Chapter 66 - "A Regressor's Problem"

Chapter 66 of 100 chapters

Ainsley was now waiting for the last digit of the lottery number. The girl squeezed her eyes as she watched the numbers on the screen flashed fast, creating a blurry after-image.

C'mon, number 0, please!

Ainsley clasped her hands together in front of her chin, praying so that she would be lucky. When the girl closed her eyes, another faint golden light flashed from her glabella.

The golden light surrounded the girl's body before disappearing quietly. At the same time, Ainsley opened her eyes, and the last digit of the lottery number was revealed.

The number flashed in a bright white light before forming an oval number.

It was 0.

Ainsley instantly jumped out. The girl landed on the floor with a loud THUD before screaming.

"Yesh! Didth ith! Yewsh! (Yes! Did it! Yes!)" Ainsley kicked the floor and started to dance around. Her face flushed red from excitement. She couldn't contain the bubbling happiness in her heart.

I'm lucky! I won the lottery!

Ainsley wasn't only happy because she won the lottery. She was excited because this could be the first step to test her luck. If she tried this a few times…

Ainsley immediately decided to buy lottery tickets for a few days ahead. She would try her luck several times before going to the casino.

The casino would naturally be a dangerous place both for her safety and her wealth.

That's why she had to be prepared. Since the casino was the only way to gain money to pay the family's debt quickly, Ainsley had no choice.

She planned to rob the casino of its money using her luck! Of course, that would only happen after she made sure that she's quite lucky.

Closing the web, Ainsley then turned off the computer before going to the back garden. It was time to meet Finnie.

Ainsley wasted no time to arrive at the garden. Once she was there, she whistled, trying to see whether Finnie already came or not. Standing underneath the big tree, Ainsley patiently waited for Finnie to bring her up using his wind.

Indeed, after a few seconds, the wind wrapped around Ainsley's body and gently brought her up to the tree. Her small figure vanished behind the lush leaves of the tree.

The moment Ainsley's feet touched the branches, the wind disappeared, and a blonde boy appeared.

"Hey, morning." Finley waved his hands as he dragged Ainsley to sit on the branch next to him. As usual, the boy's voice sounded so mellow and pleasant that Ainsley couldn't help but squint her eyes.

Ah. What a wonderful life.

The girl boldly looked at Finley from head to toe, admiring the boy's handsomeness. Today, Finley only wore a white jeans vest, sleeveless, coupled with dark green short pants.

His appearance looked casual yet still resembled a fairy.

"Mowning." Ainsley greeted Finley with a smile on her face. The girl then sat down on the branch that Finley already prepared for her.

As usual, Finley put a cushion underneath Ainsley's butt so that the girl wouldn't feel uncomfortable sitting on a branch for too long.

He was so meticulous handling Ainsley as if the girl would die with a slightest touch. Such a caring attitude touched Ainsley's heart.

The girl silently praised Finley in her mind.

'Heheh, when Fin grows up, he will be a superb gentleman. I'm sure that he will have a lot of pursuers!'

Ainsley could already imagine the figure where Finley debuted in fairy society, becoming the young generation's star.

He was also a royal family, so maybe he would attend a ball or something, mingling with the noble fairies.

Such a scene would suit Finley, but Ainsley actually felt a bit jealous since as a human, she wouldn't see this scene.

It was such a pity.

Ainsley shook her head and sighed. The girl tried not to be jealous of the girls who would witness Fin's social debut and might be his fiancee.

Fin's fiancée would definitely be a pretty fairy from a good background.

Someone like her who came from an almost ruined mafia family couldn't compare.

Ainsley's face darkened at such thoughts, but she quickly recovered. The girl patted her chest and whispered in her mind.

'Nevermind, even if I can't see Fin's debut, I can be with him everyday.'

Ainsley truly liked Finley, who became her close friend in a short time. Moreover, Finley was smart for a child, maybe because he's a library fairy.

Ainsley didn't feel like talking to a child but talking to someone around her soul age, maybe around 20 years old or more.

Finding such a guy would be difficult in this world. Thus, Ainsley even thought of contracting Finley as her contract fairy once she hit 10.

Alas, little did she know that Finley already had such a thought but since he wasn't a true fairy, the boy could only look at Ainsley with regrets in his eyes.

'I really like this baby. She's smart for her age. No, she seems to be so mature like me. Maybe she's also a regressor? If yes, then can't we get engaged?'

Finley was concerned about his non-existent future fiancée this time because he knew that his past fiancée was one of the reasons why he had to go back in time.

Now, he would find someone he likes and not someone arranged by his family. But then, since he regressed, he was stuck in an awkward situation.

His soul is 25 years old or more, but his body is only an 8-years-old boy. If he were to get a fiancée around his age, wouldn't he be a paedophile?

But if he were to get someone at 20 or 25, his body was only a boy. That's also weird!

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