Chapter 70 - "They Are Cats"

Chapter 70 of 100 chapters

"The three sacred beasts are actually cats!" Finley patted his chest proudly, trying to reassure Ainsley. He didn't know that once he said that, Ainsley almost tossed him away from the tree.

A cat? A frickin cat?! Is my mouth a crow beak?

Ainsley couldn't believe her ears at all. She looked at Finley with eyes full of doubt.

"Cath? Ish ith tlue? (Is it true?)" Ainsley cocked her head as she shot a glare at Finley. If Fin said that it's just a joke, she would slap him to death.

Contrary to her expectation, Finley nodded solemnly.

"It's true. I'm not lying. Just ask your 7 great elders. They will tell you the same. Anyway, you can meet them anytime if the elders approve of it, " Finley continued his explanation.

The boy then squinted his eyes as he leaned closer to Ainsley. The natural fragrance and the smell of sun heat coming from the boy's body instantly entered Ainsley's nose, calming her.

In the next second, Finley lowered his voice, whispering straight to Ainsley's ears.

"I heard that there's 6 doors inside your mansion that leads to the other branches' estate? But there's one door that doesn't lead to any estate."

! Really??

Ainsley's eyes widened. She tried to remember the door she visited before but she forgot if there's the seventh door at that hall. Anyway, if there is, then…

"De caths...ale inshide twat doolsh? (The cats are inside that door?)" Ainsley's eyes brightened. She suddenly found hope to enter the casino.

She only needed to get one of those three cats to awaken their bloodline and tame them! After that, she could go anywhere she wanted.

"Yup. I bet those sacred guardians live behind the seventh door. If you can get one of the seven great elders to guide you to meet those guardians…"

Finley curled the corner of his lips as he pulled his body away from Ainsley, creating a distance not too far yet also not too close, just proper.

"Once you meet those sacred creatures, you can try to trigger their bloodlines and make them help you to go to the casino." Finley spoke with great confidence as if he believed that Ainsley could do it for sure.

However, Ainsley wasn't too optimistic. What Finley said sounded easy, but the reality is different.

First, would the elders agree to let her meet those guardians? Maybe no, because she's still a toddler. Perhaps she could say that she got advice from the Godfather in her dream, but…

This time, the matter was much more dreadful than just firing a few people. She was about to meet a sacred existence! Legendary beasts!

Those old foxes wouldn't let her meet the cats– no, the sacred guardian even if she told them she got a dream.

And such, maybe she could only use the last method which she saved for the future plan…

Pretend to be possessed by the Godfather spirit.

Ainsley realised that it's time to use that plan. She had studied enough of Uncle Dave, the legendary Godfather. She was sure that she could mimic him well.

She only had to prepare the substitute for wine and cigarettes since the Godfather loved these two items a lot.

As for how she would trigger the guardians' bloodline and get their favour, she would think of it after meeting those guardians.

"Hmm, owkay. Twank ywou, Fwin." Ainsley finally beamed a smile with reddened eyes. The girl rubbed her eyes with one hand before smiling once more.

That smile was the purest thing Finley ever saw.

He was suddenly glad to give some suggestions to this baby even though he couldn't help her directly.

"Mm. Don't mind it. Also, just some advice. Since those creatures are in the form of a cat before they trigger their bloodline, maybe you should study a cat's liking and dislike…"

Finley winked, giving off a playful look. He's nowhere bashful and shy like the first time he met Ainsley.

Ainsley suddenly thought that fairies weren't shy at all. They were only shy in front of strangers.

"Owkay. Studhy cath." Ainsley nodded energetically. Actually, since she also kept a cat in her previous world, she knew a lot about cats.

If only this world had Royal Canin or something, she could use it as a bribe since her cats liked them. Well, some might prefer Whiskas…

Anyway, she had to prepare cat food and toys! Or maybe even that wouldn't be enough.

Still, just thinking about it already gave a boost to Ainsley's heart.

The girl repeatedly thanked Finley and chatted more until lunchtime.

When lunchtime arrived, the girl bid goodbye and went to find Elliana. She asked the woman to prepare a lot of things that cats like.

After that, Ainsley naturally went to study. She read books about this world's politics, history, economy and other things. She knew that to be a good family head, she had to excel in a lot of fields.

The baby also thought of subduing the naughty 6 family branches under her era. Thus, she frequently visited those families, familiarising herself with the people there.

The effect might not be seen that quickly, but after a week, the Sloan Family people began to accept Ainsley as their family head.

Mainly because she's cute, polite, and smart.

"The new family head is so adorable, isn't she? The last time I saw her, she waved at me!" A bulky guy chatted with his friends as he walked down the corridor of his Ale Family.

"Yes, yes, she's so polite too!" Another responded.

"I heard that some lucky people get cookies or candies from our family head…"

"Oh my! Eh, even the great elders are fond of her. I heard that some of them bought her new clothes using their own money…"

That's how popular Ainsley was in a mere week, and...that's not even the end of it.

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