Chapter 62 - "If Only"

Chapter 62 of 100 chapters

'But to fire a bunch of accountants...are those the corrupt one? How come she knows those people are the roots of her problem?'

Finley wondered in silence. Naturally, he didn't know about this because the real reason why Ainsley fired those men was unknown.

Finley's spy didn't know about Ainsley's conversation with Grandpa Yofan, and that's why everything was a mystery. The majority of the Sloan Family members also only knew about the accountant team's change but didn't know the reason.

Some of them felt that the family head was irresponsible, but since Grandpa Yofan agreed to the decision, they didn't dare to protest.

That's how the spy didn't know the cause of this event.

Finley, who heard the news, also felt the need to know how Ainsley fired those accountants.

As someone who had lived his life twice, he could instantly guess that those accountants must be corrupting the family's money.

But then, how could Ainsley, a three years old toddler, knew about it? Or maybe she fired those people on a whim?

If she didn't do that on a whim and knew the truth, didn't that mean this baby is more than a genius?

She might be a heresy. An abnormal being. Maybe she also went back in time just like him. Or perhaps someone else possessed her body.

Finley believed in both cases. If he could go back in time, it's possible if someone else took over Ainsley's body, and this someone was a lot smarter than the previous Ainsley.

That would explain how a baby could be so thorough.

But without any evidence, the so-called fairy couldn't say that confidently. He glanced at Ainsley, who was still waiting for him to answer her question.

The girl looked restless.

"Hm, a way to get quick money. I think selling drugs, selling slaves and organs are the best way. Some people hunt treasures and auction it off, " Finley answered with a grim face.

"There are even some who are so outrageous to kidnap low-rank spirit or fairies and sell them at the black market auction. Such people are greatly condemned."

"Uwh…" Ainsley rolled her eyes at Finley's answer. If she could sell a fairy, she would have kidnapped Fin and registered him at a nearby black market.

I don't want to make dirty money, ah!

"Nwo, dilthy mone. (No, dirty money.)" Ainsley sulked. The baby implied that she didn't want to make dirty money in such ways.

Seeing how the baby understood his words and even chose to reject it, Finley didn't know whether to laugh or not.

'She is too brilliant.'

The fairy clicked his tongue before brushing his golden hair. "No dirty money, hum? Then...another way to get quick money somewhat legally…"

The boy murmured as he squeezed his brain cells, trying to give a satisfactory answer to the baby. He didn't want to disappoint her, and indeed, he thought of a few ways.

"You can buy a lottery, and win huge cash if you're lucky. Next is...gambling. The biggest place to do gambling is at the car, horse or monster races. But…"

Finley paused. He had a mischievous smile on his face as he rubbed his palms, forming the wind into a stack of transparent coins.

"You can visit the casino to join high-level gambling."


Ainsley's eyes lit up. She instantly patted her forehead, thinking that she was a complete idiot.

"Yehz! Cwashino!" Ainsley nodded energetically. Her heart was screaming in pleasure.

How did I forget about that place? If I'm lucky, I can get a lot of money in one go! But...if I'm not lucky…

Ainsley gulped. She knew how many people were crushed by gambling and casino business. They could be a king overnight or be a beggar the next second.

It's truly terrifying. Even if one just tried a casino machine and didn't play with other customers, they could still lose a lot of money at the gacha slot.

You know, that machine which required the user to pair three cards with the same image to get BINGO! and poured money.

That, too, was based on luck or trickery by the casino owner.

'Casino, huh. If I'm richer, I should open one too.'

Ainsley rubbed her chin as she started to think about this matter, not knowing that Finley was watching her with a face looking as if he just swallowed an egg.

'What is this baby thinking? Don't tell me she wants to go to the casino? Does she know that a casino is dangerous?'

It's not only dangerous because of how people could lose money. It's also dangerous because people could be targeted once they went out of the casino. Especially if they just won big cash.

That's why only a mid-size to a big-sized family with a strong force behind them dared to go to a high-class casino. The bigger the reward, the higher the risk and the danger lurking around.

Finley couldn't help but fidget, thinking that Ainsley would go to the casino alone. He didn't know why she needed money, but if he let her go alone…

'No can do. Maybe I should tail her and assign some guards to protect her? Those dogs from the Sloan Family are incompetent.'

Finley clicked his tongue in annoyance. He didn't know why such a family could have someone as smart and lovely as Ainsley.

'If she becomes my little sister or gets into my Walter Family, her talent will shine more. It's a waste for her to be in the corrupted Sloan Family.'

Finley was fantasising Ainsley becoming his family. He would then pamper her and showered her with what she deserved!

'I'm sure dad will agree with me.'

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