Chapter 54 - "Guard Dogs"

Chapter 54 of 100 chapters

Grandpa Yofan had a stiff face as he went out of the hall. The old man was deep in thought for the sake of the baby, not knowing that Ainsley already planned things ahead.

'Hm, this evening, I should roam the mansion and other places. The main family' members live at the residence behind the mansion, right? Maybe I can find a good human resource there.'

Ainsley was confident that she could find a talented person in no time. Her hard work all this time to hone her observation skill would finally take the limelight.

3 p.m

It should be Ain's nap time, but the baby endured her heavy eyelids and coaxed Elliana to go touring the separate mansion next to the main mansion.

"C'mwon, leth gwo! El! Gwo!" Ainsley hugged Elliana's neck tightly and asked her to go to the building next door. Fortunately, there's a corridor connecting the main building and the other buildings.

This means the buildings around the main mansion all belonged to the Sloan Family. It should be like a complex? And coincidentally, Sloan Family's house complex was right next to the Walter Family's.

That's how Finley could take 15 minutes to fly in the air and visit Ainsley.

"Leth gwo?" Ainsley looked at Elliana with puppy eyes. The baby tugged the woman's ponytail, pleading cutely.

Which bastard could refuse Ain when she acted like that? Of course, only idiots would. Thankfully, Elliana still fell for it despite her low intelligence.

"O-okay." Elliana took a deep breath and sighed. The woman then walked to the inner part of the mansion where one would see a hall with 8 doors connecting to the buildings around them.

The structure of the Sloan family's complex was like a flower where the core stayed at the centre, and the petals surrounded it.

Of course, the main mansion's front area wasn't blocked by any buildings since they had to welcome the other families if they ever came.

Ainsley and Elliana arrived at the hall with 8 doors in no time. The hall was like the great hall filled with lavish interiors painted in black or golden.

However, the floor was now covered with a red ruby rug. The circle rug covered almost all the area in the hall.

"Hwo...dool…(ho...door…)" Ainsley mumbled at the sight of seven doors with various symbols engraved on the surface.

The doors should represent the 6 branches families and the last door…

Ainsley peeked at the door at the left-wing of the hall entrance. It was painted in gold, unlike the other gates with the representative colour of the branch families.

'What is that gate? Training building? Or an intelligence base? Maybe a prison?'

Ainsley was curious, but the baby couldn't stay longer. Elliana already entered one of the gates. She chose the gates of Doberman, the Dober Family.

"Miss. Careful," Elliana warned Ainsley as she hugged the baby tighter. The moment the small gate opened with no noises, the sight of two tall black Doberman came into view.


Dogs? Guard dogs? Heck– why would they place there here? Isn't the door built to make access to the main mansion easier for them?

Ainsley gulped. She gripped Elliana's collar while observing the two black dogs as tall as Elliana's knees. Ainsley could even ride on those dogs.

Grrr. Grrr.

The two dogs growled at Ainsley and Elliana, but none immediately attacked. They just snarled at the two, as if waiting for a command to attack.

Even if the dogs stayed still, it didn't mean they didn't look frightening anymore. The dogs tugged their mouth and showed their white fangs glinting under the faint light.

Clak. Clak.

Their drools dripped down their mouth and stained the marble floors. As if it wasn't scary enough, the dogs' red eyes flashed like a demon under the crystal lamp.

They looked like Cerberus rather than a Doberman.

"Uwh…" Ainsley bit her lower lips. Sweat trickled down her cheek. Her heart beat fast, and she knew that her hands were cold.

F-fck. So scary! Ah! Let's escape! Now!

Ainsley was about to ask Elliana how to escape the dogs who blocked their path when Elliana suddenly took out a familiar necklace.

Ting. Ting.

The chains clicking with each other as the pendant of the necklace swayed. The crystal lamp above their head shone upon the pendant, reflecting fresh blue colour.

It's the necklace that Ainsley wore on the coronation day.

'Ah, that necklace!'

Ainsley couldn't help but gasp. She witnessed Elliana showing the necklace to the dogs, and once the dogs sniffed it, they stopped growling.

Woof. Woof!

The dogs suddenly wagged their tails and backed off, creating a path for Ainsley and Elliana.

They looked like a chihuahua out of the blue just because Elliana let them sniff the pendant.

How could Ainsley not feel shocked?

The baby looked at the two dogs wagging their tails in astonishment.

What kind of black magic is that? What's with the necklace? Don't tell me the dogs sniff the smell of the necklace and think that they're not enemies?


Ainsley's mind spun around real fast, trying to figure out the mystery behind the necklace but Elliana already brought her down the corridor.

In just a few seconds, Elliana brought her to explore the mansion.

Strangely, everytime the woman met someone, they immediately bowed at Elliana, not mocking her like those men at the main estate did.

They were even polite to Ainsley, a baby!

Oh, God...I thought it would be hard to find a talented person if the residents here aren't cooperative. But it seems okay?

Ainsley was pleased with the outcome. Well, only for now.

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