Chapter 58 - "Purple Flame"

Chapter 58 of 100 chapters

"Well, should we see if he has balls or pussy? I bet he has pussy!"

"Hahah, damn, you're right! What a wimpy guy. He is a man but dresses up like a woman—what a heresy."

The newbies snickered, and Selly– Kyuseli felt his face turn red. The bulky guy lowered his head even lower than before as if he would blend with the ground.

Laughter and mockery filled the small office, piercing Ainsley's ears. The girl looked at these morons, baffled.

What are they doing? Mocking someone so blatantly in front of me? Don't they know it's rude? What do they take me for?

Ainsley gritted her teeth. She tugged Elliana's ponytail on her shoulder and whispered in a stern voice unfitting for a baby.

"Showsh ywoul file two dem. Buln buln. (Show your fire to them. Burn burn.)" Ainsley asked Elliana to show off her fire to these people as a warning.

Many mafias and ability users might have fire as their power, but Elliana's fire was one of the unique kind. It's not burning red, but purple instead.

It's a hellfire that could corrode anything to ash. It's hotter than magma or lava, maybe close to the plasma.

Elliana nodded at Ainsley's order. She casually flicked her finger and a small flicker of purple flame blaster at the tip of her forefinger.

The noisy office full of mockery and disdain suddenly quietened down. Silence washed the room and people could even hear their own breath.

It was so quiet that one could sense the wind colliding with the small flame flickering at the tip of Elliana's finger.


The newbies froze on the spot and didn't dare to move. Their eyes were glued to the purple flame dancing around Elliana's tanned finger.

The dark purple flame emitted a strong aura that even when they were a few meters apart from the woman, their face felt like melting.

Some people already sweated badly until their backs were soaked wet. Others gulped hard at the sight of the flame slowly becoming bigger.

The intense heat they felt intensified, and the surrounding air turned suffocating. The smell of something burnt assaulted the newbies' nose, and the sound of the flame's flicker haunted their mind.

W-what's going on? Why is the guardian using her fire ability? What's wrong? Someone, tell us!

The newbies couldn't ask out loud. Thus, they only shrunk at their chair and lowered their head as low as they could. If possible, they would want to crawl under the wooden table.

At this moment, no one dared to breathe. They felt like even breathing would lead them to death.

Seeing the newbies finally had fear dawned on their face, Ansley nodded in satisfaction.

"Gwood. Kay, Selh. Answel de kwesthion. (Answer the question.)" Ainsley lazily waved her hand, asking Kyuseli to present his answer for the question.

The burly man flinched. He grasped his skirt tightly before nodding like an obedient chicken.

"I-it is like this…" He started to explain the answer in a shaky voice. Tears gathered at the edge of his eyes as his nose turned snotty.

The burly man looked like he's going to cry or wet his pants. Ah, he wore a skirt.

10 minutes later…

"Hwm, gwood! Gwood!" Ainsley clapped her hand as she smiled brightly, looking like an angel. If only the guardian next to her didn't have that purple flame floating in the air, she would look like an angel for real.

Instead of a pure angel from heaven, the baby looked like an emissary of death while the brown-skinned woman resembled the God of Death, or maybe a grim reaper.

Ignoring the newbies' feeble face as they looked at her, Ainsley waved her tiny limbs and nodded in satisfaction.

"Selh. Cwome." Ainsley asked Kyuseli to come as she signalled Elliana to dismiss her flame.

It's rather hot even though Elliana controlled the flame not to direct its energy at her.

Without asking, Kyuseli nodded. He immediately walked to the baby with his head hung low. His legs trembled, and one could see that his back was transparent from sweats.

He was on the edge of fainting.

Who is this scary baby?! She's the boss of our family? How come her guardian is so powerful? But I never heard of her name! I had never seen her, either!

Kyuseli felt his heart leapt to his throat the closer he got to the two. Once he was only a meter away from the two people, he stopped. The man then slowly opened his mouth.

"B-boss, w-what d-do I do?" The bear-like guy squeezed his eyes as his voice got even higher than before.

The more he was frightened, the higher his voice would be.

"Cwome wit ush. (Come with us.)" Ainsley ordered before tugging on Elliana's hair as if it was a bell to call the butler.

"Gwo bwack two Glandpa Yoyo, (Go back to Grandpa Yoyo), " Ainsley asked Elliana to bring Kyuseli with them to meet Grandpa Yofan. Of course, the baby would call the grandpa as grandpa Yoyo.

It's easier.

"Roger, " Elliana answered shortly and immediately beckoned Kyuseli to follow them. The bear-like guy was so obedient that he didn't ask any questions and only followed behind.

The three left the newbie office, leaving behind a bunch of dumbfounded people. These men could only wonder and ponder about Kyuseli's fate.

The main branch's mansion, Grandpa Yofan's office.

"So the young man you choose to be the head accountant?" Grandpa Yofan clasped his hand behind his back as he observed the timid-looking man who didn't fit his fierce appearance.

Even the skirt that he wore was an eyesore for the elder.

"Yewsh. Selh ish smalth! Pwick pwick! (Yes. Sel is smart! Pick pick!)" Ainsley confidently introduced Kyuseli to the grandpa.

Grandpa will agree with me, right?

The baby hoped so.

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