Third Uncle.” Fu Yuxiu didn’t dare to breathe.

The cold wind accompanied the autumn rain and was chilling to the bone.

“I never knew that you were so high-handed in public.” Fu Chen was smiling, but his eyes were colder than the autumn rain. “I wanted you to apologize, but you’re threatening her instead? Fu Yuxiu, who gave you the courage?”

“It’s not like that, Third Uncle. Listen to me explain…” Fu Yuxiu’s face didn’t have a trace of blood.

“Why are you still standing here? Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough?” Fu Chen’s voice was extremely cold.

Fu Yuxiu knew that he had angered Fu Chen. “Third Uncle, then I’ll be heading back first.” He hurriedly grabbed Jiang Fengya and left, afraid that Fu Chen would do something else.

“Third Master?” The person beside Fu Chen was confused.

Although Fu Chen had a weird temper, they had been following him for a long time and were quite familiar with his character.

He had always been a vengeful person. If he had any grievances, he would make sure to resolve them on the spot and never wait until the next day. Young Master Yuxiu had clearly provoked him this time, so why did he let him off so easily? This didn’t fit his usual character.

Song Fengwan heard the conversation outside and walked out of the atelier. She wasn’t surprised when she saw Fu Chen and just called out obediently, “Third Master.”

Thinking of how arrogant and despotic she looked when she confronted those two people just now, she lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at Fu Chen at all. So embarrassing.

“Have you had dinner?” Fu Chen’s voice became gentler as it mixed with the rain. She was so sharp-tongued just now. Why is she so obedient now?

“Not yet.” Song Feng had rushed to the atelier after school. Usually, she would buy something from a street stall to eat.

“Get in the car. I’ll take you to dinner.”

“I have a lot of assignments to do tonight. Should we just eat somewhere nearby? It’s a good time for me to treat you.”

Fu Chen had such a powerful aura that it was very stressful to be with him. It was the same when they were in the car earlier. Song Fengwan felt like she was about to suffocate and thought that it would be safer in a place she was familiar with.

“There’s a noodle restaurant nearby that’s not bad, but it’s a little small.” Song Fengwan considered her words carefully, fearing that Fu Chen wouldn’t go to such a small restaurant.

“Let’s go.”


The noodle restaurant was only three shops away from the atelier, and it only took them two steps to get there. Since it was raining, there was only one table of guests. When they saw the two of them enter, they couldn’t help taking a few more glances at them.

“I haven’t seen you in a while. Do you still want beef noodles without coriander?” The female boss was in her thirties and was exceptionally enthusiastic when she saw Song Fengwan. Her gaze landed on Fu Chen behind her, and her eyes immediately lit up.

She had never seen such a good-looking man.

Song Fengwan answered the boss with a smile and then found a seat by the window. “Third Master, what do you want to eat?”

“Recommend me something.” Fu Chen wasn’t that picky and sat directly opposite her.

“Do you want scallions and coriander?” Song Fengwan looked up at the menu on the wall.


Song Fengwan raised her voice. “Boss, one bowl of vegetarian noodles with added vegetables.”

“One moment. Coming right up.” The boss entered the kitchen happily.

Song Fengwan wiped the table in front of him with a tissue, looking exceptionally considerate.

“You ordered me a bowl of vegetarian noodles?” Fu Chen looked up at her, his gaze simple and direct. “If you don’t have money, I’ll treat you to this meal.”

He had never seen such a stingy girl. She ordered meat for herself but got him the cheapest vegetarian noodles.

“Don’t you believe in Buddhism? Before my maternal grandfather passed away, he also believed in Buddhism and had always been a vegetarian.” Song Fengwan felt that it was already very impressive that she could think of this.

According to her mother, her grandfather started to believe in Buddhism after her grandmother passed away. He devoted himself to Buddhism and lived as a vegetarian every day, having a pure heart and a mind clear of desires. So she naturally thought that Fu Chen was the same.

Everyone knew that Fu Chen was a Buddhist and that he had even funded the construction of Buddhist temples. He had to be a devout Buddhist. If she treated him to some meat, she was worried that she would anger him.

“Who told you that people who believe in Buddhism can only be vegetarian?” Fu Chen raised his eyebrows. This girl had a huge misunderstanding about people who believed in Buddhism.

“I…” Song Fengwan’s fingers wiping the table paused. Was I wrong?

“I’m a Buddhist, but I am not a monk.

“I don’t abstain from meat and fish. I can eat meat, and…

“Buddha is to be put in the heart. It isn’t about eating meat or not.”

Song Fengwan choked and suddenly felt that she was too vulgar.

“Here are your noodles.” The boss had already served the noodles.

Song Fengwan looked at the huge bowl of beef noodles in front of her and then at Fu Chen’s bowl of clear soup noodles with only a few vegetable leaves floating on it. She instantly felt embarrassed. She was treating him to a meal, yet she let him eat that?

No wonder Fu Chen said that he would treat them instead. He must have thought that she was very stingy.

“Third Master…” she said tentatively, “should I get the boss to add some meat for you? ”

“No need.” Fu Chen had already picked up his chopsticks.

The white noodles were paired with a few strands of green vegetables. The soup was clear without any oil, and it was exceptionally refreshing. But compared to the large pieces of beef in Song Fengwan’s bowl, it inevitably looked shabby.

Song Fengwan kept her head down and was upset with herself. “Why don’t I treat you to something else next time?”

Fu Chen agreed drily and then suddenly said, “By the way…”

Song Fengwan thought he had some instructions for her. She looked up subconsciously, and their eyes met.

He said in a calm tone, “I’m not someone who is truly a monk in a monastery. I can fall in love and get married. I am a normal man.”

For some reason, Song Fengwan felt her face burning.