Chapter 71 - "Three Abilities"

Chapter 71 of 100 chapters

"Well, the number one elder, Elder Yofan, he even brought a white pony for Lady Ain." A person from the Ale Family shook his head, admiring how the elders doted on Ainsley even if they did it secretly.

This kind of conversation didn't happen only in the Ale Family. The other branches also discussed Ainsley, the baby who would visit them every single day just to exchange greetings and thanked them for their hard work.

Whenever the baby said: "Hewlo, unclhe, auntwie, twank ywou fol youl hald wolk! (Hello, uncle, Auntie, thank you for your hard work!)" Everyone would melt under such praise and appreciation.

The baby would also smile every time she met someone, subduing everyone's heart except for the higher-ups.

Ainsley was so humble and kind yet also smart. Those people with malicious thoughts found it hard to deal with this baby, and now they were guarded against her.

Still, such intelligence was actually normal considering she's the family head.

Even if she's still 3 years old, if she couldn't surpass children of her age, she should be ashamed of her mafia family bloodline!

With Ainsley's effort to be known by the normal family members, her name was now famous among the members, including the higher-ups. Some of the higher-ups were alerted, but some welcomed Ainsley's attitude with wide arms.

Ainsley's idea to socialise brought quite a supporter even though they still doubted her capability to lead the family. At least now, no one would openly mock the girl or disrespect her.

Such a result thoroughly satisfied Ainsley.

Aside from socialising, for the past week, Ainsley also tried her hands on lotteries, and she won every single day.

At this point, the girl confirmed that luck...seemed to be her unique ability.

Sitting on her bed waiting for dinner, Ainsley was draped in lovely strawberry puffy clothes.

The skirt was spreading like an umbrella, and the white-red colour looked like a Christmas candy stick.

The checkered red and white top with puffy sleeve and a cute strawberry ribbon on the chest looked lovely on Ainsley. The green ribbon tied on her back only added a layer of the baby's charm.

Dangling her legs, Ainsley squinted as she looked at her hands, which were glowing in gold.

By now, she knew that her luck was actually an ability that she could trigger anytime.

"Hwmm…" Ainsley mumbled as she tried to control this golden light. The girl was trying to control the power!

For the past week, she also tried to control her charm power, and now she could use it at ease but this luck power…

Ainsley had no clue how to control it because it's vague. In the first place, she even doubted if this could be considered as an ability.

But because she won every single lottery that she bought, even the most expensive one, Ainsley could no longer say that she's merely lucky.

This luck is too monstrous!

Ainsley concentrated, and inside her mind, the golden aura surrounding her body appeared, forming a mini-map of her body. The golden aura enveloped not only her outer body but also her inside.

The aura flowed through her veins and gathered at her lower belly. It looked like a mysterious power dwindling together with a pink aura of her charm ability.

The two aura coexisted like day and night, looking peaceful while the third ability, the keen hearing's grey aura wrapped both of the other two auras, protecting it.

The three aurae formed a ball inside Ainsley's belly, reminding her of cultivation power in the cultivation novel she read. The sight of a ball consisting of three colours delighted the baby.

'So this is the form of my special ability. I wonder if other people also formed their special ability into a ball?'

Ainsley squeezed her eyes tightly as she checked the three-coloured ball. The ball was still as small as a tiny marble, but Ainsley knew it would grow bigger if she became stronger.

How to become stronger? Of course, her control over her ability should be better than before.

Unfortunately, Ainsley had only learnt to control her charm power. Because of that, the ball was slightly dominated by the pink aura.

"Hwmm…" Ainsley mumbled once more as she focused her attention on the pink aura dyeing the tiny marble's surface.

She had practised using the charm ability, and now, she could charm more than 30 people in a radius of 10 meters for 15 minutes.

This achievement could be considered shocking since Ainsley was only three years old. Even other kids around her age hadn't awakened their abilities yet until they're 10.

Ainsley was indeed a genius to own three abilities when she's only 3! The heir of the Walter Family, Finley Walter also had multiple abilities, but he awakened his abilities at 6.

He got two more abilities when he hit 8, and now, the boy held three powers, and he might get more in the future, depending on his talent.

Talented geniuses could have as many special abilities as they could without dying from the side effect.

Of course, Ainsley didn't know this. The girl just kept focusing on her charm ability, and after thinking it's enough for now, she focused on her luck ability.

This ability...was so unique and mysterious that Ainsley didn't even find the information on any books!

'Ugh. How do I control this luck ability and strengthen it? I can learn to control the other abilities from books, but this one…'

Ainsley had a headache. She only knew recently that the luck ability would be especially beneficial for her if she wanted to tame the sacred guardians and trigger their ancient bloodline.

But if she couldn't control it, at most, she would only be lucky when buying lottery tickets.

It is...worrisome.

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