Chapter 52 - "Illegal Curses"

Chapter 52 of 100 chapters

Grandpa Yofan put his hands behind his back as he scanned the 15 accountants in the room. His face was grim as he slowly opened his mouth.

"Family head, please. The final decision is in your hand."


The accountants stared at Grandpa Yofan with blank eyes. Their jaw dropped to the floor thanks to the old man's crazy remarks.

What...what? The final decision is on that brat's hand? Isn't that bizarre?

"Wait, that's nonsense. How could we– " The head accountant was about to protest when Grandpa Yofan sent a death glare to the guy.

"Silence. Did you just question my decision? Also, the family head is fully authorised to give the final saying. Or you all want to go against the family head's decision?"

Grandpa Yofan lifted his chin high and sent an enormous aura toward the accountants. His power wasn't only teleportation. He also had another superb ability.

Gravitation control.

"Khh!" The accountants felt a huge mountain crash to their shoulders with just a few words from the elder. Their body instantly felt heavy, and some of the weaker members already swayed, about to fall to the floor.

The air was suffocating, and it's hard to breathe for those men.

It's the power of gravitation.

"A-alright, I apologise, elder. I'll accept the family head's decision." The head accountant instantly backed off. He lowered his head and bit his lips.

As someone who had a non-combat ability, how could he go against someone as powerful as Elder Yofan? That monster had triple abilities, and two of them were offensive skills.

Tch. If Elder Yofan decides to side with the family head….

The head accountant gritted his teeth. He stole a glance at Ainsley, who was casually crossing her tiny legs. She tried to look cool by doing that, but since her legs didn't even touch the floor, it looked ridiculous.

But no one had the mood to laugh at the baby. Especially when the baby's eyes were full of mischief. She hummed faintly and tugged up the corner of her lips, forming a small smirk.

The toddler looked at them as if they were her toys at her disposal!

The head accountant had a heart attack. He looked at Ainsley in disbelief. Fear slowly crept into his eyes.

That baby...she is clearly amused by this event! She didn't even feel afraid of Grandpa Yofan's power which was strange for girls of her age.

What's with her? Isn't she scary?

Noticing this fact, the accountants finally realised that no matter how young the family head was, she's still the family head, one with the highest authority.

She needed a guardian because the baby herself was still naive. But what if Elder Yofan taught her from such a young age and brought her up carefully?

The baby would turn into another monster in just a few years.

The accountants had a chill down their spine just by imagining the baby turned into someone like Elder Yofan. The baby was so spoiled from an early age. Wouldn't she be a tyrant later?

She even enjoyed the events where Elder Yofan suppressed them with his gravity power.

That girl...looked like a violent one?

The accountants subconsciously zipped their mouth, unable to say anything. Now, they weren't afraid of Grandpa Yofan alone but also scared of Ainsley's future figure.

We shouldn't look down on that brat, especially when she had the elder's backing!

Seeing the accountants didn't speak anymore, Grandpa Yofan nodded his head with a satisfied smile on his face.

"Good. Alright, family head, please go on." Elder Yofan looked at Ainsley and nodded. The way he treated her politely was an example for the others to treat Ainsley politely too.

"Twank ywou, gwandpa." Ainsley replied to the elder's head nod with a bright smile. The baby waved her small hand and gave a kiss-bye as a thank you gift.

Those flying kisses were the best gift for the elder.

Cough. Cough.

"No worries, family head. Please give your last order." Grandpa Yofan coughed a few times as he urged Ainsley to speak. He was sure that the Godfather spirit would want Ainsley to do his advice as soon as possible.

"Mm." Ainsley replied with a nod. She then turned her short back to look at the accountants in front of her. From this height, even when she's short, she could still look down on the men.

It's all thanks to the tall stage and the lofty throne.

'Ah, it's so interesting to look down like this.'

Ainsley had a nasty grin on her face as she slowly opened her tiny mouth.

"Ywou." The baby started by pointing her finger to the head accountant, the man she despised the most.

"Y-yes?" The head accountant flinched without him knowing. Sweat filled his forehead as he bowed politely.

The baby's cold voice is so much scarier than he imagined.

"Hwm, ywou…" Ainsley took a deep breath before she did something that she already wanted to do for a long time.


Ainsley spatted at the end since she almost bit her tongue, but she didn't stop. The baby glared at the head accountant and raised a middle finger.

"Ywou bwad guyh, swhame– swhame, thiep, thiep mwoney, Ain's mwoney. (You bad guy, shame, shame, thief, thief money, Ain's money.)"

Ainsley clicked her tongue as she started to curse the head accountant and used vulgar language that only a senior mafia could use.

"Pwig hwead idioth swiiiit! (Pig head idiot sh*t!)"


Silence filled the room at the end of Ainsley's fierce curse directed to the head accountant.

It was as if someone poured a cold water bucket on their head and shouted,

"Surprise motherfcker!"

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