Chapter 55 - "Rough Diamond"

Chapter 55 of 100 chapters

Ainsley took her time to explore the mansion and visited a lot of members from the Dober Family. She did find a few people to add to the accountant team, but…

'I don't find someone worthy to replace the head accountant position.'

Ainsley sighed after touring the mansion for an hour. The people there acted polite and such, but she could still feel the tension coming from their body.

Maybe because they were mafia, they reeked of blood and smoke?

Ainsley had to leave the Dober Family's estate after not finding someone to replace the head accountant. Still, she's lucky that Uncle Dober wasn't here.

Else, he might realise that something went wrong at the main mansion and he would try to sniff around.

"Hummm…" Ainsley mumbled as she entered the door of the Ale Family. If Dober Family's door was painted in black, Ale Family's gate was dark brown.

The door had an eagle engraved on it. Of course, after seeing a few Doberman behind the Dober family's gate, Ainsley expected the Ale family to keep an eagle.

Indeed, the moment she opened the door, two large eagles hovered in the sky. Their wings were so large that one eagle occupied the whole corridor which would fit four men.

One of the eagles circled the ceiling while the other went down to see Ainsley and Elliana.

They seemed intelligent.

But Ainsley didn't care. She was more concerned about one thing.

'Is this family a zoo?'

The baby clicked her tongue as she watched Elliana show the shiny necklace and get another free pass. The eagles folded their wings to let Elliana pass their post.

' weird. Don't tell me behind the other doors...I'll see an Orca, a tiger, a lion, and a chameleon? That's insane, right? But thank God we don't have any family with the symbol of a wolf.'

Ainsley shook her head just by imagining a pack of wolves waiting for her behind the gate.

Despite her worry, Ainsley managed to pick several people to fill the accountant team. How did she find them? She simply let the Ale Family members take a look at the finance report she carried around.

If those members could see what's wrong with the report and could solve the problem, Ainsley kidnapped– ah, she recruited them.

The baby repeated the process a few times with other branches as well. Thankfully, the Orca Family didn't have an Orca waiting behind. They put on a guard. The same went for the chameleon family.

Unfortunately, the Lionel and Riger Family both had a young lion and tiger waiting behind the gate.

The Lionel Family's lion was a female, and her body wasn't that big, but just by seeing the lioness, Ainsley peed herself.

Yes, she peed. Her diaper was wet, but Elliana didn't know.

'Fck. Fck. This family is so shady!'

Ainsley grumbled as she entered the estate dyed in red. There were many lion decorations everywhere, showing off the symbol of the Lionel family. They even had weapons on display.

Those weapons must be from the Riger Family.

'Will I find someone to be the head accountant? Even a newbie is also okay…'

Ainsley prayed sincerely since it's almost 7 by now. She hadn't slept at all, and it would be dinner soon. If she didn't find someone, she had to postpone her plan for tomorrow.

Maybe I should visit those families with Fin? Ah, no, Fin said humans must not see him, else he will be in big trouble.

"Hwaa…" Ainsley let out a long sigh as she sucked on her thumb.

Acting as a baby was quite tough but sucking a thumb was better than sucking a pacifier all-day.

When Ainsley sighed, Elliana glanced at the baby and secretly sighed. She wiped her forehead before slowly asking the baby.

"Miss. Continue?" The woman was actually bored that they had toured several mansions just to recruit people. Of course, she knew what Ainsley did was important, and she didn't question it as usual, but walking for 4 hours straight….

That's quite burdensome. Elliana wished to take a break. But the baby wouldn't grant her wish.

"Cwonthinue! (Continue!)" Ainsley didn't hesitate to crush Elliana's dream of taking a break. The baby excitedly slapped Elliana's cheek, cheering her up.

"A bwit mole! (A bit more!)" Ainsley encouraged the woman. Nevertheless, Elliana was still not encouraged.

'Huff...the family head is so diligent. Why is she doing this? I know that she gets insight from her dream, but…'

Elliana couldn't help but furrow her eyebrows. She knew about Ainsley's prophetic dream and how the Godfather visited her dream.

Only Grandpa Yofan and Elliana knew about this, and Elliana wouldn't dare to disclose the fact to anyone. She also couldn't question Ainsley.

In her mind, the baby was a genius. And she had to follow her. But just this time...she didn't understand why Ainsley didn't pick someone to be the head accountant.

'All the people I saw before are smart…'

Elliana, who had an intelligence below average, felt that those mediocre people were already smart. Thus, Ainsley was a genius in her mind.

No, that baby might be more than a genius. She's one of a kind. A genius of the century!

Despite believing in Ainsley's talent, Elliana couldn't understand the baby's thoughts. The baby would instead go for about five hours to find a single person to be the head accountant.

'Why isn't she satisfied yet?'

Elliana never got her answer, but she kept walking to enter a few rooms. This time, Ainsley visited the newbies centre instead of the senior's chambers.

The baby clenched her fists with a high expectation.

'I might find a rough diamond here!'

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