Chapter 64 - "Stand At The Top"

Chapter 64 of 100 chapters

Thinking that Ainsley didn't know anything about computers and smartphones, the elder was sure that the baby would be interested.

Even though it's not nice to let a toddler play with technology too early, it's better than letting the girl go out to the town.

Also, Ainsley needed a private tutor once she's 5. Letting her play now wouldn't be so bad before she started to go on the path of hellish studying.

Getting the answer she wanted, Ainsley immediately nodded.

"Owkay! Comphutel, smalthpwone." Ainsley giggled as she waited for the old man to lead her to the technology room.

I will finally touch the internet! Hohoho, maybe I can watch anime too?

Ainsley was thrilled.

After lunch, Grandpa Yofan finally brought Ainsley to an ordinary-looking internet cafe inside the mansion. There were five to six black monitors and a few CPUs on the wooden table, ready to be used.

"Ain, listen. You can use the computer for maximum an hour every day and two hours on a smartphone. Get it?" Grandpa Yofan spoke as he sat on the leather gaming chair behind the computer at the corner.

He placed Aisley on his lap so that she could see the screen.

"Hum, kay!" The baby didn't protest against this rule.

Only an hour to use a computer. Okay, no watching anime then. I'll just use it to browse important information. As for the smartphone...I can use social media to do promotion and such?

Ainsley organised her plan in her mind. She then obediently listened to Old man Yofan explaining how to use the computer.

"So this is how you do it…" The old man started to teach Ainsley on how to operate the technology.

As a great elder, he already put a filter on anything that would be inappropriate for a baby to see or access. That's why he was sure that he could leave Ainsley to enjoy her playing time alone.

Unfortunately, Ainsley could still find an official online lottery web as it's not restricted to the 'dangerous' things Grandpa Yofan banned from the internet.

Once old man Yofan left, the baby immediately climbed the table and pushed the keyboard along with the screen. After getting a space to sit on the desk, she hurriedly typed on the keyboard with her small fingers.

5 minutes later…

After much difficulties typing with her tiny fingers, Ainsley finally got what she wanted.

"Hwm. Hwm. Lothely." Ainsley used the mouse swiftly and clicked on the lottery which would be announced tomorrow.

She could buy the ticket and fill a six-digit number as she wished. Of course, if there's someone with the same combination already, she couldn't enter the same digit anymore.

"Hummm…" Ainsley bought the blank ticket first using the money deposited in her account. Ah, it's not her personal account. It's the family head account, and since Elliana told her the pin, she could access it freely.

Thanks, El!

After buying the lottery only for around $10, Ainsley inputted the number she thought would win the lottery.

'The prize for this lottery is $100, 10 times the original prize. Still, if I win, I could buy a lottery with a higher price.'

Ainsley typed '845270' as the number of her lottery. The girl was just silently typing numbers, not noticing that once she clicked the enter button, a pale golden light flowed out of her fingers and seeped into the computer.


Ainsley sighed in relief and then got down from the table. The girl didn't need to access the computer for fully an hour since she didn't know what else to do other than playing online games, which wouldn't be enough in just an hour.

In the end, Ainsley visited several mafias homepage to know more about the mafia world. Of course, these websites were all from the dark web.

Naturally, the computer and the internet in the Sloan Family house was good enough to prevent evil mafia in the dark web to trace them.

Ainsley also knew how to use the dark web thanks to her passion as a chuunibyou. The girl took a quick look at the dark web, which auctioned humans, human organs, and drugs, before closing it.

The baby's face instantly distorted, looking ugly.

'Meh. Does all mafia do dirty business?'

Ainsley couldn't help but lament. She wanted to puke. In anime and manhwa, not all mafia did dirty business. Some of them did an honest business and were successful.

So how could the mafia she saw here were this bad?

Ainsley even started to wonder whether her family business was truly a good one or not. Are they righteous business?

'I seem to hear Uncle Roger say that the family sells drugs and weapons? At least they don't kidnap people and sell organs.'

Ainsley could only sigh. She couldn't even propose a good business for her family. It's just a naive dream to abolish the current dirty business before she got her hand on a righteous business.

Even among the seven great families, only the Walter Family did a virtuous business.

They had a few real estate companies, traded with the fairies and high-ranked spirits, established a few large intelligence guilds and researchers.

It's weird to call them a mafia family. Well, they were included in the mafia family simply because of their lineage and how they also dealt with weaponry business. They might sell drugs, but they had restrictions.

Ainsley knew about this. That's why, to have a righteous business which didn't make dirty money, she had to be at the top of the mafia world—both in the economy and strength.

'I will stand at the top!'

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