Chapter 60 - "Her Duty"

Chapter 60 of 100 chapters

'I get it...I need to make money as soon as possible and pay the debt, but how, ah?'

Ainsley clenched her fists. She had a few plans in mind, but all of them involve the family business, which was on the verge of collapsing.

'I need quick money. It will be hard to recover the family business in such a short time. By then, the debt will already become larger and larger…'

Ainsley furrowed her faint eyebrows. The baby was deep in thoughts as the lamp shone upon her face. The dark sky outside didn't dampen her mind. It only stimulated her will.

'A way to make quick money that doesn't involve the family business...should I sell the territory? But I don't know which one is rather useless.'

Ainsley bit her lower lips, thinking that it's risky to sell their territory. Their enemy might buy the territory from the buyers and then catch them off-guard.

Not to mention that the family members were risking their lives to defend the territory. If she sold it so easily, it would betray their efforts.

"Huuuu…" Ainsley touched her forehead. It was throbbing.

Is there really no way to get quick money without endangering my family? There has to be a way even though it's risky, right?

Ainsley kept thinking, but she didn't know a lot about how to make money in this world.

Should I become an idol and sell albums? Should I rob a bank? My family is a mafia family, right? We should do some dirty jobs…

Ugh, what else? Kidnapping people and selling their organs? Sounds good, but no, disgusting.

Ainsley grumbled. The girl's hair had long been in a mess. Even her face was crumpled. If one looked closer, the baby looked annoyed.

'Ugh, I can't think of anything. I'm hungry and sleepy!'

Ainsley touched her bloated belly and stroked it carefully. The girl then looked at the clock on the wall of Grandpa Yofan's office.

It would be dinner time soon. Then, since she didn't take a nap, this body would feel super heavy and sleepy.

She would be forced to sleep.

'Ugh. I think I'll have to give up today. Let's ask Fin tomorrow. He's wise. I think he will know a way.'

Ainsley turned her body and subconsciously looked at Grandpa Yofan, who was sitting behind the desk. She didn't think of anything when she looked at him, but somehow…

She felt something scratching her heart when she saw this scene.

The elderly looked stern as he sorted the documents and tried to help the family even though he wasn't talented in this field.

The wrinkles on his face were visible under the soft moonlight seeping through the window behind the elderly. His eyes looked fatigued and dark circles settled underneath his beautiful eyes.

'Grandpa Yofan…'

Ainsley felt like something was choking her throat. She couldn't speak and could only look up at the grandpa while laying on the desk.

To think that the elderly who was supposed to be on the battlefield began to pick his pen rather than his sword…

It showed how dire their family situation was.

Staring at Grandpa Yofan with pity in her eyes, Ainsley once again swore to save the failing family.

It doesn't only include her fate, but also these people's fate.

Even though Ainsley saw her family members as no more as a stepping stone to help her revive the family, it didn't mean she didn't care for them.

'Elliana. Grandpa Yofan. Kyuseli. And many more innocent members…'

Ainsley bit her lips. A realisation dawned upon her that this wasn't an anime or a manhwa.

This was her new life.

No matter what, she couldn't treat other people's lives as a mere number on a board. They're not chess pieces, no matter how bad they were.

Even the dumb Elliana was a living being with emotion and intelligence. Her intelligence might be low, but one could see her eternal loyalty to the family.

'I...I have to think of these people too. Maybe...I shouldn't use Elliana as a mere puppet.'

Ainsley began to reflect on her thoughts thanks to Grandpa Yofan's appearance. If she didn't visit this man at his office, she wouldn't know any of this.


Ainsley held Grandpa Yofan's rough and wrinkly hand. The baby gripped it tightly.

'I will lead us out of misery. I will take care of you guys. let's do our best.'

The baby didn't say this out loud, but as if understanding her thoughts, Grandpa Yofan paused his hand movement and smiled gently at the baby.

"Are you hungry? Let's eat." Grandpa Yofan hid the documents from Ainsley before picking the baby. He put her on his arms as he walked away from the desk, leaving his work just for the baby so that she could eat.

"Owkay…" Ainsley weakly nodded as she leaned her head on the grandpa's chest. She could feel the warmth coming from the elderly's safe embrace.

It's as if even when the world fell, the elder would still protect her in his arms.

"Today's dinner is Ain's favourite, steamed chicken. We even shred the meat so you can eat it easily, " Grandpa Yofan suddenly spoke with a warm voice, and that only further stabbed Ainsley's conscience.

Ainsley bit her lower lips as tears started to gather at the edge of her eyes.

Maybe she was exhausted after taking a long tour to recruit members, or perhaps she felt miserable after not finding a way to get a large sum of money, but…

Ainsley just felt like enjoying this moment for a while before resuming her duty.

Her duty as the mafia boss.

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