Chapter 68 - "The Plan's Flaw"

Chapter 68 of 100 chapters

Finley explained the danger of the casino in full details, hoping that Ainsley would yield.

Indeed, once she heard it, Ainsley's eyes dimmed. The girl bit her lips. Her plan just scattered one by one.

Damn it. If I can't enter the casino, how do I get quick money? No money, no clearing up debts! Then the family will decline even further.

Ainsley actually considered making money using the normal way such as doing business, but she knew it would take a long time.

The debt would have piled up, and the money from the business would never be able to pay the debt!

And such, even if she had to depend on her life, she had to try the casino. Sending in another person would be out of question because no one was as lucky as her.

Ainsley already tested her luck, and she was confident she could rope in a lot of money! Just once. She would enter the casino just once, ah!

Ainsley was feeling conflicted. Not only that she felt she couldn't enter the casino, but maybe Grandpa Yofan would also never let her go unless an influential figure accompanied her.

Would Elliana be strong enough? Ho, of course not. Thus, the girl can't enter the casino.

Ainsley bit her lips even harder. She looked at Finley with tears in her eyes.

"Twen...wat two dwo...hwaaa...m-my famiwy nwed mwoney....(then...what to do...hwaa...m-my family need money….)" Ainsley bawled. She felt that her great plan had such a huge hole that she had to rearrange her plan.

Maybe cleaning the family from the corrupt members would be faster than entering the casino.

Finley suddenly had a headache because of the girl. He couldn't bear to see her cry.

"That...uh…" Finley didn't know what to do. Should he send experts to tail Ainsley as she entered the casino? It wouldn't be of help at all. After all, his father wouldn't agree with him sending experts for anybody.

He could follow Ainsley to the casino, but then...he wasn't confident he could protect her. Especially when Ainsley said that she wanted to go to the casino to make money.

One could imagine a baby racking in big money. Wouldn't those people try to snatch her money once she stepped out of the casino?

The casino had its own rule. That's why there could be no fighting or robbery inside. But outside? No one cares! Would the police and the government help?

Heh. Once they knew that Ainsley was the heir of a mafia family, they would be glad to see her die and perish. After all, mafias are all bad guys in those people's eyes.

Finley finally took a deep breath and sighed.

" need money, hm?" Finley tried to assess the root of the problem, which is money. He also knew that the girl lacked money for her family.

But if that's the problem….couldn't he help? Maybe his pocket money and some begging to his dad would be sufficient.

"Yewsh...Ain nweds mwoney…" Ainsley nodded as she wiped her tears. Occupying the body of a baby, she also became soft-hearted and a bit childish. Maybe that's the side effect.

"Hmm…" Finley fiddled with his fingers as he looked at the distressed Ainsley.

The young boy thought that he had a lot of money, so he immediately asked Ainsley.

"How much do you need? Maybe we can think of a way…" Finley didn't say that he would secretly help her. After all, a fairy couldn't help a human regarding money.

Their currencies are different!

"Mwe twink...abwout…" Ainsley blurted out the exact number of money she needed. It was all the debts accumulated by her bastard father and the failing businesses.

Once Finley heard the amount, he almost collapsed.

That much?? It's enough to buy an island! How the f*ck the Sloan Family's debt be that much? Wait. It must be the interest that is too high.

Did they borrow money from some malicious people?

Finley finally knew why Ainsley was desperate to go to the casino. Indeed, the casino was the only relatively 'safe' place to get so much money in a short time.

Considering someone was extremely lucky, they could do that and become rich overnight. But others might become a beggar with a flick of their finger.

It depends on luck and maybe...trickery.

Anyway, Finley knew that it's impossible to give Ainsley that much money. Moreover, he guessed that the one lending the money must be a big shot too.

He couldn't afford to offend an unknown expert when he had his family to protect.

Now...Finley was more sure that Ainsley's family would fall in the future. In the end, he could only help the girl and not the whole family.

It's just impossible. Who could help this family from declining when it's rotten inside and out? Whoever could do that might as well ascend the heavens and meet Godfather.

"That's...a lot of money…" Finley finally commented. He shook his head and sighed.

He couldn't help Ainsley.

"Uh. Twat's wai...Ain wan two gwo two de caswino…(That's why Ain want to go to the casino…)" Ainsley's face darkened. She had underestimated the danger of this world, thus creating a hole in her plan.

It seemed that saving the family would be harder than she imagined.

Ainsley knew that she's just an avid manga reader, not some expert when she was in her old world. She thought that because she's special, the heavens would favour her, thus giving her cheats to survive.


Her abilities so far are trash. She would die the moment she stepped out of her residence. That's for sure!

Ainsley's face became darker. The girl already shed tears and now, she was hiccuping.

Damn it. Damn! Do I have no other way?

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