Chapter 73 - "Combining Abilities"

Chapter 73 of 100 chapters

Facing Ainsley's eagerness, Finley remained calm. He first started his explanation with a living example.

"Hmm, you see, a human friend of my brother also experiences the same thing as you." Finley mentioned himself but in a roundabout way.

"My brother, the fairy of time, is a contract fairy of the Walter Family's heir. Do you know that?" The boy asked once more.

"Hwm! Swo?" Ainsley didn't bat an eyelid at Finley's name. She didn't even look impressed or what, unlike others' reaction whenever this name was mentioned.

Ainsley's indifferent response sent a pang to Finley's heart. The boy smiled bitterly and shook his head.

'Sure enough, a genius will not react so strongly toward another genius.'

"Okay, since you know the Walter Family's heir, you should know that he awakened his ability when he was 6, right?" Finley continued his words with a bitter taste in his mouth.

He expected Ainsley to show appreciation or act impressed when she heard his name, but the girl didn't react.

Alas, the genius of the era was nothing in Ainsley's eyes.

Well...literally because Ainsley disliked the Walter Family's heir for having a fairy.

"Hum. I knowh dat stowy. (I know that story.)" Ainsley nodded at Finley's words.

How could she not know the genius of the era?

That boy's name is so famous throughout the capital! But he's so mysterious. No one saw him aside from his family members because he hasn't held his society debut yet.

"Twat heil...hish nwame ish lhike ywou, Fwin. (That heir...his name is like you, Fin.)" Ainsley clicked her tongue in disdain when she recalled the Walter Family's heir had a similar name to Finnie.

Finley Walter. Bah! That bastard must be copying Finnie's name! Since his fairy, the fairy of time is Fin's brother, that boy is so self-entitled to copy Fin's name.

Just because his appearance is said to be similar to a royal fairy, he could copy Fin's name?

Hmph! Hateful!

Sensing the disdain in Ainsley's voice and the hatred inside Ainsley's eyes, Finley was dumbfounded. The boy suddenly didn't want to continue this conversation.

What sin did I commit until Ain hates me even when she never met me before?!

Finley almost coughed blood and shed blood tears at the thought of Ainsley hating him.

Aish, is she jealous of me because I'm also a genius? Ugh. Maybe when this girl turns 10 and holds her debut, I should give her a good impression!

Finley was determined to make Ainsley like him without revealing his identity because he couldn't afford to lose this identity to play with Ainsley.

Finley knew that he could only meet Ainsley openly after the latter became 10 years old. Before that, unfortunately, he could only use this identity to meet her.

But he swore that once they met officially, he would tame this girl's heart!

Well, for now...let's focus on helping Ain.

"Uh, nevermind that Fin guy. It's normal for nobles to adopt a royal fairy's name." Finley waved his hand, shifting the conversation in an instant.

"Anyway, that boy awakened his ability early, before 10 years old. He also didn't create any phenomenon."

"Leally? (Really?)" Ainsley galed. She suddenly didn't think that Finley Walter was that hateful anymore because he experienced the same thing as her.

"Yes, it's real. I think...those who awakened their abilities prematurely will never make any phenomenon." Finley nodded sternly.

"And about your small power source...I heard from my friend that this Finley boy also only had a tiny marble power source when he first awakened his ability."

Finley recalled his own power source which was as tiny as marble and chuckled. He too, was shocked to death when he experienced it in this life his previous life, it wasn't like that.

Thankfully he asked his friend, the fairy of time and got an answer for both his non-phenomenon awakening and his tiny power source.

"I think the power source in your body is small because you awaken the ability prematurely. But it should be more solid than any other power sources!" Finley's eyes brightened as he explained things.

Indeed, because both of them awakened their abilities before 10 years old which was the average age to awaken powers, they had this strange thing happening.

But it didn't mean it was bad.

"Your power source might start smaller than others, but it's tougher and denser. Your marble-sized power source is more mighty than a ping pong ball-sized power source of other ability users."

Finley had a gentle smile on his face as he explained this. The boy then rubbed Ainsley's head, encouraging her.

"That's why you're not talentless. You're a peerless talent! Just like this Finley boy from the Walter family." Finley didn't forget to advertise his own name with no care of his face.

The boy was shameless to the root, but his advertisement surely had a good effect.

Since Finley experienced the same thing as Ainsley, the latter felt a sense of familiarity with the boy.

Her previous jealousy and hatred subsided a bit.

Now, the girl was slightly curious to see this so-called genius who was a tad bit similar to her.

"I me ish nwot uselesh. (I me is not useless.)" Ainsley rubbed her hands in excitement.

Now that she found out she's not talentless and instead, a peerless genius, she felt a tremendous boost to her confidence.

"Swo...I cwan mwet the gualdians? (So...I can meet the guardians?), " Ainsley asked Finley once more. Since she was talented, she felt that she could meet the guardians and attract at least one of them.

"Hmm, you can. But to attract their attention and trigger their need your charm ability and the luck ability. Cat food and toys aren't enough." Finley squinted his eyes, turning solemn.

"So, I suggest you...combine these two powers."

Finley's suggestion instantly baffled Ainsley.

'Combining my abilities?'

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