Chapter 61 - "Where Is That Baby?"

Chapter 61 of 100 chapters

The next day, Ainsley woke up with the sight of maids she was used to. Today, the maids dressed her up into a French doll.

The end of Ainsley's hair was curled a bit, and one adorned a frilly white headband on her head. The clothes she got today was a one-set medieval-era style with the top being a white blouse, and the bottom was a pale pink A-line skirt.

The high-waist skirt almost touched Ainsley's chest while the white blouse had frills and thin ribbon on the chest area. The long sleeves also covered the baby's arms perfectly.

Now Ainsley could set off while looking like a walking doll. The maids even gave her a white rabbit plushie for the baby to hug, completing her fashion.

If this was the modern world, Aimsley felt that she might be a child model.

Looking at her reflection on the mirror, Ainsley felt the urge to straighten the edge of her hair. Since her hair was only touching her neck, it became even shorter when these people added frills on her hair.

Now she looked like a messy little birds nest. It seemed somehow weird, but in fact, it's pretty. It matched the clothes. Ainsley now oozed the aura of a truly wealthy people.

'Hm. It's alright. Not too bad.'

Ainsley reluctantly accepted this fashion as she trotted out of the room, heading to the library. She had finished her breakfast in her bedroom this morning. Thus, she only had to visit Elliana.

'I wonder if Fin is already there.'

Ainsley speeded up and ran to the library, not knowing that her little fairy friend was waiting at the house tree.

One could see a boy with blonde hair was smothering his navy blue aristocrat coat. Added with a white blouse and a frilly tie, the boy looked much more sophisticated than yesterday.

He even wore short brown pants and black leather shoes, adding more points to his handsome face.

'Hmm, where is that baby?'

Finley twirled the pocket mirror on his left hand as he brushed his hair, trying to keep it neat. The boy would occasionally glance down to see if the baby came here.

They promised to meet here yesterday. Well, at least that's what Finley remembered. Sadly, Ainsley forgot about it.

The two kept missing each other until an hour passed by, and Ainsley finally found Finley at the top of the weird tree she visited yesterday.

"Fwin!" Ainsley called out while panting hard. The girl looked up at the lush tree with a glare.

Why is this boy here, ah? I don't remember telling him to wait at the tree? Why didn't he visit the library?! I waited for an hour!

Ainsley harrumphed while watching Finley jump from the tree. Once the boy landed, he immediately put on an apologetic smile.

"Sorry, I thought we would meet here? I remembered yesterday we agreed to meet here." Finley carried Ainsley and jumped up to the tree, leaving behind a faint noise of the leaves brushing his clothes.

A moment later, the two already arrived on their self-made hideout that they created yesterday. Placing Ainsley on her seat, Finley mentioned their promise.

"Where have you been? I was waiting for you here, you know?" The boy looked at Ainsley, who was still pouting. The girl looked like she didn't want to admit her fault.

"Ath liblaly! (At library!)" Ainsley gritted her teeth. Her cheeks flushed red while the girl tried hard to hide her embarrassment.

Ahh, so I'm the one at fault? I forgot about the meeting place!

Ainsley didn't care if Finley lied to her to not. Anyway, she wasted an hour just because of this misunderstanding.

And that's not pleasant.

Seeing Ainsley didn't want to talk about this matter anymore, Finley could only laugh. He patted Ainsley's head before adjusting his seating position.

Just like yesterday, he leaned to the main trunk of the tree while Ainsley had the human-made backseat.

"So, what do you want to ask today, Ain?" Finley chuckled. He didn't know why but he immediately felt excited when Ainsley appeared.

Even more so when he noticed that the girl looked like a walking doll. Even if he's not interested in a child, he had to admit that Ainsley was cute.

"Hwm. Wanna askh…" Ainsley bit on the rabbit plushie's ear, seemingly in deep thought on what to ask.

She already knew what to ask. But she was a bit wary of Finley's reaction.

'Will he think that I'm weird if he knows that I want to make money?'

The girl hesitated a bit, and Finley didn't urge her. He just casually squeezed the baby's cheek and laughed.

'Maybe this is what a little sister feels like? I can't wait to see her grow up and escape her fate.'

Finley's eyes were twinkling as he watched the struggling Ainsley. The little devil in his heart enjoyed it when this vulnerable baby struggled to do something.

Then she would rely on him, the older guy. Wouldn't that show off his ability to this baby?

Finley grinned at the thoughts, but then, he suddenly remembered the news he received last night.

'According to our spy at the Sloan Family, the family head just fired the whole accountant team working for the main family and replaced them with others?'

Finley glanced at the so-called family head, who was still gnawing on the rabbit doll's ear. He felt bad for the bunny.

Still, Finley went back to focus on the news. He couldn't help but keep his eyes on Ainsley even though his spy wouldn't possibly harm Ainsley.

He just wanted to know how this baby changed her future.

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