Chapter 100 - "Another Miracle Baby"

Chapter 100 of 100 chapters

Ainsley did say that she wouldn't disappoint Elliana's trust in her, but after a few days, the baby plopped to the floor with a dazed look.

Damn it. Why can't I achieve a perfect bond with that cat?!

Ainsley puffed her cheeks as she looked at Code-C, who was chasing its own tail. That dumb cat is adorable, even if it resembled a dog.

But well, no matter how cute it was, Ainsley never managed to open his heart for her. They did become best friends real quick, but that's it. There seemed to be a wall separating them if she wanted to dig deeper!

"Fwuuu…" Ainsley sighed. Her head throbbed again for the n-th time. She didn't count it anymore.

What to do?

The baby laid on her back and looked up. She bit her thumb as she closed her eyes in agony.

I have consulted Finnie, but he also can't help me. He looks like he can do something, but he refrains from doing so. I wonder why, though? Anyway, I can't get Code-C full trust even after 3 days…

Ainsley furrowed her eyebrows. She knew that she became impatient, but time was pressing her. The longer she bonded with Code-C, the more Elliana was exposed to dangers.

Even the past few days, the other branch family' heads kept visiting her or the elders, saying that they should separate Code-C from her.

The pressure is real. Not only because others are coveting Code-C but also because Elliana got an assassination attempt just yesterday!

Remembering how Elliana came to work with a bandaged arm, Ainsley felt tears welled up in her eyes.

"Elh…" the baby murmured weakly. She kept lying on her back in her room without any maids to accompany her.

El, what to do? I keep putting you in danger...and I can't even do my job well…

Because Ainsley focused on the Code-C matter, she left the family head job to Grandpa Yoyo and Elliana.

The two became busy in her stead ever since she didn't secretly help them. Even Kyuseli, the new accountant head, also became busy.

Aside from doing the family head jobs for her, Grandpa Yoyo also used his secret fund to assist her in increasing her affinity with Code-C.

Elliana sacrificed her sleep to learn more about being a good guardian for the family head while Kyuseli went into an argument with other corrupt members.

Her three most loyal supporters were busy for her, hoping that she would succeed in taming the beast, but…

She didn't.

Ainsley bit her lower lips. Her usually bright face darkened, and the light in her eyes dimmed.

She didn't look adorable all the time anymore, and the family members started to get used to her charm power, making some people escape from her power.

Now, Ainsley had to strengthen the charm effect to maintain the family members to be nice to her.

Without that, others would still secretly despise her while the maids would only do minimal care for her.

It was truly a tiring thing.

This mafia family didn't fall for her natural cuteness alone, and that's where Ainsley felt bad.

Why can't they like me for all my efforts kissing their ass? I do my best, just like those protagonists in loving daddy troupes, didn't always work.

Ainsley did all she could to bring the family members to her side, but it's not easy since she was the family head and not just some heiress.

Even when she contributed to the family, the higher-ups thought that Grandpa Yofan was the one behind her or Elliana was the one helping in the dark.

No one thought that she's capable despite knowing she had awakened her power already.

Yes. The family members already knew that Ainsley had superpowers, but they didn't react greatly. At first, they were amazed, but when they knew what her power was…

They looked at her in disdain.

Ainsley didn't know how anyone recognised her power, but one day it was busted. Maybe two days ago. They knew that she had a charm power, and that's when they started to doubt her.

"Hey, don't you think she's using her charm power to make us think she's cute?"

"Yes, yes, maybe that's why I always feel weird around her…"

"The family head is already that cunning when she's only 3? That's creepy!"

"She's a natural seducer. What a disgrace…"

Those who owned charm power never got the public's good opinion since it was associated with lowly enchanter and prostitutes.

It's just a stereotype.

They didn't even know that Ainsley's charm was a baby charm, not a sexy or dirty one.

"Fwool…" Ainsley spat when she recalled what she went through these days. Thanks to someone discovering her charm ability, others avoided her like the plague. Her effort to take her to her side crumbled in one go.

The culprit who spread her ability information should be one of the maids serving her at the dining hall since she often talked to Grandpa Yoyo about it.

There was a traitor everywhere, and Ainsley had to make her movement as careful as possible.

Even when she tried to bond with Code-C, she never let anyone see it. The maids also didn't see Code-C in her room when they came to dress her up.

Seriously, that's tiring.

Ainsley clenched her tiny fists. She could feel her aura weakened, and her spirit wavered. The burden was just too big for her.

The baby was pressured from all sides even before she made a move.

'Is this because I'm not the protagonist?'

Ainsley's eyes turned watery. She recalled the maids' gossip back then, talking about a lucky baby in another mafia family.

There's another baby who created miracles other than her.

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