Chapter 57 - "Selly Or Kyuseli?"

Chapter 57 of 100 chapters

Silence filled the office. The newbies didn't dare to lift their head, ashamed of their own abilities. These innocent souls felt their pride was crushed in a blink of an eye.

They started to see how big and magnificent the main family was.

'Is this a question for those accountants in the main family?'

'Don't tell me the accountants in the main family can answer this question so easily?'

'The boss gives out this question for a test. Does this mean the question isn't that hard?'

'How come it's so hard for us? Is it because we are newbies? Wow, the seniors are awesome!'

The newbies lamented their poor ability while admiring their seniors who had given up on this question. No ordinary seniors could answer this.

Only a genius could.

It's natural since the question was something that couldn't be solved using this world's educational system. Only those who could analyse the question and come up with a new solution could answer it.

In short, the question was made for geniuses of this world. That's right. Ainsley only wanted a genius to be the head accountant, thinking that a superb accountant ability would lead to a prosperous family.

Also, she wanted this genius to be honest and loyal!

That's why the little baby wasn't satisfied with other geniuses so far because their character was trash.

Ainsley shook her head when she recalled those boot-licker genius accountants from the senior headquarters that she visited before.

'Is it too much to ask for a smart guy who is honest and loyal?'

Ainsley scanned the newbies' face in front of her, and her face turned sour in disappointment.

Ah, as expected, maybe it's too much to ask for a genius from a newbie headquarters…

Ainsley sighed. The girl finally felt like stopping her plan. Maybe she should just be content with the best accountant she could find as long as they're honest.

Just when the baby was about to ask Elliana to stop the test, a hoarse yet slightly feminine, high-pitched voice sounded from the back of the rows.

"U-um, boss, can Selly answer this?"

A towering guy stood up with his hand raised high.

Ainsley's eyes instantly went to the guy, and upon seeing his appearance, the girl almost had a heart attack.

Who...who is this guy?!

Long, fiery red hair resembling a lively flame of hell, touching his butt. His pair of sharp green eyes reminded the baby of Fin, that time fairy, yet this one had a deeper color.

His dark brown skin, darker than Elliana's skin matched well with his toned muscles bulging out from his tight black suit.

Nevertheless, what shocked Ainsley wasn't the young man's fierce appearance.

It's the weird black eyeshadows he wore, the black lipstick painting his big lips, and the grey blush sweeping his boney cheek.

Yes, the young man wore gothic-style makeup. Not only that, but he also wore a black skirt instead of black pants.

The sight baffled not only Ansley but also Elliana.


Ainsley gulped hard. Her eyes widened as large as a chicken egg.

A...a trap? A trap?!

Uh, what's a trap? It's people who were dressed in the opposite gender's clothes. For example, one could look like a cute girl but actually a man inside. And others could look like a handsome man but was actually a woman.

They're not transgender. They're just people with highly blessed appearance to look like opposite sex.

That's why they're called a trap.

Despite watching a lot of anime with traps, both men and women 'trap', this was the first time Ainsley saw such a surprise in the mafia world.

Don't get her wrong. She was accustomed to see lesbians, gays, transgender and other special people, but to think she would find a trap.

As an avid anime lover, how could she not like a trap? Or maybe a cross-dresser?

Ainsley's eyes lit up. She didn't try to guess the person's gender as one could be genderless too back in her world, and such, gender was just a bunch of words.

Nevertheless, Ainsley was still eager to talk to a trap or a crossdresser in this world! Simply because so far, she hadn't seen anything like this.

"Yesh? Wath ish ywoul nwame? (Yes? What is your name?)" Ainsley hurriedly asked the man's name. It's not only because the man was unique, but because he also stood up to answer the question!

"M-my name?" The towering guy hunched his back and stuttered. Despite his security guard-like look, his actual character was a hello kitty.

Ainsley felt the urge to hug the man and see if she could raise this cowardly guy.

"Yesh, nwame!" The baby repeated in a haughty tone. She kept her role as a dignified boss even though she wanted to run to the guy and check him up-close.

"S-selly," the young man around 20 years old fearfully answered. He lowered his face and curled his body, looking like a pitiful big guy needed his master's pity.

Gah. So cute!!

Ainsley disregarded the man's awful makeup and how he wore a skirt instead of pants. The baby snorted excitedly and was about to ask more when the newbies suddenly burst into gossiping mode.

"Selly? Isn't that guy's name Kyuseli?" A skinny guy squinted his eyes in disbelief.

The guy next to him immediately nudged his ribs with his elbow. "Hush, don't you know that he hit his head? He's insane!"

And the gossips began.

"What's with that guy? Is he a man or a woman? How come he wears a skirt?!"

"Disgraceful! Who the heck accepts this wimpy guy to our family?"

"Damn, his voice is so awful. I got goosebumps! Ukh!"

Unfortunately, the comments didn't stop there.

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