Chapter 63 - "Computer & Smartphone"

Chapter 63 of 100 chapters

Finley recalled his father, who looked cold but was actually a softie. That old man became that cold because of his grandpa's mistake, pairing him with someone whom he didn't love.

Yes, Finley's mother wasn't someone Finley's father loved, but the father still loved Finley. He just didn't show it. He might be cold and caused stress to his legal wife, but he didn't neglect his only son.

He didn't even try to do adultery with his past lover. That man was admirable even for Finley, who didn't know whether to side with his mother or his father.

In the end, for the price of going back in time, his mother passed away. But that might be a good thing. His mother could now rest in peace and wouldn't be tormented living in a house with no one to love her.

Finley shook his head, pitying the current development of his family. But regardless of what his family situation was, he would still protect this baby even if he wasn't the toddler's family.

'If Ain tries to go to the casino, I'll follow her. Maybe I should assign some spies around her from now on? So that they will tell me when Ain wants to go to the casino.'

While Finley was arranging a plan to be Ainsley's shadow guard, the baby was thinking of how to test her luck.

'I don't know how lucky I am. If I'm quite lucky, I can try the casino. But if I'm not, I think I might have to sell Fin.'

Ainsley glanced at Finsley's adorable face and thought of making the boy into a world-class idol. Maybe selling his pictures or his used things alone would bring huge cash.

This world doesn't have an idol system, right? Fin can debut to be the first. With his face and voice, he will be popular in the nick of time.

Ainsley's mind started to drift toward somewhere, but the girl immediately snapped out of it. She took a deep breath and shook her head.

'No, no, Fin is eight this year. He said that when he became 10, he would attend the royal fairy academy. He won't be able to debut as an idol.'

Ainsley tossed aside the idea of kidnapping Fin and nurtured him into a future world-class idol. In the end, the baby thought more about casinos and gambling.

'Should I try to buy a lottery and see if I win? If I win, I'll go to the casino and try the easiest one first with the lowest risk. After that, if I succeed, I'll continue until the average amount of risk.'

Ainsley rubbed her chin and started to form a plan in her mind.

And that's how today's meeting turned into a talk about gambling and casinos.

Once it's lunchtime, Finley bid goodbye to Ainsley because he had to go back to his mansion. As usual, the boy rode the wind as if it's his own pet before vanishing from Ainsley's sight.

Afternoon, lunch.

"Gwandpa. Cwan Ain gwo outh? (Can Ain go out?)" Ainsley munched the roasted duck porridge she had for lunch while asking Grandpa Yofan.

The old man instantly paused his hand movement. He then looked at Ainsley in slight puzzlement.

"Ain wants to go out? Why? What do you need?" The elderly asked cautiously because children below five years old never came out of their residence.

It was too dangerous outside. Because their house was in a residential complex, one didn't need to worry about the danger lurking in the territory or the city.

In fact, the mafia families residential complex was in the countryside, quite far from the city bustling with business and danger. The territory of each family, including the cities, the lands around them, mine, and other illegal trade.

Going to the city means that they would be exposed to the police and government. That's why the mafia would only go to the town to do missions or trading.

It's rare for the wealthy mafia family to play in the town without a proper escort.

"Ain, do you know that it's dangerous outside?" Old Yofan immediately added without waiting for Ainsley's response.

Right now, the Sloan Family needed personnel. They couldn't even escort the head family to go to the town!

"Yesh, Ain knowh. Buth…" The baby fiddled with her hair. She anxiously glanced at Old Yofan.

How do I buy a lottery, if I don't go to the town, ah? Does this world have an internet? Eh, they do, but I didn't see any computers or handphones in our house!

Seeing that Old Yofan was about to refute, Ainsley immediately tried to persuade the elderly.

"Uwh, Ain ish boled. Wanth two playh. (Ain is bored. Want to play.)" The baby wailed. She acted spoiled for the second time.

If I can't go out for the moment, at least give me access to the internet! I can buy an online lottery using the money stored in the family's account. Elliana has permission, and I can ask her.

Ainsley's eyes were twinkling as she hoped that the elder would at least let her play with the computer and technology rather than stuffing her to read books or act like someone from the medieval era.

I hadn't even seen the vehicle used in this world, ah! I didn't see the town. I'm locked in this huge 'garden' called the Sloan Family mansion.

Elder Yofan clearly sensed Ainsley's eagerness to experience the world. The old man looked at Ainsley with a complicated gaze.

"Hmm, I can't let you out for the time being, but if you're bored...I'll let you use the computer and the smartphone. How is it?"

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