Chapter 56 - "Question: Impossible"

Chapter 56 of 100 chapters

Ainsley entered the newbie chamber with an exquisite appearance. Elliana and the baby had just stepped into the newbies headquarter office when the people inside subconsciously turned their head around.

These people dressed in a black and white suit with a typical mafia hat had a grim look as they stared at the entrance. The people were newbies, but it didn't mean they were young.

Some newbies were a late bloomer who had reached 30 or 40 years old instead of the green buds teens below 20.

Even though they were trained to be an accountant, it didn't mean they were never soaked in blood.

These people reeking with blood and murderous intent glared at the two unidentified women visiting their office-like base, only to gasp in shock the next second.

A...a baby?

Their eyes simultaneously glued to Ainsley who was carried on Elliana's arms. The baby was calmly playing with her pendant, showing off the proof of her position.

The blue-silver necklace played by the baby glinted under the crystal lamp, instantly drew everyone's attention to it.

If at first, these people only gasped at the sight of a baby entering their place. But then, once they saw the pendant…

Their faces turned frighteningly pale. Some people had their mouth opened wide into a perfect 0 while others looked like a gaping duck.

T-that pendant– the family head?!

A realisation dawned upon these newbies, and they instantly scrambled to stand up.

"G-greetings!" The 30 noobs in the office bowed 90° while shouting out loud, showing the utmost respect once could give to their higher-ups.

Their deafening voice almost gave a heart attack to the weak-willed Ainsley. If not for Elliana blocking the baby's ears in time, Ainsley would have fainted from the shock.

Damn these barbarians!

The baby glared at these people who were still bowing at her without lifting their heads. They looked like a trained military man instead of a bunch of newbie accountants.

Even Ainsley couldn't believe that these people were assigned to be an accountant.

Does the family lack human resources to find an educated accountant, thus sending these barbarians trained as an accountant?!

The baby had the urge to strangle these all-brawny men with almost no women here.

'Can I even find a good resource here, ah?'

Ainsley sighed. She then looked at these newbies. They were still politely bowing at her, not lifting their body. They were waiting for Ainsley to order them!

Ainsley couldn't delay this anymore. The baby waved her hand coolly and spoke in an audible voice.

"Sthand uph. (Stand up.)" The baby ordered the men to stop bowing. Almost instantly, the men straightened their back and nodded solemnly.

"Yes, boss!" The men answered at the same time, creating a solemn and heavy atmosphere inside the office.

Ainsley felt like this place was a yakuza headquarters.

'Ha. Those seniors don't treat me so politely because I'm only a baby, but these newbies are so enthusiastic! Maybe I can find someone who will be loyal to me.'

Ainsley nodded in satisfaction before tugging on Elliana's sleeve. Once Elliana lowered her head, the baby whispered to the woman, explaining what to do.

Just like what Ainsley had done before, the girl asked Elliana to give these people a simple question to determine their accountant skill.

Of course, what Ainsley thought as simple was something difficult even for adults in this world. Why? Because education in this world regarding accountant couldn't be compared to the one back on Earth.

Not to mention that Ainsley chose the most difficult question from the list of final exam questions belonging to one of her friends back on earth.

The baby had a smug smile as she watched Elliana spread the questions to all the newbies at the front row to the back row.

Ainsley couldn't see those at the very back, but she had instructed Elliana to tell these people to raise their hand if they wanted to answer the question.

Thus, once Elliana spread the questions to all the newbies, it's only time to see which newbie could shine brightly.

'Heheh, show me your capabilities, noobs!'

While Ainsley and Elliana waited at the front, these newbies went back to their tables and started to ponder about the case written on the paper they just wrote from listening to Elliana's words.

At first, these people looked energetic. Their faces flushed red from excitement, and their eyes burned with flames.

We have to show our ability to the boss!

Those newbies thought so, wishing that the boss would pick one of them and assigned them to a greater position.

Maybe, they could be the head accountant of the main family?

The newbies fretted as they read the question with pounding chests. A few geniuses among them were already confident that they could answer the question but then…

Their faces turned blue in a blink of an eye.

What– what is this question?!

The newbies gaped in shock. Sweat trickled down their forehead, and the flame in their eyes died down as if a bucket of water gushed it out.

One by one, the young people and the old men in the room furrowed their eyebrows. Their face shifted from blue to red, green and finally blank white.

Their previously fiery eyes slowly changed, leaving only two empty black dots.

The newbies were stupefied. They felt like an idiot at the moment since they couldn't even understand the question correctly.

What...what is this question? Is it really for an accountant? How come it's so difficult??

What kind of question did these people see?

Only the victims and Ainsley knew the truth.

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