Chapter 67 - "The Dangerous Casino"

Chapter 67 of 100 chapters

Because of his strange situation, Finley thought that he would never find someone to marry. But then he met Ainsley and thought of a bizarre idea.

What if Ainsley is a regressor with her soul much older than her body? Then...they would be a perfect match!

With such a thought, Finley was determined to see whether Ainsley was a regressor or not. Sadly, the girl didn't seem to know about the future, which means she wasn't a regressor.

Disappointed, Finley could only try to treat Ainsley just like his little sister. Even if he couldn't get this baby as his future wife, if the Sloan Family collapsed in the future, he could adopt Ainsley to be his little sister.

While Finley thought like that, Ainsley actually had the same thoughts. The girl looked at Finley, who was only a boy, and she couldn't help but sigh.

It's a crime to like a boy 12 years younger than you, right? Moreover, he's a fairy, and I'm a human. We are never meant to be together.

Ainsley also felt that Finley could be a good husband candidate since she would naturally need a trustworthy partner to rule the family without destroying it.

Alas, Finley, a good candidate, would never be her husband because of his age and race.

Ainsley found out that she was in a weird situation because her body and soul's age didn't match.

That's how the girl planned to be single until she found a fellow transmigrator or at least a regressor.

The two babies didn't know that the person they're looking for was already in front of their eyes.

"Owh, Fwin. Wanna askh," Ainsley suddenly spoke, tugging Finley's sleeve.

"Yes? What is it?" Finley snapped out of his thoughts and started to focus on whatever the baby wanted to ask him.

He already subconsciously started to spoil the girl even when she was only his close friend for now.

" whe...enthel the cashino?" Ainsley asked the things she always wanted to ask.

Finley almost choked because of Ainsley's words. The boy looked at Ainsley with eyes full of astonishment. He doubted his ears at the moment.

"The casino? Why did you ask? Do you want to go there?" Finley was speechless. When he was around Ainsley's age, how could he have the thought of entering the casino?

Even when he was 8, in his previous life, he couldn't go out of the mansion. All mafia children had to stay in their residence until they were 10 years old!

It's because the outside world was much more dangerous than one could imagine.

The mix of technology and magic was terrible, and monsters from the fantasy fairytale wasn't a mere fantasy anymore. It truly existed in this world.

That's why children, especially the mafia children living at the outskirts, couldn't go to the town.

The town was dangerous with monsters frequently attacking every single day. It was already a daily occurrence there. That's why all wealthy family would never live in the town.

They might set up their company there because the business was flourishing under those monsters' market value, but to live there…

Only the poor could live there. And such, there would be many poor people dying because of the monsters or other dangers in the city.

Now...Ainsley said that she wanted to go to the casino which was located in that dangerous city!

Ainsley and Finley naturally lived in Godlif country's capital, but their residence was quite a distance away from the capital, providing safety for them.

Those monsters came from the sea or the great void at the entrance of the capital. Thus, it couldn't go far to the outskirts.

But then Ainsley suddenly said that she wanted to go to that horrible place?

Even if the casino would be safe from monsters thanks to the tight security, the people visiting the casino could be considered dangerous too!

Finley instantly panicked.

"Ain, do you want to go to the casino? Why?" Finley asked in a gentle voice, but his pupils kept shaking. Even the great Finley didn't dare to go to the town in his previous life before he turned 10.

Even though he could already visit the town now, he still rarely went there if there's no urgent business. His father would also accompany him.

Now...Ainsley, someone from a declined family wanted to go there. Is she insane?

"Ywesh. Ain wan two enthel de caswino…(Ain want to enter the casino….)" Ainsley nodded innocently. She was oblivious to the danger she would attract.

"Two...gwet mwoney...fol...famiwy…(to..get, " she replied weakly.

Finley immediately sucked in cold air. He shook his head, and his eyes turned stern.

"Ain, you shouldn't go to the casino. The casino is situated in the town, and it's full of monsters. Not only that but...the people visiting the casino are all dangerous people…"

Finley tried his best to scare Ainsley. He knew that not all casinos would be dangerous, but the safest one from the monsters would naturally attract powerful figures all over the country!

The best casino in the town is Billios Casino, owned by a mysterious influential figure. Even the Walter family had to be wary of the one behind the Billios Casino.

With a powerful owner, the casino naturally attracted a lot of powerful figures.

Some just wanted to have fun while some did dealings inside the casino since even the government and police couldn't catch any criminals entering the casino.

The casino was like a gathering of dangerous people. One could find mafia families, crazy researchers, hunters who hunted monsters, fantasy figures like elves and other beings also could be found here.

How could a mere three years old baby enter such a dangerous place?!

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