Chapter 72 - "Talentless?"

Chapter 72 of 100 chapters

'Should I ask Fin about this power? Maybe he will know about it...ugh, by the way how the heck do I suddenly get this luck ability? I don't sense any awakened symptoms…'

Ainsley opened her eyes and laid on the bed with her legs sprawled.

Indeed, she was confused. She read from the book that when people awakened their special ability, there should be a phenomenon.

For example, when one awakened the charm ability, others would flock around the power owner and kneel.

The more powerful the level of the newly born ability, the more visible the phenomenon would be.

It's truly like the scenes in cultivation novels when someone breakthroughs.

But then, Ainsley never had any phenomenon when she found her abilities!

Does this mean...her power is so low-level that she can't even trigger any phenomenon?

Ainsley's face grew pale. The girl clenched her fists and checked her marble inside her belly which represented her power and might be the source of energy to use her abilities.

Others said that those who formed a large power source from the start would very likely be more powerful than others in the future.

But then...her power source was as tiny as a marble.

Ainsley once again sighed. Sorrow washed her delicate face.

'Am I really not talented? But the book said that multi-abilities owners should be talented...and every ability they owned will be slightly stronger than others with the same ability…'

Took note that it's not only Ainsley who had the power of charm. Somewhere in this country, others also had it, but the level would differ from the quality and the strength.

If Ainsley had the stronger charm ability, the other charm ability users would be suppressed under her ability.

That would be f*cking awesome!

Ainsley thought that since she had three abilities, each of her abilities should be powerful enough to attract a phenomenon.

But it never happened.

Even the weakest ability user would attract a spark of phenomenons, but Ainsley had nothing! Her power source was also so small!

The girl couldn't help but be agitated.

What to do? If I'm indeed talentless, how do I bring this family to the top of the mafia family? How do I revive it and protect it? Do I really have to lead a normal life as a puppet leader?

Ainsley bit her lips and sighed. Her eyes watered for a bit. She felt immense pressure at the moment, and that's because she didn't want to be a puppet leader.

She had transmigrated over, so how could she be an ordinary lady? Even if she was someone ordinary in the past, she didn't want to be like that in her second life!

Ainsley refused to live a boring, ordinary life with no aspiration. She would rather die living a worthy life than live a meaningless life.

Thinking like this, Ainsley looked outside her room through the window and squinted.

'I should ask Fin. If I can't figure this out alone, I should ask Finnie, the library fairy. He should know a lot.'

Ainsley felt the need to ask Finley right away. She didn't want to think that she's talentless! She refused to believe that she's talentless. Even if she was indeed talentless, she wouldn't yield.

When there's a will, there's a way!

Thus, the girl rushed out of her room and went to the tree in the back garden. The huge tree already became her base camp to meet Finley!

Once the girl arrived, Finley already waited for her. With a white sleeveless shirt and short brown pants, the boy fixed his brown tie before waving his hand, bringing Ainsley up to the tree with his wind control.

"Mowning…" Ainsley greeted Finley as she sat on the tree's branch. She took her favourite spot, which Finley prepared especially for her.

"Good morning. It's been a week now. Have you decided to meet the sacred guardians?" Today, Finley didn't like to chit chat and immediately asked straight to the point.

He felt that Ainsley had to tame one of the sacred guardians as soon as she could to earn money from the casino!

"Nwot yeth...I…" Ainsley shook her head and started to tell Finley her worries. She knew that with her current power, she doubted that the guardians would even notice her.

Thus, the girl told Finley all about her powers, her newly gained power, and the phenomenon that never occurred.

Telling others your abilities was akin to telling others you trump card, but Ainsley didn't hesitate to tell Finley. After all, she trusted him, and she also knew Finley's power.

The boy controlled wind, water, and fire for now. But soon, he would control all elements and might even combine the ability to gain a new one.

After listening to Ainsley's story, Finley furrowed his eyebrows. His gentle eyes became stern, and Ainsley couldn't help but gulp nervously.

"Swo, howh ish ith? (So, how is it?)" The girl cocked her head, asking Finley to enlighten her.

She was truly anxious to know the truth behind her no-phenomenon ability awakening.

The girl got even more nervous when Finley's eyes flickered and looked at her with a trace of astonishment.

Ainsley didn't know if Finley's gaze on her meant good news or bad news. The girl just nudged Finley's urging him to talk.

Sighing, Finley curled the corner of his lips and rubbed Ainsley's head. He slowly opened his mouth and spoke in a gentle voice,

"Don't worry. You're not talentless. There's a reason why you don't trigger any phenomenon."

Finley's words pricked Ainsley's ears. The girl instantly looked at Ainsley with bright eyes.

"Wad dwo ywou meanh? (What do you mean?)" The girl tugged Finley's sleeve, swaying it.

'What's the reason why my awakening doesn't trigger any phenomenons?!'

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