Chapter 69 - "3 Sacred Guardians"

Chapter 69 of 100 chapters

Should I convince the whole Sloan Family to follow me to the casino? Or what? Is there any expert in the casino?

Maybe the 7 elders can help but will they allow her to go to the casino? Perhaps even the 7 elders are afraid to go to the casino with their family's current situation!

Seeing Ainsley was so gloomy that she looked like she couldn't love her life anymore, Finley felt his heart ache for the girl. The boy then stretched his hand and pulled the girl into his bosom.

"Don't cry, okay? I'll think of a way…" Finley felt that he couldn't give up just yet. He almost gave up helping the girl, but he couldn't bear to see the baby cry like this.

There must be a way out somehow. They only needed to get a powerful figure to accompany Ainsley to the casino…


Finley's eyes suddenly brightened. He looked at Ainsley with a smile on his face.

"Ain. There are three forces in your family that can help you enter the casino with no danger."


"Whu? (Who?)" Ainsley pulled herself from Finley's embrace. The girl's eyes brightened as she looked at Finley.

There's still hope?

"Mm. There are three forces strong enough to accompany you. First, the 7 elders. But ever since they're cursed, they don't go out to the town." Finley told Ainsley.

The boy seemed to know a lot about Sloan Family more than Ainsley himself.

Of course, that was because in the past, he befriended the 5 buds and even knew several great elders of that family.

He was even quite close to the family branches.

"One of the 7 elders is enough to help you, but ever since they're cursed, they can't go out of the residence. That's the price they have to pay for their power."

Finley seemed to remember the 7 great elders in his memory. In his previous life, those elders were the reason why the Sloan Family only collapsed after Ainsley became 18.

Unfortunately, the elders were already old. Even now, when Ainsley was 3 years old, they were already 70-80 years old.

They're not immortal. Their life wasn't limitless.

In the end, one by one perished due to old age. And that's when the Sloan Family hit the rock bottom!

"Because the elders can't go out of your residence due to the curse, I think you need the second force." Finley took a deep breath, revealing a trace of excitement.

"The second force is the five buds."


Ainsley cocked her head. She had heard about this and knew about these people's existence, but she didn't know much. Thus, she patiently waited for Finley's explanation.

"The five buds can be said as the strongest youngsters of your family. Their power is incredible, and I think all of them are in town right now, honing their skills by killing monsters."

"Hwooo…" Ainsley let out a sigh, admiring the five buds.

Those youngsters trained by fighting monsters?


"But you see, those five youngsters are all weirdos. They...will not easily admit you as the family head. So...emm…" Finley had a wry smile as he struggled to continue his words.

Even in his previous life, those buds never helped Ainsley. Even worse, they occupied a part of the Sloan Family's territory and refused to help the family head.

In the end, because they were all a proud figure, they coveted the family head seat. But once they saw how the family couldn't be saved, they abandoned the family and went to the other strong families.

Some constructed their own power. Some became elders of a strong family. The rest went on an adventure to explore the continent and beyond.

In other words, the five buds were like an untamed fire that none could tame without getting their acknowledgement.

They never felt a strong bond with the Sloan Family, and could be an enemy anytime soon.

Listening to the explanation, Ainsley's face grew cold. She didn't think that the five buds were such a group of eccentric people.

If only she could subdue them. She could bring the Sloan Family to the top of the world!

"And so, I think the last hope you can find...lay on the three sacred guardians." Finley's eyes turned gentle as he mentioned these existences.

Even Ainsley couldn't help but be curious.

"Wat ale twhey? (What are they?), " Ainsley asked. She didn't know anything about the three sacred guardians.

Could they be another powerful figure?

Indeed, they're powerful. Powerful enough to scare off the monsters in the town! But alas, so one could wake up those existences.

And that's why the Sloan Family had a huge potential to be a strong family in the top 7, but they never did it.

Because no one, not even the previous family head, could awaken those guardians.

"The three sacred guardians...are beasts with ancient bloodlines." Finley looked at Ainsley with a stern face.

"But if you want to borrow their power, you need to trigger their bloodline and get their acknowledgement. I can say is easier to kidnap the whole five buds than triggering those beasts bloodlines!"

Ainsley had the urge to roll her eyes and slapped Finley to death.

Then why would you suggest I wake up those beasts?! Do you think I have the ability to do that??

Finley seemed to guess the baby's thoughts from her dark face. The boy immediately grinned.

"Calm down. It's not as tough as you think it is. In fact, the beasts I mention...they are not beasts yet."

"Wat?" Ainsley gaped. She suddenly felt that Finley was teasing her.

If those sacred guardians aren't beasts, then what? A cat?

But...Finley's next words shocked Ainsley to her soul.

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