Chapter 59 - "Quick Money"

Chapter 59 of 100 chapters

Ainsley patted her flat chest, attempting to look arrogant but she looked cheeky instead.

"Emmm, but this young man…" Grandpa Yofan stroked his white beard as he squinted his eyes, scanning Kyuseli from head to toe. His face distorted into astonishment.

How come my genius Ain picks someone as suspicious as this guy?

"Wats wlong? Selh ish gwood. (What's wrong? Sel is good.)" Ainsley cocked her head, not understanding why Grandpa Yofan looked as if he just swallowed a fly.

Do people in the world don't accept unique beings like Kyuseli?

Grandpa Yofan saw Ainsley's expectant eyes, wanting to get his approval and the grandpa couldn't harden his heart. He glanced at the timid Kyuseli behind Ainsley before sighing.

"Fine, I'll give him a badge as the new head accountant. The members will have to follow his order. Else, I'll punish them directly." Grandpa Yofan decided to believe in Ainsley.

Last time, she had fired the accountants, and he investigated the cause. In the end, he found out that the accountants were indeed corrupt!

The rumour about the Sloan Family members embezzling the family's money was true, and Ainsley just solved the issue in one go thanks to her selfishness.

And what she did was instructed by the Godfather spirit who visited the girl's dream.

That's how grandpa Yofan reluctantly believed in Ainsley's second decision, which was to appoint this weird-looking young man to be the head accountant.

"Here is the badge. With this, the new members can't disobey the head accountant." Grandpa Yofan showed a golden pentagon badge engraved with gold coins' symbol beside a quill.

He then gave the badge to Ainsley, who immediately tossed it to the dumbfounded Kyuseli.

With this, the matter ended fast, fast enough until Kyuseli almost got a heart attack.

"T-the head accountant? Me? U-uh, uhhh…" Kyuseli shivered as he clenched the small badge tightly. The man looked reluctant to even wear the badge on his chest.

Seeing this, Ainsley sighed.

'It seems that we have to give this guy self-confidence first. If not, he can't be a leader. Let's ask Elli to tutor this guy.'

Ainsley then tugged on Elliana's hair. The baby, who was still enjoying Elliana's carry, whispered to the woman before jumping down to the floor.

"Yes. Boss." Elliana nodded at the baby as she turned around in a flash. Before anyone acted, she caught Kyuseli's collar and dragged him out of the office, startling Grandpa Yofan.

"That...what are they doing?" Grandpa Yofan cautiously asked Ainsley. The baby was now climbing his desk and sat on the table full of papers.

"Tlaining, " Ainsley answered casually. One could see a sly grin on her lovely face.

Yes, training. With Elliana's holy flame beating, Kyuseli will have to toughen his mind so that he won't easily falter because of others' opinion.

Hm, good!

Ainsley hummed happily as she laid on the desk. The girl even casually picked some documents and read it while facing the ceiling.

The baby's carefree attitude sent Grandpa Yofan a chill behind his back, yet the grandpa could do nothing but watch.

He had a bitter smile on his face as he sat down and let Ainsley do anything she wanted.

Alas, our new boss is such a genius, but she's a bit unruly, right? I wonder if she can even get married in the future…

Grandpa Yofan glanced at the baby, who sprawled on the desk without an ounce of elegance and dignity.

She looked like a maniac.

Grandpa Yofan just thought so when Ainsley suddenly chuckled, and her chuckle sounded so evil that Grandpa Yofan flinched.

"Hehe. Heheheh." Ainsley laughed out loud as she tossed the paper to the sky, watching the white piece fluttered before landing on her face.


Finally, I do the first step to establish the family. Next...I have so many corrupt family members, but I think if I fire them now, those people will feel agitated.

They might even attack me later if I'm not careful.

Ainsley recalled the event when she fired the whole accountant team.

The news must have spread to the other branch families as well, and because she picked several new members from those branch families, they might act as a spy and report back to their branch family.

'I think I need to lay low for the firing issue now. I can wipe them out later. Because the money section is secured, I don't need to worry about our family going bankrupt too fast.'

Ainsley was sure that the key was indeed on the head accountant. Now the head had changed, those corrupt members who tried to ask for money when they didn't need to would face difficulties.

It would slow down the rate of corruption in the family.

The baby grinned as she spread her arms on the wooden table. The toddler looked at the distant white ceiling with profound eyes.

'Next step...I think the most pressing issue isn't the failing business. I can recover the family business when it's time, but the debt…'

Ainsley recalled the debt that her father left behind. She didn't know how much money her scum father owned others, but...those debts should be large, right?

It would strangle the family and even sucked out the money they earned! No matter how much money the family had, it would be gone just from paying the piling up interest.

Thus, to cover this hole, one needed to stop the debts from chaining the family.

And the only way to do it is to gain a large sum of money and pay off all the debt, leaving no room for additional interest added to the debt which could become troublesome later.

But how?

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