Chapter 53 - "Coup D'état"

Chapter 53 of 100 chapters

Yes, it was a surprise...a nasty one.

No one in the room was able to open their mouth nor open their eyes to see the head accountant who had long become a stone statue.

The curses from a three-years-old baby were too vicious to handle. And that's kind of illegal to do.

"A-ain?" Grandpa Yofan staggered as he lowered his back. He brought his face closer to the baby's head.


Yofan wanted to ask how the baby knew such vicious curses, but he already had a hunch.

Could it be the Godfather spirit taught that to Ain? The Godfather was famous for his dirty mouth and violent behaviour.

What if...he taught Ainsley those cursing words?

A scene folded inside Yofan's mind.

Godfather: Yo, Ain sweety, if you meet someone hateful, raise your middle finger like this.

Ainsley: yewsh!

Godfather: and don't forget to say– BASTARD IDIOT MOTHERFUCCER GO DIE TO HELL! *panting hard*

Ainsley: Awooo! Cwool, Gwandpa! Yesh, Ain wil dwo! (Yes, Ain will do!)

And that's how the baby became corrupted.

Grandpa Yofan's face instantly turned weary. The elder who already had a lot of wrinkles got more wrinkles in a span of one minute.

Ain...our cute, innocent baby angel...she...she curses! She raises her middle finger! Ah! Ah!!

Grandpa Yofan almost fell to the floor and died of a heart attack. He looked at Ainsley with teary eyes.

Ain! What did the Godfather teach you, ah?!

Of course, no one taught Ainsley any curse words, but Ainsley deliberately rattled those vicious words for one purpose.

It's to strengthen Grandpa Yofan's belief that the Godfather spirit indeed talks to her in her dream.

If that spirit indeed existed, he would have taught Ain more vicious lessons such as killing people and beating them up. For a heresy like that old man, it's possible.

And now seeing the accountants' grey face plus Grandpa Yofan's agony, Ainsley was satisfied. She huffed like a proud kid before delivering the last capital punishment.

"Al op ywou– awe filed! (All of you– are fired!)"

Her loud voice sounded like a crisp bell, but it wasn't a bell from heaven. It's a bell from hell.

"F-family head!" The head accountant's face turned pale. He fell on his knees with a thumping sound before speaking in a hoarse voice.

"P-please reconsider! We didn't do anything wrong! And who will replace our position? Please, we beg your consideration!"

The head accountant and the other members kneeled on the floor, throwing away the pride as an adult mafia. They were willing to do this in front of a measly baby because of one thing.

The family head's edicts are absolute.

"Hmph. Nwo. Ywou lial. Geth outh! No. You liar. Get out!)" Ainsley waved her hand impatiently, urging the people to go out and pack their belongings.

What's mercy? Can it be eaten? These people already did such bad things and still shamelessly said that they know nothing.

Now I seriously wonder if no one in the Sloan Family realises the weird reports or they just pretend not to know? It's impossible for more than a thousand people not to know about the strange reports.

Even if only a few executives can check the report, how could they not know about this?

Ainsley had a feeling that the evil deeds had rooted deep in her family. Today, she fired the accountants. In the future, she might have to fire the executives and to do so…

One needed power.

Ainsley had a relaxed look as she thought about the future, turning a deaf ear to the accountants' plea and scream.

Before long, the guards in front of the door already dragged those people out, returning the noisy hall peaceful again.


The door to the great hall was closed for the accountants for the rest of their life. While Ainsley stayed inside, the guards serving Grandpa Yofan drove the accountants away, firing them in just a few minutes.

Once again, Ainsley who just saw how those guards drag the accountants felt the need to find her own forces.

'If I have a strong force backing me, no one will go against me, and I can finally rule this family peacefully. I should get an advisor too, to fix my mistakes if I ever made a few.'

Ainsley finished reorganising her plan. The baby then sighed in relief.

"Fuuu...twank ywou, Gwandpa. Ith ish al dwone. (Thank you, grandpa. It is all done.)" Ainsley jumped down from the throne and trotted to Grandpa Yofan's leg.

"Hm, Ain. You did great." Grandpa Yofan picked up the baby and patted her back.

If his guess was right….those people should be embezzling the family's money.

Then it's only right to fire them. All at once. Ain did great, indeed.

Now that those corrupt people are gone, the family should be recovering better than before.

But there's only one problem left unattended.

'The replacement for the head accountant and the accountant team members.'

Grandpa Yofan carried Ainsley to the door as he thought about this. He didn't have any intention to let Ainsley recruit people to replace the old one.

A three years old baby should be playing instead of taking care of the family business. She's now involved because of the Godfather spirit visiting her.

'Is there a way to recruit people in the family and place them as the new accountant team? But I should limit the news about Ain firing the accountants…'

And that would make the recruitment difficult. Then just let the news go loose? Impossible. Once someone knows that Ain fire the accountant for no reason, they will feel dissatisfied toward her.

And that might shake her position. What if someone commits treason or even worse…

Coup d'état?

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