Chapter 65 - "Winning Or Losing"

Chapter 65 of 100 chapters

The next day, Ainsley woke up early. She took a sleeveless jeans jacket with a collar before pairing it with a fluffy pink skirt. The skirt had white flowers decoration, making the baby look like a flower fairy for a second.

After styling her hair into a short ponytail and added a few flower hair clips, the baby ran to the dining hall to have breakfast.

That morning, she was in such a hurry that she didn't speak to Elliana at all. Before 8 a.m, her meeting time with Finsley, Ainsley ran to the computer room to check her lottery result.

'Will I win, or not? It will be announced soon…'

Ainsley stared wide-eyes at the thin computer screen in front of her. Flashing in her blue pupil was the image of the official lottery website. The screen shone brightly as it showed the countdown to the lottery reveal.


Ainsley bit her lower lips, waiting for the countdown to touch 0. At this moment, her heart was pounding hard, and sweat started to trickle down her forehead.

It felt incredibly suffocating for the baby to take a breath. She just held her breath for a few seconds, and she didn't even blink.

She was afraid that if she blinked, she would miss the announcement.

Tik. Tik. Tik.

The sound of the clock ticking behind her grew louder and louder as the countdown was reduced to 10 seconds.


Ainsley gulped loudly. The baby touched the computer screen with a grim face. She didn't dare to speak, afraid that somehow, it would disturb her luck.

Though it wasn't logical whatsoever.

Time passed by, and the countdown finally reached 0. At the same time, the screen flashed, and six small boxes appeared for all to see.

The boxes were all empty, waiting for the online lottery host to fill in the blank.

Not waiting any longer, the first box, the first digit, blinked fast. Several numbers rolled quickly, forming a black afterimage. One couldn't see which number would pop out after the rolling stopped.

Krrrkk. Krkkk. Krkk.

The numbers inside the first box kept rolling, and after a few seconds, it slowed down before completely stopping.


The first digit appeared, and to Ainsley's surprise, the number was something she knew very well.

It was 8.


"Wah!" Ainsley screamed in excitement as she hit the computer's screen out of reflex. Her face flushed red, and her heart didn't stop beating fast.

'I got the first digit right! There are five more digits, but at least I won one for now.'

Ainsley couldn't imagine how many people out there already failed the lottery because their chosen number wasn't eight. There was only 1/10 chance of getting that number.

Obviously, Ainsley was quite lucky in this aspect.

Following the girl's scream of happiness was the second box. The black numbers inside the box scrambled again, rolling inside the white box. The afterimage was the only thing people could see.

Still, because she had won the first digit, Ainsley was rather calm this time. She kept an eye on the number that would appear…

And to her surprise, once the numbers slowed down, what appeared on the screen was…

Number 4.

She got it right again! Two times in a row!

"Fuuu– waah!" Ainsley took a deep breath and yelled while facing the ceiling. The baby's eyes were twinkling like stars in the sky.

I did it! I got the second number! Oho! Aren't I lucky?!

Ainsley clenched her fists and silently calmed her chaotic heart. The girl knew that she shouldn't be too happy since there were still 4 digits yet to be revealed.

The girl waited until the host revealed the third number and...she wasn't surprised anymore that it showed number 5.

That's also what Ainsley chose!

Winning three times in a row, Ainsley felt her blood soared to her head. Her heart almost jumped out of her chest.

'Yes, yes! Just three more digits. If I get them right, all of them, I'll win the lottery, and that confirms my luck.'

Ainsley rubbed her palms as she watched the fourth digit revealed...was number 2. It was also the number she chose yesterday.

'Uh...I get a feeling that I will win?'

"Hwuuu…" Ainsley murmured as she looked at the screen. She had guessed four digits correctly, and there were only two digits left.

At this moment, there were only two chances for her to fail to get the lottery. The lottery might be small, it's just $10, and she would lose nothing even if she didn't win.

But it's essential to test her luck!

'Calm down, calm down. It's almost over.'

Ainsley chanted in her heart while waiting for the host to reveal the fifth number. In the silent room, the baby was the only one using the computer, but she didn't even realise that.

The baby was immersed in the digits revealed on the screen.

Didn't know how, but the fifth digit revealed was none other than 7, the same number that Ainsley chose!

"Kkh– waa!" The baby couldn't contain her excitement anymore. She was almost sure that she would win the lottery.

After all, she got 6 digits right!

'Why am I so lucky? This is my first time doing the lottery, and I'm almost winning. No, I think I will win.'

Ainsley didn't know where she got that kind of confidence. She just felt it. Still, despite her confidence, Ainsley kept her eyes on the screen.

"Huuu...lhash…" the baby mumbled to herself.

It was now the last digit of the lottery ticket, the final digit that would determine her fate.

It's either winning or losing.

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